Chapter 17: Who is the Oriole Now?

Autumn Hunting Objective – To score points by collecting the monster heads.


A rank 1 monster is worth 3 points; a rank 2 is worth 5 points; a rank 3 is worth 10 points; a rank 4 is worth 50 points; and a rank 5 monster which has condensed a core is worth 1000 points. However, from the time when the Autumn Hunting event was first held, none was able to kill a rank 5 monster.


Qin Tian and Yun Man killed thirty-six monsters in half an hour, with most of them being rank 2 monsters. They’ve managed to get around 150 points in total.


This was a lucrative amount of points and anyone who saw it would be filled with jealousy.


However, Qin Tian cared not for those points. He looked at Yun Man and said, “You can have all these heads.”


“Never! I’ll have to cut all their heads off! That’s so bloody and cruel. I’m too afraid to do that.” Yun Man said softly as she retreated to a side, completely without the fierce demeanor like before, as if they were both different people.


Qin Tian looked at Yun Man seriously and understood from her expression that she had no need for any of these. He sliced the green tooth wolf’s head off and dumped it into his wooden plate.


“That’s so cruel and violent! Bloody too!” Yun Man pinched her nose and again took a few steps back. Seeing the bloody forest, she could not help but think of the scene when Qin Yang killed Qin Shan and suddenly felt frightened.


While he was harvesting the heads, he secretly glimpsed at a tree and whispered to himself, “You can really endure.”


When Qin Tian was surrounded by a group of monsters, he saw a shadowy figure hidden among the leaves of the tree. Although that person hid his presence very well, he was still found out. That was all thanks to some of the monsters looking up in the tree with a fierce glint, making Qin Tian realize that there was someone hiding up there. As for who that person was, he had no clue.


After gathering more than thirty heads, Qin Tian suddenly fell onto the ground and his face became pale. His head was full of sweat and he started to breathe heavily. He beckoned to Yun Man and said, “Just now, I was bitten by the smallpox spider and now my whole leg became paralyzed. Do you have any Dans against poison?”


Qin Tian had half of his body on the ground. His face showed that he was enduring an intense pain; with one hand grabbing his leg, and the other hitting it without stopping. Blood flowed out of his leg continuously, dark as though the spider had secreted a deadly venom


“I…you…, why didn’t you say so earlier!” Yun Man became anxious and hurried towards him. Standing near him, she saw that his entire leg had become black, and became a little worried, “ Let me carry you to the cave.”


“I can’t make it anymore, my…my leg has completely lost……”


Qin Tian panted like a cow and his face became as white as paper. His pained face made Yun Man anxious till she almost cried. Seeing his pained face, she did not know what to do. She did not have any Dans for poison as she did not know that the event would actually be so dangerous. If she had known that it would be this dangerous, she would definitely not have participated.


“It’s alright. Just be on alert and protect me. I’ll use my Qigong to force the poison out, don’t let anyone bother me.” Qin Tian said loudly while secretly eyeing the tree.


After saying that, Qin Tian sat down and meditated with full concentration.


“Okay. Okay. Force the poison out quickly. I’ll protect you…” Yun Man became vigilant and did not dare to neglect her duty.


“Haha……the Heavens are helping me, haha……”


Qin Yang jumped and landed on the ground. With a cold smile, he walked towards Qin Tian with a sword in his hand.




When Yun Man saw Qin Yang, her face became pale and the scene of the murder committed by Qin Yang continued to replay in her head, making her whole body shudder.


She was truly scared.


Qin Yang licked his lips, and despicably looked at Yun Man, “Never did I expect you to have hidden your true abilities for so long. A small little outer disciple… to have such a deep cultivation… you really did hide it well.”


“If you follow me today, I’ll recommend you to an elder after the Autumn Hunting event, and you’ll be able to become an elite in the Qin family…”


“How ‘bout it? If you follow me, you won’t have to be afraid of anything anymore.”


“In the Qin family, and even in Qinghe city, no one will dare to bully you.”


Qin Yang walked towards her, one step at a time. Looking at her trembling body, his despicable smile became even more intense.


Whatever happened in the Autumn Hunting event, the Qin family will not bother about it.


They wouldn’t care even if one kills another, not to mention rape, especially when he’s someone whom the elders of the court valued and the son of a great elder. Thus, who would dare to go against him?


You…don’t come closer! I…I’ll take strike first if you do!” Yun Man gathered up her courage and said. She then looked at the boy beside her and started to feel anxious.


At this point in time, Qin Tian, who was sitting cross-legged with both his eyes closed, started to emit a faint amount of Qigong. The beads of sweat on his forehead were like soybeans. It was as if he had reached a critical moment.




Qin Yang increased his speed and shook his sword, he knew that his opportunity was slipping away if he took his time. He had already seen Yun Man’s strength. If both of them were to fight it out, he was afraid that the winner would be hard to be determined. When Qin Tian wakes up, he would completely lose.


What he wanted to do now is to end Qin Tian’s life with a strike, others can be dealt with slowly. Seeing Yun Man’s delicate little face, he started to have some evil thoughts. After finishing off all the problems, he would find a nice place and enjoy himself.


The more he thought about it, the greater his smile became. He made Yun Man retreat one step at a time. With his right hand holding onto a sword, he silently activated his Qigong…


The sword exuded out a dominating aura, making Yun Man’s heart panic. Unable to make any judgement, she started to hate herself. She didn’t even dare to fight against another human, so why did she even bother cultivating in the first place.


The reason why Yun Man had never gotten the Qin family’s attention was because she did not dare to fight people. She was afraid to harm people, and the scene of her fighting others.


She was unable to restrain that fear in her heart.


She shot out the ribbons in her hand, both reaching further than ten feet. Qin Yang was startled, but soon sneered.


The ribbons did not contain any power and were just like any ordinary ribbon dance, graceful and beautiful.


“Little beauty, don’t be scared. Brother will dote on you later.”


Qin Yang seemed to have seen through Yun Man, and he became more and more excited that he did not even consider the meditating Qin Tian as someone who could pose much of a threat. To him, Qin Tian was already a dead man.


With just a chop, Qin Tian’s head will fall…


Yun Man stood in front of Qin Tian. He could smell the fragrance of her body, very fresh, very comfortable…
“So, who’s the oriole now?” the edge of Qin Tian’s mouth raised slightly, revealing a smile.

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