Chapter 3: Birth

I know crying may sound a bit silly, but shouldn’t every baby that was just born cry? And that’s what I did, to decrease the doubts of whether there’s something wrong about me or not.

“It’s a boy!” Shouted a man. He started swinging me around as if I was his treasure. He’s my Father?

Seems like it.

“Stop it, Husband, my little Tian will die like this.” Said a pretty woman on the bed. I guess she is my Mother, since she looked so tired like she just went through a war.

I’m feeling quite tired now, so I’ll just take a nap.

Next day.

When I woke up, I found something weird going on……I could understand them? Shouldn’t it be necessary to learn the language from scratch?


Basic Sword Mastery level 1
Divine Light level 1
Divine Eyes Max
Job Change Max
Language Comprehension Max
Calm Mind Max

Oh, were the two skills gifts from God?

Language Comprehension
Rank: Legendary
Description: You understand every languages in the world and knows how to write them.
Calm Mind
Rank: Rare
Description: You will always be calm.

Calm Mind makes so much sense!

Anyway, both skills are really great! Now, I don’t need to fret about learning the languages , and I won’t turn into a bloodthirsty demon after my 13th birthday. I prayed to Him to say my thanks.

My Mother came into my room and started stripping? Crap, it’s breastfeeding time! Someone, save me please!!!!!!


The next day.

So I slept again. Yesterday was horrendous, I was a grown man. Although I was already married once, I’m still a Man, how could a man not resist the temptation of the body of a beautiful woman.

Calm down……calm down. Okay, I’m done fantasizing.

Was it because of my baby’s mind that my skill calm mind is not working properly? Hope not.

I felt that I’ve let down the human race…fantasizing about the my own Mother. Someone, please help!

Back to context.


Name: Min Tianyi Titles: Reincarnated , The man who spoke to God , The crippled Fame: 0
Job: Commoner Hp: 5   0.001/s Mp: 105.   0.015/s
Strength: 5 Vitality: 5 Agility: 5
Luck: 10 Intelligence: 15 Wisdom: 15

*luck can only be increased by special means

Details: Have past life’s memories. Int +10  Wis +10
The man who spoke to God
Details: Receive system. Increases learning speed. ???????
The crippled
Details: -10 luck. Increases chance of getting pitied. Increases chance of getting scorned. Increases training speed.
Job: Commoner 1 (0/100)
Details: Increases all stats by 3 every year. Every level up will increase all stats by 1.

*Luck is not included in ‘all stats’



Useless Spatial Ring. Wooden Sword of Evolution. Extra Large Hawaiian Pizza x5. Condom box x99. Letter to Dad. Big Plastic Water Bottle. Doll Clone. Ring of Communication x7. Parchment????.

“That’s all?”

{ I won’t write about him closing his inventory, status, and others, but he actually does them.}

Useless Spatial Ring
Rank: Common
Details: Holds up to 1kg. Created by an apprentice, and this is his first ever product.

“Hello there! Your tutorial is back for more action! My name is Fairy, and you can call me Fairy, oh, they’re the same? Not like I care! I’m here to tell you more about your Inventory. You can hold up to 77 items, weapons, armor, and other big items will occupy 1 space. Pills and other similar things can have 99 in a space, while materials can have a max of 10 kg per space, and also, you can put an indefinite amount of money inside! Time stops in your inventory too! If you want more information about anything else, just think of ‘ Fairy Help 101: (What you want help with)’, the end!”

“A fairy on drugs?”

[ Fairy Help 101: Status ]

Hp: You will die if it reaches 0.

Mp: You will lose conscious if it reaches 0, and some other stuff

Strength: Affects physical strength and hp. Every 5 points will increase 10 hp.

Vitality: Affects hp, hp regeneration and physical damage taken. Every 1 point will increase 5 hp. A person with strength of 5 cannot damage a person with a vitality of 25. Every 1 point increases 0.001 hp/s

Agility: You can run faster. Your attack speed increases.

Luck: Higher chance of getting good fortune. ( Other than God, no one knows how this works, and it might not even work actually )

Intelligence: Increases magic power and mp. Every 5 points will increase 10 mp.

Wisdom: Increases mp and mp regeneration. Every 1 point will increase 5 mp. Every 1 point increases 0.001 mp/s.

That’s understandable…… [ Fairy Help 101: Rankings for items, equipment and skills]

Rank of items, equipment, skills









Okay, so……[ Fairy Help 101: How to increase status? ]

“ At last, a question! To increase status, you need to do some physical training, mental training, read, or level up your jobs. You can have more than 1 job, but there are requirements. The first job is what you are born with, and to have more jobs, you need to be at least 5 years old. The requirement for second job is to have 75 overall stats, including luck. You will learn the requirement for the third job after unlocking the second job, so cya!”

Why are you so hyper? Cool down a bit.

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Thank You !

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