Chapter 9: The Golden Glittering Boss

The martial arts field was in an uproar.

Everyone could not believe their eyes; Qin clan’s genius, a child from heaven, the rising star Qin Kun was beaten by Qin Tian, a first-ranked Warrior with a damaged Dantian?

Moreover, defeated by only one move; defeated within seconds!

Was he really a waste expelled from Qin clan? Qinghe city’s laughing stock?

Was this person the same small retainer of Furong restaurant who was ridiculed by people?

Everyone was confused. The incident in front of them could not be processed in their head. The huge martial arts field suddenly became oppressive and surprisingly quiet.

A hundred pairs of eyes stared at Qin Tian. His eyes looked sharp and extremely arrogant.

His one move showed that the past genius Qin Tian is back!

To have defeated Qin Kun in one move, even a warrior who reached rank-nine might not even be able to do so, so how did Qin Tian do it? Is his cultivation really a rank one warrior, or one who has reached the rank of terror?

For a long while, the martial arts field was filled with effervescence.

The previous genius is back and defeated the one that fiercely ridiculed him for five years, Qin Kun, with a single move that brutally trampled the bully under his foot. Those people whom laughed and ridiculed Qin Tian and his companion saw the cold expression on Qin Tian’s face. Their heart inexplicably showed a trace of fear.

“Young Master, did we show off too much?”

Meng Lei swept the dust off himself and grinned. Looking at Qin Kun motionless on the ground made his heart incredibly appeased.

“Too much?”

Qin Tian laughed, “This is just a simple display to let all those who have offended me in the past shall know that I am back.”

“Good phrase, ‘I am back!’ ”

A roar full of anger and hostility sounded within the martial arts field. Before it reached the ground, an enormous hand suddenly appeared to grab Qin Tian.

Qin Tian became startled and frowned. With his two feet, Qin Tian ran like a wild horse in order to retreat.

“Let’s see where you can hide now!”

It was another chilling sound, and the enormous hand increased its speed, sealing every route Qin Tian could escape to.

With no place to hide and no way to avoid the enormous hand, it was as if despair had descended upon him.

The incoming enormous hand was formed using condensed Qigong. Only people with a high cultivation level could have done this and within Qin clan, only three possess the ability to do so. Qin Tian naturally concluded it was Qin Xiangtian; from the three who possess the ability, only Qin Xiangtian would use it on him.

Thinking about that, his heart erupted with extreme hatred. His whole body stopped moving; he was not going to run.

From within his body, Qin Tian once again activated his ‘Heavenly Dragon Form Scripture’ technique, raising his Qigong up in an instant and aiming the sword formed Qigong at the enormous hand.

The enormous hand condensed from Qigong seemed like some cloud floating about, but it was actually harder than steel. To be locked-on by it, it would follow the target till it’s destroyed. For Qin Xiangtian to be so aggressive and use his full power…

Qin Tian clearly understood the strength of the enormous hand. If one cannot escape, then one can only destroy it.

At this moment, everyone thought that Qin Tian was a bit too presumptuous. It was impossible for Qin Tian to be of equal match with an enormous invisible hand condensed by a Spirit Gathering realm, what’s more to destroy the hand?

In this desperate situation, how could he retreat? How would he even be able to retreat when there is no escape route anymore?

Facing the enormous hand head on, the strong winds generated by the hand scraped his face; like a knife cutting through the flesh on his face. Biting his teeth, Qin Tian accumulated his Qigong…

At this moment, Qin Tian used the Qigong accumulated for two months in this strike. The system continued to prompt him “ 10 Qigong consumed, 10 Qigong consumed……”

When his Qigong value almost dropped to the last amount, Qin Tian leaped to a suitable height and swung a violent palm chop down.

That one strike contained several ten thousands of Qigong value, it’s power was shocking.

Utilizing the ‘Heavenly Dragon Form Scripture’ technique requires the use of all his Qigong value to unleash the Heavenly Dragon’s real force.

