Chapter 5: Growing up (2)

2 years have past since my rebirth.


It’s my birthday again. I opened [Notification], did the wheel of fortune, and got……


Congratulations, you’ve receive [Skill] Fire
Rank: UncommonLevel: 1
Details: The weakest type of fire. Use more mp for a stronger fire. (Min: 10 mp)


Great! I can now start a campfire without needing to rub stones and dry leaves together!


Many things happened during the past year. Mother gave birth to a girl around 6 months ago and named her Min Tianhua, making her unable to pay much attention to me as she had in the past. This allowed me to train for a longer period of time. 5 months ago, my father went with two other men into the forest surrounding the village to kill the Rank Two beast that suddenly appeared, he gave the three of us a hug each and went off.


4 months ago, my father came back with a leg missing. The mission was successful, but not without consequences. Two lost a leg and one lost an eye. Upon seeing my father’s state, mother cried out loud, and it pained my heart to see that. “Mother, at least father came back…….” Hearing what I said, mother nodded her head continuously and suddenly exclaimed, “You can talk!” I felt happy looking at the smile on her crying face. Father was also elated, and got kicked in the balls again. Aw! After knowing that I could speak, my mother and father took turns to teach me words and read books to me everyday. Though I know this will affect my training, I wanted this to continue on forever……


1 month ago, my mother made a breakthrough and reached rank 10 houtian. To celebrate her breakthrough, father personally cooked, though it tasted terrible, everyone was happy, other than my little sister.


During the past year, I gained 9 Str, 12 Vit, 7 Agi, 10 Int, 10 Wis. I’ve also gained an insight to my basic sword mastery! My skill meditation reached level 7 too.


4 years after rebirth.


Nothing terrible happened during the past 2 years. My father quitted his job as a hunter and went around the forest at least once a week with mother to find herbs to sell for food. In the village, there isn’t anything such as money, so if you want something, you must exchange it with something of an equal value.


As the days goes by, my little sister became cuter and cuter. She has white hair like my mother, my father has brown hair, but I have black hair. I also realise that none of the villagers have black hair……does this have something to do with my previous life?


I increased 12 Str, 13 Vit, 8 Agi, 15 Int, 16 Wis.


Name: Min Tianyi Titles: Reincarnated , The man who spoke to God , The crippled Fame: 0
Job: Commoner Hp: 360   0.054/s Mp: 365.   0.053/s
Strength: 45 Vitality: 54 Agility: 29
Luck: 10 Intelligence: 51 Wisdom: 53


I also got quite a bit of insights.


Basic Sword Mastery{passive}
Rank: commonLevel: 4When using sword………Attack speed +4%

Strength +4


Fire {Active}
Rank: UncommonLevel: 2
Details: The weakest type of fire. Use more mp for a stronger fire. (Min: 10 mp)


Divine Light
Rank: Unique {Active}Level: 2
Heals and cures target within a range of 10mHeals bleeding, injuries.Cures all status ailments from ranks common to rare.

Calms mind.
Uses x mana. (Different amount is needed for different types of injuries and ailments. 20mp is needed to cure common ailments, 100 for uncommon, 250 for rare)
Cooldown: 1 minute


Also, my meditation reached the max of level 9 and upgraded.


Greater Meditation {Active}
Rank: UncommonLevel: 1
4x hp and mp regeneration rate.
Details: Meditating will be able to clear your fatigue. It will also be able to increase your intelligence and wisdom after a long period of time. If you are lucky, you might be able to gain some insights and increase the level of your skill.


And now, my two wheel of fortune rewards are……


Congratulations, you’ve receive [Item] Porn Magazine
Rank: Rare
Details: Something nice to relax with, but never let your girlfriend see this!


Congratulations, you’ve receive [Item] Red Wine x3
Rank: Epic
Details: 713 year old wine. You can get drunk after drinking this. Recommended for those age 21 and above.


Today’s my 4th birthday, which is also the day my talent is revealed. I went with my parents to visit the village head to find out about my talent for cultivating. Inside the village head’s hut was an orb, which I was told to put my hands on and it will measure my talent. When I put my hands on it, nothing happened. He was shocked as this was the first time this situation occurred, he putted his hands on my pulse and said, “ Weird……there’s no Qi flowing in his meridians…I’m very sorry to inform the both of you that your son is crippled.”


“This can’t be true, I’m sure there’s something wrong with the orb, please check again!” Both my parents exclaimed.


“There’s nothing wrong with the orb, and I’ve personally checked his pulse. The both of you should know that a person without any Qi flowing in his meridians is crippled. I’m sorry to say that your son is born a cripple.”


“Don’t worry, father, mother.” I put a smile on my face and said.


When they both saw the smile on my face, they thought that it was just something I forced out to make them feel better, and I decided to use this to my advantage.


“Father, is there a library in the village, I want to read……”


“Of course there is son, I’ll bring you there everyday if you want, but go home and rest today first.” My father interrupted me.


Next day.


I took my doll clone out and dripped a drop of blood onto it. It started to change……my face and body were all copied perfectly. Suddenly, I felt that I had two conscious, one from this body and one from the doll. I felt my head spin as I fell unconscious.


Next day.


Though I’m still not used to it, I only had a little headache. I am currently in the forest training while my doll went into the library to read. I decided to focus on increasing my agility by running around as fast as I could till I got out of breath. The forest is actually quite safe because every once in awhile, there will be a group people coming into the forest to exterminate the beasts. I also took out my wooden sword every now and then to level up my basic sword mastery.








The time is ticking……

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