Chapter 19: Alliance

Afternoon, inside the cave.


Yun Man woke up. Seeing Qin Tian sitting at the entrance of the cave, she heaved a sigh of relief.


“You’re finally awake.” Qin Tian turned his head and smiled.


Her face was cherry red and she felt a little embarrassed. Secretly, she blamed herself. Wasn’t that only a fight? It was a little bloody, yet she wasn’t able to handle it…


Every time she had a fight with someone, she would always worry about injuring her opponent. Her heart would always ache whenever she saw someone injured. It has been that way since young, and she was unable to find any reasons for it.


This is a world where the strong are respected. No one will show kindness to their enemies, yet she could not fight back. Even in the midst of life and death, her heart would only think about not harming others.


After spending a day with Yun Man, Qin Tian realized that it was psychological and that she was born like this. To worry about those injured, and to worry about injuring others; he could not understand the reason behind it. However, there was one thing which he can be assured of; she would never stab him in the back.


“Let’s go kill some monsters.” Qin Tian stood up and walked out of the entrance.


“Wait for me……” Yun Man quickly got up and followed behind her.




“Hu……hu……hu……” [the sound of someone breathing.]


“Qin Tian, I won’t let you off!”


“Just you wait, I’ll definitely make mincemeat out of you to vent my anger!”


Full of cold sweat, Qin Yang leaned against a tree and panted heavily. The shirt around his chest was dyed with blood. Upon seeing it, both his eyes flashed with anger and hatred.


He had fled all the way without stopping, while his blood continued to flow out. The injury was deep and his bone could be seen. Only when he used up all his Qigong did he stop fleeing. He was currently like a stray dog, which was extremely embarrassing to him.


Never had he been so embarrassed all his life. The anger in his chest made him forget all about the pain. All he felt was a sense of deep hatred and anger.


He took out a healing Dan and sat down to meditate after taking it. He had to recover his Qigong as soon as possible. Being in this forest infested with countless of monsters without Qigong is the same as a bird without wings.


“Yo, isn’t this Qin Yang?”


In an instant, Qin Yang’s eyes opened. He endured the pain from his wounds and stood up, “Qin Kun…”


The person who had arrived was Qin Kun, someone who is struggling to find Qin Tian to quench his thirst for revenge.


Behind Qin Kun were five other Qin Family’s outer disciples who were all bought off by him. As long as they were able to kill Qin Tian, they will all be able to get a low-rank ability and have the qualifications to become one of Qin Family’s elites.


The temptation was hard to resist. Six against one, they believed the task to be an easy one.


Looking at Qin Yang’s appearance, Qin Kun laughed. “How rare it is to see you humiliated, who had you met? Was it the abnormal Qin Feng?”


Though both parents are Qin Family’s great elders, they rarely came in contact with each other. They had never interfered with each other’s business, but to see Qin Yang covered in blood, he couldn’t help but ridicule him a bit. However, he felt a little puzzled. Others might not know, but Qin Yang’s cultivation was above his. He is very calculative, and always doing things carefully. Since young, he had never suffered losses, thus his appearance now was an incredible sight.


The only dangerous person in this Autumn Hunting event is Qin Feng, could Qin Yang really have met that abnormal man?


Qin Yang did not answer. He was pondering whether Qin Kun would kill him.


Killing in the Autumn Hunting event was considered as something normal. If he were to die, nothing could be done about it even if his father knows. It was the rules laid down by their ancestors; no matter what happens inside, none can interfere.


“Rest assured, I won’t kill you.” Qin Kun knew what Qin Yang was worried about. Without killing Qin Tian, he would not waste his Qigong. Qin Yang may look injured, but who knows whether it was a trap or not; a sinister person like him could do anything to accomplish his goals.


After hearing what Qin Kun said, Qin Yang tightened his guard and became more alert. There are some mistakes which he did not want to commit a second time.


“We won’t bother you anymore.” Qin Kun looked at Qin Yang and felt a little disdain, “Let’s go.”




Qin Yang was relieved now that he had determined he would not be killed by Qin Kun. Since he did not try to kill him, they could form a temporary alliance since they both shared a common goal.


About the fact that Qin Kun was defeated in one move in the martial arts field by Qin Tian, Qin Yang already knew. From his understanding of Qin Kun, he knew that Qin Kun would never swallow that humiliation. With Qin Xiangtian always trying to make things difficult for Qin Tian, he knew that Qin Kun had come to this Autumn Hunting event with only one goal —- to kill Qin Tian.


Obviously, Qin Yang’s hate for Qin Tian is no less than that of Qin Kun’s.


Qin Kun turned his head and asked, “Is there any problem?”


“I know the whereabouts of Qin Tian.” Qin Yang exposed a glowering smile. Adding Qin Kun’s strength with his, killing Qin Tian would become very easy.


He wanted to recover first before finding an opportunity to attack, but now, it seems like that wasn’t necessary anymore.


Qin Kun’s strength is somewhat on par with his, and with an addition of five more ranked-five warriors, killing Qin Tian would definitely be a small task.


Thus, Qin Yang voiced his opinion on forming an alliance.


“An enemy of my enemy is my friend.” Both Qin Kun and him have the same goal, and to make the plan foolproof, forming an alliance is essential.


However, to Qin Tian, that was a serious threat.


With that, Qin Yang joined the team of six; Qin Kun guarded Qin Yang while he recovers his strength……


Every disciple who joined the event are all below spirit formation. The alliance of two ranked-seven warriors might be the strongest group in the Autumn Hunting event.


In a tree hole not far away from Qin Yang, a pair of eyes disappeared into the darkness.


That man hiding in the darkness was Qin Fang, a ranked-nine warrior with Qigong at the eighth layer, Qin Family’s strongest member who is below the spirit formation realm.


He had gotten used to resting in the day and hunting monsters in the night.


He had clearly heard the conversation between Qin Kun and Qin Yang. Though it was against his principles, he did not want to interfere.


His aim was to be the first in this event, and has currently accumulated more than a thousand points. As long as he spends his remaining time hunting monsters and getting a thousand more points, he was sure that no one would be able to exceed him.


Regarding other things, he hasn’t the mood to care nor the time to do so.


“Qin Family, ai……”


In the darkness, Qin Feng helplessly shook his head but let out a bitter smile. He was very unhappy with the current situation of the Qin Family, but he knew that he could only change it if he became stronger. Words need to be backed with strength.


There are still three years left. In those three years, he had to reach sprit refining realm, or there would be no chances left.




In three years time, Qin Feng will be eighteen years old, and it would be his final chance to take the assessment. If he came in first, he would be eligible to fight for a chance to become the patriarch.


If he were successful, he will become the next patriarch.


That is his aim.

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6 thoughts on “Chapter 19: Alliance

  1. I keep forgetting who is who with all this Qin. This is something I hate about all these wuxia novels. I would even prefer if they named the characters something shitty like “Red, Monkey, Triangle, etc”, can’t wait until the whole Qin clan is dead or gone out of the story.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, I feel like it’s really unnecessary for the author to keep saying the Qin family name when every single person has it. He should really only be using the given names until the MC goes somewhere else with different people of different origins.


      1. If you are interested, you can research about how Chinese names work. But mainly, this is due to their culture. For Chinese names, they have 1,2,3 or 4 monosyllabic character. As for the ILU, Qin Tian has 2 where Qin is the surname and Tian is the given name. In this case, they are usually called by their surname and given name, and not just by their given name. Since this is a CN novel, and the author is Chinese, with all due respect, saying the surname together with the given name would be most appropriate.


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