Chapter 2: Gifts

“Calm down I say, calm down. Ok, so she said that I just need to think of the commands and it will pop up right?”

“No harm trying.”


Name: ??? Titles: ??? Fame: 0
Job: – Hp: Mp:
Strength: ? Vitality: ? Agility: ?
Luck: ? Intelligence: ? Wisdom: ?

“Wow, nice…let’s try others.”


[You have no quest available]

“Oh, nevermind, I guess inventory and skills won’t lead me to anything too, but what about notification?”


You’ve received 13 choices!  (?)
You got a letter!

“……what’s that question mark doing there?”

Of course I know that curiosity kills the cat, but I don’t think anything wrong will happen if I click it right? It’s by the system after all.

You were killed by your wife! -350p You met the creator! +1000p
You were married! + 50p You were a CEO! +200p
You crashed into someone’s car x3! -90p You wrote a book which was sold for more than 10 000 times! +10p
You did not complete your new year resolution! -20p You like to cheat in exams! -19p
1/39 Total: 1328p
There are 10 million boxes available for you to choose. Please insert the numbers to get the rewards.

“That’s easy to understand……let’s try no. 1 and no. 10 000 000!”

Congratulations, you’ve received [Weapon]Wooden Sword

Wooden Sword

Rank: common

Strength +1  Agility +1
Requirements: None

Congratulations, you’ve received [Skill] Basic Sword Mastery

Basic Sword Mastery{passive}

Rank: commonLevel: 1

When using sword………

Attack speed +1%Strength +1

“So, am I supposed to become a sword master?”

“45 729”

Congratulations, you’ve received [Item] Condom box x99 (3 in 1 box)
100% quality Rank: Unique (Consumable)Description: Want to rape without getting your partner pregnant, then this is for you ! We guarantee this product to be 100% safe, and will feel like thin air on your small little bird!

“A raping sword master?”


Congratulations, you’ve received [Item] Extra Large Hawaiian Pizza x5

Rank: Uncommon

Description: Buy one get one free! OMG, where did the last one go?!


“99 999”

“Give me good luck!”

Congratulations, you’ve received [Item] Letter to Dad

Rank: Epic Consumable

Increases agility by 50 for 30 minutes.

Description: Dad, come home safely!

“Did I just steal someone’s letter?”

“6 835 344”

Congratulations, you’ve received [Item] Big Plastic Water Bottle (1.5 litres)

Rank: Legendary

Produces 0.01 litres of water every one hour. Cannot exceed limit. Must be drank directly.

“May the sevens grant me luck!”

“7, 77, 777, 7 777, 77 777, 777 777, 7 777 777”

“Lucky sevens!”

Congratulations, you’ve received [Skill] Job Change

Rank: EpicDescription: Hate your job? Now you can change jobs!

Cooldown: 1 Month

Congratulations, you’ve received [Item] Doll Clone

Rank: Unique (Soulbound)

Description: This is the other you! By using a drop of your blood, it will change into you. The voice, appearance, personality, and others will be just like you, but there will not be any abilities . You will only be able to look at it’s memories within a certain range of 1 km. However, you will not receive any strength, agility, or vitality when it trains.

Congratulations, you’ve received [Skill] Divine Light

Rank: Unique {Active}Level: 1

Heals and cures target within a range of 10m

Heals bleeding, injuries.

Cures all status ailments from ranks common to rare.

Calms mind.

Uses x mana. (Different amount is needed for different types of injuries and ailments. 20mp is needed to cure common ailments, 100 for uncommon, 250 for rare)

Cooldown: 1 minute

Congratulations, you’ve received [Item] Ring of Communication x7

Rank: Unique

Description: You can communicate with those that are wearing the ring.

Congratulations, you’ve received [Skill] Divine Eyes

Rank: UniqueLevel: Max (There are no levels for this skill)

Allows user to see a further distance.Allows user to see the ranks of cultivators.Allows user to see through illusions.

Congratulations, you’ve received [Item] Parchment ?????

Rank: Godly

Description: ???????

Congratulations, you’ve received [Item] Gem of Evolution

Rank: Mystical

Description: Makes the weapon it fuses with a growth weapon. It will disappear when you leave this place. Makes weapon unbreakable.

“Haha, seven is really is my lucky number!”

I looked through the 7 items I received. Amazing. It truly was amazing. However, the last two items I receive really makes me ponder.

So……do I need to unlock something to see what the parchment does? Nevermind, let’s ignore it and deal with the gem. Seems like I’ve got no choice but to fuse it with a common sword, it’s the only weapon I have anyway.


You have fused successfully.

Wooden Sword of Evolution

Rank: common

Level: 1 (100 more exp to next level)unbreakable

Strength +2Agility +1

Description: A fool fused a mystical item with a wooden sword, creating the Wooden Sword of Evolution. No matter how many times the rank increased, it will always look the same as a Wooden sword, other than the fact that there’s a gem in the middle of the handle.

“It’s nice I guess……”

Now, for the letter…

My child, the time has come for you to go. May you have a blissful life and work hard in surviving. I have given you some gifts which you will receive when you are born, and not here. Goodbye, my child.

Suddenly, light appeared beneath my feet……


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