In that instant, the two Qigong collided with each other, causing intense friction and sparks. The sparks which covered the sky could turn people blind if they looked at it.

Qin Xiangtian could not believe what he just witnessed. Qin Tian was actually capable of releasing such a vigorous Qigong. Although he was shocked, Qin Xiangtian managed to constantly increase the transmission of his Qigong into the enormous hand.


In the sky, Qin Tian’s anger could be heard, and both strikes continued to pressure each other. At that moment, several severe tremors were produced in the air, and they were like endless thunder from the nine heavens. (TL: 九天之上 means nine heavens right?)


The rumbling sound could be heard throughout the martial arts field; as if a giant was moving the ground. The buildings around the martial arts field shook, and some disciples with low cultivation level felt a sense of dizziness. The people in the martial arts field also staggered due to the unsteady balance.

The invisible enormous hand was dissipating, and the earth made a cracking sound.

Both of Qin Tian’s hands were on the ground supporting himself and his face was slightly pale. A giant pit was created and Qin Tian was at the center, thirty feet below the top.

Qin Tian was able to overcome the enormous hand condensed out of Qigong by a Spirit Gathering realm!

Stunned! Other than the word stunned, there isn’t any other which could describe the feelings of the people present at the martial arts field.

Compared to when Qin Tian easily defeated Qin Kun, this fight’s victory against the hand was more satisfactory. The confrontation just now felt like a war which only happens once in a century, and it largely impacted the hearts of the audiences.

Qin Tian stood up and looked towards the crowd. From where his gaze was at, the crowd there scattered, only to see Qin Xiangtian’s hideous face with two eyes staring directly at Qin Tian which wanted him dead. Qin Xiangtian trembled with anger.

At the peak of the Spirit Gathering realm with Qigong reaching unfathomable degree, it was unexpected that his technique could be broken by Qi Tian. That was simply a shame; an utter insult.

Qin Xiangtian’s face got more and more ugly. His two hands formed a fist, and his bones produced a crackling sound. He staggered towards Qin Tian, one step at a time while exuding a strong murderous intent.

He moved in for the kill.

Qin Tian eyes stared at Qin Xiangtian who was attempting to kill him. Qin Tian’s expression, however, showed a look of ecstasy and his mind could not help but get excited.

“Did the shock make him stupid?”

“He still has the guts to laugh? Doesn’t he know that the elder is about to kill him?”

“Young Master, Young Master……”

In the eyes of Qin Tian, Qin Xiangtian is no longer a person but a BOSS. A glittering Boss!

A halo was formed below Qin Xiangtian’s feet and his whole body was shining with glittering golden light, exactly the same as the BOSS in games!

Qin Tian did not expect people to actually be able to become a BOSS except for monsters.

Didn’t this mean that apart from killing monsters to level up, killing humans will also allow him to level up?

The enlightenment caused Qin Tian to laugh inexplicably. To say he was not worried would be false. How could a sixth-ranked Warrior possibly defeat Qin Xiangtian?

However, during the fight when he was releasing thousands of Qigong value, he noticed that there was someone with him similar powers to Qin Xiangtian… maybe even greater. His body radiated a more aggressive atmosphere compared to Qin Xiangtian and the only one stronger than Qin Xiangtian would be the Qin clan’s patriarch, Qin Zhantian.

Although Qin Tian only had hundreds of Qigong value left and it was not enough to use the Heavenly Dragon Form Scripture anymore, he stood there motionlessly without fear. He was gambling…

Gambling that Qin Zhantian will interfere with this fight.

He was able to defeat Qin Kun in one move, take on Qin Xiangtian’s shadowless art’s enormous hand. In other words, he is a genius.

A rare genius within Qin clan that cannot be found in a hundred years.

Meeting such a gifted person with unlimited potential, how can Qin Zhangtian let Qin Xiangtian do as he please to such a person?

Definitely impossible.

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