Chapter 3: Offering Tea (2)

The yellowish green tea… the closer one is to the tea, the more pleasant the tea’s aroma is. One look and one could tell the tea’s quality is one of the finest. However, within the tea floats a single long strain of hair. In the past, she dared not look into the tea as she was already nervous enough. Thus, without checking the tea, she carried it to Mother Wang Shi and offered it. Thus resulted in Mother Wang Shi’s displeasure. Even though Mother Wang Shi did not verbally berate her, her face showed otherwise with her brows furrowed up. Gu Fangzi then stepped up to resolve the incident with a big grin on her face.

The hair may not have been her doing, but to offer the tea without checking it made the impression of her being crude and careless. In the heart of the audience, she was seen as someone who was disrespectful towards the elders. As a result, how would Mother Wang Shi not dislike her? How would she even be fit to be Shi family’s eldest daughter-in-law?

Because of the incident, her mother-in-law and husband were both not fond of her. The family’s maidservants also secretly contempt her. She was, however, thankful towards Gu Fangzi for standing up for her.

“Ke,” Seeing her staring into space, Shi Fengju coughed a little to remind her that the ceremony is still in progress.

Back to reality, Sang Wan chuckled apologetically and reached for the cup. However, upon touching the cup, she immediately backed away.

“This tea seemed cold. Drinking cold tea in the morning isn’t good for the body. It would be good to have a change of cup.” Sang Wan gazed gently at Mother Wang Shi and smiled while requesting a change of cup.

She recently only got married into the family, yet so finicky. Of course Mother Wang Shi will not publicly berate Sang Wan, but seeing her so caring towards her aging body, Mother Wang Shi felt pleased. Even though the act of offering tea may only be a ceremony to show respect, having a caring daughter-in-law is definitely great!

Mother Wang Shi smiled and signaled to the maidservant.

The maidservant bowed and stepped back with the cold tea. Another maidservant stepped forward with a freshly brewed cup of tea.

Sang Wan, using both her hands, reached for the cup and kneeled down in front of Mother Wang Shi before raising the cup above her head. “Mother, please drink this cup of tea!”

“Good. Good!” Mother Wang Shi smiled and leaned forward to receive the cup. She sipped the tea twice before handing a large red lacquer box to Sang Wan, “From today onwards, you are part of the family. You are a girl born in a literary family. You are knowledgeable and have good values within you. In the future, live a blissful life and bare the heir of Shi family!”

“… Yes, Mother-in-law! Your kind words, you daughter-in-law will remember them.” Sang Wan immediately agreed politely and did a kowtow before standing up.

“Good. Good!” Having a compliant daughter-in-law made Mother Wang Shi happier than before.

With nothing major happening during the ceremony with her mother-in-law, Sang Wan heaved a sigh of relief. Next, she offered tea to Second Uncle and Second Aunt.

In her past life, she was afraid of losing her etiquette and ended up replying, “Your daughter-in-law is from a well-educated family, thus is both polite and selfless. That is a given!” Seeing her mother-in-law confused and cold facial expression, she wished she could take back those words she blurted out.

Literary family! Sang Wan couldn’t help but smile bitterly. The word ‘literary’ is commonly used to describe the rich, elegant and noble families; hearing such praise would certainly awe its listeners. However, using the word to describe the family of scholars in their current financial state is rather ironic!

The Shi family’s esteemed father used to fancy her father’s knowledge, thus her marriage with Shi Fengju was arranged. However, her father’s vast knowledge did not help him pass the imperial examinations; a worthless scholar nevertheless.

This eventually led to her father’s death.

With much of the family’s fortune spent on the imperial examinations in hopes that her father could pass, the Sang family thus ended up in a bad financial state.

Today, her two older brothers ended up as scholars. Sang Wan did not dare to think about what is to come in the future.

Second Uncle Shi is obsessed with goldfish, parrots, thrush, oriole and many other birds. Every day without fail, he would care for his precious creatures like how one would care for their ancestors. Although at this point, he is sitting in the courtyard while his nephew’s wife kowtow to him, deep inside he would rather feed the fish, change the water and bath the birds, thus he did not pay any heed to Sang Wan. After receiving the cup of tea, Second Uncle Shi “Eh!” twice, drank it and gave the red packet.

Feeling restless, Second Uncle Shi signaled to Mi Shi be a little quicker when it was her turn.

When it was Mi Shi’s turn, she received the cup and took a sip before using a napkin to wipe her lips. Taking a glimpse at Gu Fangzi, she smiled and her attention returned to Sang Wan, “Such a talented wife! Elder sister, one look and I can tell that she is intelligent and beautiful within, clever and quick-witted. It really makes me envious. Elder sister, you sure are lucky! And to my nephew’s wife, you are a well-educated lady and fast learner. I hope that you would help shoulder the family burden together with your mother-in-law and husband. I’m sure Miss Gu can now step back into the sidelines. I mean, shouldn’t that be the case? Miss Gu may be capable, but in the end, she is still an outsider! Even though we may have lived in the same house for quite a long while, guests are still guests!”

After saying that, Mi Shi giggled and her gaze carelessly swept past Shi Fengju and Gu Fangzi. Sang Wan saw it as if Mi Shi was connecting Shi Fengju and Gu Fangzi with an invisible string.

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7 thoughts on “Chapter 3: Offering Tea (2)

  1. Thanks for the chapter!
    I’m hoping that Shi Fengju would realize how vicious Gu Fangzi is, but at the same time Gu Fangzi is just hoping to get the man she loves (?) so I feel bad for her.


  2. Season’s greetings!
    as always thank you for the amazing chapter :3
    wondering who is the male lead..
    haha this young master shi seems like a dork.. XD


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