Chapter 4: Growing up (1)

*Those words that are written in red will most probably not be written again in the future.


One month later.


Many things happened during the past month. I learnt that my father’s name is Min Tianfei and my mother’s name is Hong Bai. Every year has twelve months, every month has five weeks, and every week has six days.The most important thing is that through my trainings, I increased my strength by 3 and vitality by 4! Is this the power of my title crippled?


[ Fairy Help 101: How to increase my stats faster]


“To do so, you can do more vigorous training, or meditate.”


Meditate? Why didn’t I think about that?!


I sat down crossed-legged and cleared my mind off any thoughts and fantasies.


1 hour…2 hours


At the third hour, nothing seemed to have happened yet, just that I’m not feeling tired. Also, I had to stop because my Mother came in to give me food (milk). After food, [Notification].


Congratulations, you’ve create [Skill] Meditation


Rank: CommonLevel: 1
2x hp and mp regeneration rate.
Details: Meditating will be able to clear your fatigue. It will also be able to increase your intelligence and wisdom after a long period of time. If you are lucky, you might be able to gain some insights and increase the level of your skill. You can also meditate while lying down or walking, but do take note that you may drop off a mountain if you meditate and walk at the same time.


So sleeping can be overwrite by meditation!


The reasons why I’m training so hard is because I want to become stronger faster. Although I won’t be able to change the future, I can have revenge quicker. Also, the stronger I become, the lesser I will need to suffer on my route to revenge.


I started to meditate and train everyday……


1 year after rebirth.


Name: Min Tianyi Titles: Reincarnated , The man who spoke to God , The crippled Fame: 0
Job: Commoner Hp: 185   0.029/s Mp: 185.   0.027/s
Strength: 24 Vitality: 29 Agility: 14
Luck: 10 Intelligence: 26 Wisdom: 27


I’ve gained 16 Str, 20 Vit, 9 Agi, 11 int, 12 Wis(Commoner job increased all stats by 3). I managed to get an insight too, increasing the level of my basic sword mastery by 1.


[Skill: basic sword mastery and meditation]


Basic Sword Mastery{passive}
Rank: commonLevel: 2When using sword………Attack speed +2%Strength +2


Meditation {Active}
Rank: CommonLevel: 5
2.4x hp and mp regeneration rate.
Details: Meditating will be able to clear your fatigue. It will also be able to increase your intelligence and wisdom after a long period of time. If you are lucky, you might be able to gain some insights and increase the level of your skill.


I managed to walk! After one year of bitter training, I can walk! Though not perfectly, but at least I’m better than most other babies.


When my parents found out that I could walk on my own, they started screaming about, my Father spun me about and I got a great headache on that day. My Mother then started to curse him and kicked his balls. Aw, that hurts! I wonder what will happen when I say my first words……


Today is also my first birthday, and I was brought around the village. At last, after staying inside for a year, I’m out! I met many people, and also used my divine eyes on the village head, only to find out that he was a rank 4 xiantian. My Father is a rank 10 houtian, and my Mother is a rank 9 houtian. Also, I got no relatives. My parents were their family’s only child and their parents died before I was born.


At night, when we reached back home, my Mother told me that she was already 3 months pregnant and I will be getting a new sibling. Of course I was happy, but thinking about what will happen in the future, I also felt sorry. Maybe there’s a way to change what God said?


My Mother saw my expression and thought I was unhappy, “don’t worry, I’ll always love you till the end! So smile!”


I stared into her eyes. She was looking lovingly at me…was this the love of a mother? She looked at me as if I was part of her soul. I wanted to say it, but no sound came out. I started to cry…why? Why am I crying? I came to this world knowing that my parents will die, I thought I was already prepared. I had decided that I would not become too close to them to lessen my pain and guilt when they die, yet why? Why can’t I follow what I had prepared beforehand?


After getting away from that situation, I was already very tired.


It was the first time I slept after more than 10 months.


The next day.


I started to curse myself for not meditating……


After cursing, I opened [Notification].


Your yearly wheel of fortune is here! (You are late by one day, but since it’s your first time, we will overlook this, but do not do this again.)


Why wasn’t I informed about this? Or was this a newly added function?


[Fairy Help 101: wheel of fortune]


“Hello there, It’s been quite a while since we last met. How are you feeling today? The wheel of fortune is pretty much a wheel of fortune. All you have to do is to spin it and ta da, you get your reward. Cya and have a nice day!”


That was some nice information I guess.


I went to spin the wheel of fortune and……


Congratulation, you’ve received [Armor] Fox Mask
Rank: Rare
Details: You can alter your voice a bit. Your face is hidden. Fits your face.


Not what I hoped but it’s okay.


I started to do push ups, sit ups, run around my room. When I got tired, I went to meditate. This routine continued till someone came into my room to feed me. I gratefully accepted the food as my stomach was growling. After my meal, I continued to train.

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