Chapter 4: Generous, Nevertheless (1)

Immediately after hearing what Mi Shi said, Wang Shi looked at Sang Wan only to see a blank expression. Keeping a smile on her face, Wang Shi managed to remain modest. However, her face no doubt showed otherwise. Without thinking too excessively, Wang Shi remained calm and modest as she exhaled softly before glaring at Mi Shi. Having in mind to give Mi Shi a scolding or two afterward, Wang Shi rolled her eyes.

Being a person who dislikes bickering with others, Wang Shi held back her anger and it slowly seeped back into her heart. With that, Wang Shi snorted.

Gu Fangzi gave a hoarse laugh and said with a smile, “my new cousin-in-law may be good, however, Aunt Mi Shi shouldn’t have to be so envious of Aunt Wang Shi! Your good fortune isn’t small, otherwise, your son wouldn’t have married such a good wife either!”

The son Gu Fangzi was referring to was Second Uncle Shi and Mi Shi’s second son, Shi Fengming. Two years ago, Shi Fengming was obsessed with the most popular girl working in a tavern, Su Qing’er, and insisted on marrying her! Such disastrous event enraged both Second Uncle Shi and Mi Shi, resulting in an unpleasant family argument between parent and son.

Mi Shi concluded that her son must have been deceived by the female fox demon. To make him forget about the tavern girl, Mi Shi believed that having him marry someone else would do the trick. Thus, without her son’s consent, she hastily arranged an engagement for him, resulting in her second son to get married first instead of her first son.

Surprisingly, the second son did not falter but begun to aggressively display his love for Su Qing’er. In the end, Mi Shi had to threaten Su Qing’er’s life to force Shi Fengming into entering the bridal chamber. However, not long after Shi Fengming entered the chamber, he seized the chance to escape with money and eloped with the beautiful tavern girl; leaving his newlywed wife, Zhou Jingyi, and never returned.

That incident scarred Mi Shi’s heart deeply and Gu Fangzi said it with an ill intention.

Sure enough, Mi Shi’s face immediately turned pale white. She became vexed and her body puffed with anger.

With wide eyes, Mi Shi glared at Gu Fangzi, “What did you just say? I dare you to say it again!”

At that moment, Wang Shi, who was feeling joyous, felt a little sorry for Mi Shi.

However, for Gu Fangzi to craft such sarcastic sentences to mock Mi Shi, Wang Shi inevitably felt annoyed. Nevertheless, she was more inclined to protecting Gu Fangzi, and said coldly, “What do you mean? Gu Fangzi spoke the truth! Jingyi is a good child and is also a good daughter-in-law! You acting the way you are now is a disgrace to the family!”

“Elder sister… how could you! Dear, look —” Mi Shi became vexed and her eyes started to get teary. Words couldn’t leave her mouth as she thought of her son who is still wandering out there.

Shi Fengju frowned. Never did he think that something so trivial would lead to this! Before he could open his mouth to speak, Gu Fangzi interrupted with a smile on her face, “My bad. Because of my clumsy mouth, the praise turned out to sound so hostile and make Second Aunt so oversensitive. I should receive my punishment. I should really receive my punishment! Second Aunt, I’m really sorry. Do spare me! Not for my sake, but for the joyous ceremony of welcoming my newlywed cousin-in-law into the Shi family! My cousin-in-law, don’t you think so?” As she said it, Gu Fangzi stole a few glances at Mi Shi.

Sang Wan remained silent. Gu Fangzi even wanted to drag her into the commotion! The question thrown out by Gu Fangzi, how was she supposed to answer that? By agreeing, it would seem as though her position as the wife of the Shi family son is greater than the Shi elders, and that her mother-in-law is wrong about her opinion on Jingyi. If she disagreed, she would be bluntly stating that Mi Shi is in the wrong, and again would still result in her going against the elders.

Neither options would bring about any good to her! Sang Wan smiled bitterly. In the past, she was definitely oblivious, and treated as if Gu Fangzi was a good person! A good person would never have said those words!

Sang Wan simply hesitated and cowardly looked at Shi Fengju. Being newly wedded into the Shi family and having little knowledge of Shi family’s internal affairs should be enough of a reason for her to ask her husband for help.

Seeing his wife in distress, Shi Fengju could not stand by and watch. Sighing softly, he said to Mi Shi, “Second Aunt, rest assured that second cousin is fine. I’ll definitely bring him back safely!”  These words may seem disjoint, however, they were effective in appeasing Mi Shi’s heart.

“I hope you won’t go back on your words! Fengju ah, Second Aunt will count on you!” Not looking at Gu Fangzi, Mi Shi gazed directly at Shi Fengju as tears flowed down her cheeks. Sure enough, everyone that were present in the courtyard had their eyes on Shi Fengju.

In Second Uncle Shi’s perspective, all he saw was Mi Shi fussing over something very trivial and extending the duration of the ceremony. Already holding half-full of anger within him due to having to attend the ceremony, hearing his useless son being mentioned filled his already-half-full anger to full. Second Uncle Shi gave a soft humph and said, “What’s the point in finding him? Don’t you dare find him! I’d like to see how long he’ll be able to stay away from home. If he has the ability to stay outside for his entire life, I’ll take my hat off! A disloyal and unfilial son I’ve got! I’ve raised my son in vain!”

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9 thoughts on “Chapter 4: Generous, Nevertheless (1)

  1. I was thinking it had been a while since the last update! Many thanks for your efforts~

    It seems as if this situation of Gu Fangzi putting Sang Wan on the spot after offending Mi Shi happened in the previous life and Sang Wan none the wiser fell for her schemes and jeopardised her relationship with the family…but how could it have happened again in this life if the events leading up to that moment have changed?

    For example, the incident with the hair in the tea cup, if it happened in the previous life would not have sparked Min Shi’s “praise” of Sang Wan as a good daughter-in-law and in-turn, slight Gu Fangzi as an outsider…so this situation would not have happened in the first place – how would Sang Wan know that this particular sentence was a trap?


    1. Hi Lydia,
      Gu Fangzi putting Sang Wan on the spot didn’t happen in the past. The events themselves do not change e.g. the tea ceremony incident(i think) but additional challenges are created due to the change e.g. the tight spot she was in. I do not want to spoil it for you but all will be a little clearer in Chapter 4p2. I’m still in the mist of translating it 🙂


  2. Thank you for the chapter~
    That Second Uncle seems really useless. Just mind your own obsessions and shut up! Of course you deserve an unfilial son, I doubt you ever “raised” him, like you said!


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