Chapter 1 : Prologue-The Meeting



“My child…you’ve turned mad.”


“Why won’t I?”




Suddenly, I felt calm……what happened?


Now that I can think properly, everything’s weird. Wasn’t I killed? So what’s all this?


“Who are you? What have you done to me! Am I dead? Where am I? What happened to her? Why am I here? What about my family? Are they well?”


“I am the creator, one you call God, and I’ve brought your soul here to amend the fault of one of my administrators. I am indeed able to rewind time, but it will cause some nasty consequences to happen to other worlds. Also, by the way, there are more worlds than the current population of your world. You are dead, and currently in some place near heaven, its name is something you are unable to hear as you do not have divinity. “


“About her, your wife……is a very sad thing. She has mental problems since young because of her parents, yet you still married her out of love. However, you didn’t know about one thing, because of her parents, she got three split personalities. The first is the one you knew for very long, the second one is a kind girl, which you’ve met a few times, and the third is a devil. I have told an administrator to make sure that none will be able to have split personalities, but it seems like he had forgotten something very important—the complexity of a baby’s mind. The mind of a baby is more powerful than you think, an example would be learning a language just from actions and hearing. Also, she is dead. Her second personality came up a while after the third personality and killed herself after seeing what she had none to you. As for her judgment, I’ve decided to make two other bodies of her first and second personalities and be sent to heaven. About the first body which contains the third personality, she will be sent to hell.”


“Your family members are alright, just some mild-distrust and sadness before everything went back to normal.”


“Now, I will say the reason why I personally brought you here to speak to me. I’ve decided to send you to a world of cultivation, but, you will have a broken Dantian because someone without a Dantian in that world will pretty much be an alien. Instead of being able to cultivate, you will receive gifts, more information will be known later. “


“So……what’s the catch?” (Me)


“Nothing, all you have to do is to live. Do whatever you want, kill, rape, heal, help, anything you want, but if you die, I will give you judgment. And of course, if you become an evil person and kill anyone you see whenever you want, you will not be punished by me if you don’t die.”


“Last but not least, I will give you some information about your future, and you cannot change what I tell you. You will be born in a village isolated from everything else with a loving parents. Everyone is happy. However, on your 13th birthday, an army of starving humans found your village. Seeing it, their faces became full of smiles, and they started to attack. They will burn your village, rape the people, step on the babies, and many more evil things. Your parents will bring you to a basement underneath your house and will burn their house down and suicide, making it as if the house was already touched by someone. You will be the lone survivor. Remember, you cannot change this, no matter how strong you are. From that day onwards, no one will go there anymore, unless you make them come.”


“You can’t control what I do!” (Me)


“Yes, indeed. Therefore, I will make it that you cannot say anything that will change what I have spoken, and on your 13th birthday, you will faint and come back here. Also, there’s something I seemed to have forgotten to say. Killing because of revenge will not get you punished.”


“Since I can’t change it, at least tell me the name of whoever that is behind the army.”(me)


“Off I go now.”


“NOOO! At least tell me the name!”(me)


“Louxtin Kingdom.”


He started to fade……


“If you could get it, you might b……”


“Good morning!Afternoon!Night!Evening! Oh f**k whatever. I’m your friendly neighborhood tutorial and today, I’ll be telling you everything I’m programmed to say! Do take note that the tutorial will only consist of what command there are for a screen to pop up. There are ‘status’, ‘skills’, ‘inventory’, ‘quest’, and ‘notification’. There might be more, but I’m not sure anyway, so cya!”


“Wait, what??? What the hell is with this tutorial !?” (me)

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