Chapter 22: Boss’s Unparalleled Three Continuous Berserk

At this moment, the sky darkened and no light could be seen in the forest.


Qin Tian struggled with all his might to rush forward. He felt the pressure became increasingly stronger and his face started to turn pale.


From a distance, the pressure could already cause him to experience such state, Qin Tian could clearly imagine what would happen if he got close. Qin Tian did not have much choice as he would have to receive the ‘punishment’ if he did not complete the quest.


What kind of ‘punishment’? He did not know.


However, if he didn’t kill the Violent Gorilla now, he would not be able to escape as he had already entered into its attack zone.




The Violent Gorilla pounded its chest and roared. Qin Tian, who was less than a hundred feet away, could see it. Its huge size gave it the appearance of a black hill and its chest muscles were like thick iron plates. Its body was emitting faint black light. Its two fists swept across the area, creating winds as sharp as a sword which destroyed everything before it.


The visual brought out by the Violent Gorilla shocked Qin Tian as he suddenly thought of the movie from his previous world, ‘King Kong’. The King Kong in the movie was created using visual effects so it was not real, yet now it became as if he was part of the movie. Qin Tian was stun to the extreme.


“S**t!” Qin Tian could not help but cursed out. Compared to it, he may not be viewed to be on par with an ant, how to even kill it?


He heart was crying out bitterly.


The only good news was that the violent gorilla was only left with ⅓ of its total hp. However, that ⅓ hp in numerical was around one hundred and seventy thousand hp.


After calculating and adding up all the possible methods to kill the Violent Gorilla, the odds of killing it was practically zero.


Pressure, an enormous pressure.


“This is a completely impossible quest. Old man system, do you want me to die or what?”


“You can’t possibly ask a level 1 player to kill a level 30 BOSS right?”


Qin Tian complained for half a day, but the system did not reply. It didn’t even produce a single sound.


After dodging an attack, the coarse beard man immediately shouted to the black cloak man, Yan Tian Kao Long, “Yan Tian, don’t worry about him. He’s only in the Warrior Realm, he won’t be able to give us too many problems.”


“You restrain the monster, I’ll go and kill him.”


Without waiting for an answer, the black cloak man dashed towards Qin Tian. His golden sword drew out many flowery patterns as they fiercely pierced towards Qin Tian……


Qin Tian knew that there would be people near the Violent Gorilla as it would not have enraged for no reason if no one attacks it.


However, when facing the Violent Gorilla, the black cloak man’s action was unthinkable as he would ignore it and went to attack the Warrior Realm cultivator first.


Facing the sword, Qin Tian did not dare to take the chances. He circulated his Qigong and ran away, leaving behind a string of black shadow. He shouted, “I’m just passing……”


He wanted to say ‘passing to buy some soy’, but not waiting for him to say finish, Yan Tian’s sword had already caught up. Black lines appeared on Yan Tian’s face as he clearly understood the speed of his sword and Qin Tian had actually managed to avoid it?

[TLN: passing to buy some soy: I am only here to look on or watch the fun]


For a Warrior Realm cultivator to be able to dodge his sword, this was an utter insult to a Spirit Gathering cultivator.


He frowned and chased after Qin Tian while emitting killing intent.


Qin Tian was dumbfounded, but he could also understand why Yan Tian would want to kill him. If it was him who was killing the BOSS in the game and someone suddenly shows up at the moment when the BOSS was dying, he would also do the same as he would not want to risk leaving any danger for himself later on.


However, the BOSS’s hp bar was still very thick, killing it with just the two of them would already be very hard, yet Yan Tian went away to kill someone else, there really must be problems with his brain.


Besides, he was only a Rank Six Warrior, and the threat he posed was only minimal.


Qin Tian’s thought was as such but Yan Tian line of thought was different.


Helpless, Qin Tian could only flee towards the direction of the Violent Gorilla.


“Yan Tian, get back here!” The coarse beard man howled as his hammer smashed into the Violent Gorilla’s enormous hand. Although his berserk mode had ended, he felt extremely tired and could not maintain a composed mindset as he had overused his energy and Qigong.


On seeing the coarse beard man was in perils, Yan Tian frowned and gave up on trying to kill Qin Tian as he darted towards the man……


“Now then is correct.” Qin Tian gave a sigh of relief and thought about the countermeasures. How should he KS this BOSS? It’s not possible to do it by force, so the only way was to use his brains.


[TLN: KS: Kill Steal]


The Yan Tian released his Qigong and his golden sword shone with white light.


“Extreme Style”


The white light suddenly gathered and formed a fine sword. It soared into the sky and sliced towards the Violent Gorilla……




Its arm received a deep wound. The skin was cut and blood was flowing out of it. It bared its teeth in pain and growled.


“Such strong sword ability, to be able to shave off 5000+ hp with a slash, it won’t be long before it dies if this continues.”


“Damn, isn’t this Spirit Gathering Realm cultivator a bit too strong? Fortunately, I wasn’t so impulsive or I won’t even know how I died.”


Conversely, as Qin Tian thought about Qin Xiangtian, his heart could not help but shiver in fear.




The Violent Gorilla suddenly emitted a white halo and a wave of light spread out.


“Berserk?” The coarse beard man cried out as he was unable to believe what was happening. He threw his hammer down and sprinted away while shouting, “Yan Tian, run……”


After that strike, Yan Tian had already used up all the Qigong in his body and he was completely drained. His body could not react fast enough and was slapped down by the crazy Violent Gorilla……


“Yan Tian……”


“This is the end……”




One more pit had been created and Yan Tian’s body was like meat paste which as he was flattened on the soil!


Dead. Yan Tian was killed with a palm.


“I came in too early.” Qin Tian jumped out of the attack zone.


The coarse beard man’s eyes were like they were burning in raging fire, and was blood red. He thundered, “Let’s fight till the end!”


Both his hands gather Qigong. He leaped into the sky, and heavily punched the violent gorilla’s head.


His two fist seemed to have 10,000 jin of strength, and his speed was like the speed of a bullet.


Spirit refining realm, so strong!


Qin Tian was thrilled to see the power of the strong. This man caused him to feel that he was too powerful.




After a loud sound, the gorilla which was as big as a hill looked to be on the verge of collapsing after receiving the punch. It stayed in the air for a while before falling……


On the ground, the coarse beard man was breathing heavily but his face revealed a face of excitement.




The body of the violent gorilla once again released a white halo.


At that moment, the man’s eyes dulled. Hopelessness overwhelmed him. This was its third time berserking.


The Violent Gorilla’s divine ability, berserk, can be released three continuous times……


An unparalleled three continuous berserk!

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