Chapter 6.5: Useless things

13 years old stats


Name: Min Tianyi Titles: Reincarnated , The man who spoke to God , The crippled, The Hard Worker Fame: 0
Job: Commoner, Swordsman,

Apprentice Healer

Hp: 1415   0.213/s Mp: 1825   0.263/s
Strength: 179 Vitality: 213 Agility: 137
Luck: 25 Intelligence: 259 Wisdom: 263


Peak Sword Mastery Level 3
Divine Light Level 7
Divine Eyes Max
Job Change Max
Language Comprehension Max
Calm Mind Max
Advance Meditation Level 2
Greater Fire Level 9
Unyielding Soul Max
Sweet Talking Level 3
Berserk Level 1
Greater Hearing Level 7
Divine Concealment Max


Useless Spatial Ring. Wooden Sword of Evolution. Extra Large Hawaiian Pizza x5. Condom box x99. Letter to Dad, Big Plastic Water Bottle. Ring of Communication x7. Parchment????. Porn Magazine, Red Wine x3, Barbie Doll x7, Greater Spatial Ring, Toilet Paper x7, Wine Glass x7, Fox Mask


Apprentice Healer Lvl 1 (0/200) (Lvl up by healing others) (reach max lvl to upgrade)
Details: Increases Wis by 3 and Int by 3 with each lvl up. Healing related abilities increases effect.


Peak Sword Mastery
Rank: LegendaryLvl: 3
When using sword……Attack speed +53%Strength + 53Agility + 33


Divine Light
Rank: UniqueLvl: 7
Heals and cures target within a range of 150mHeals bleeding, injuries.Cures all status ailments from ranks common to Epic.Calms mind.
Uses x mana. (Different amount is needed for different types of injuries and ailments. 20mp is needed to cure common ailments, 100 for uncommon, 250 for rare, 1500 for epic)
Cooldown: 40s


Advance Meditation {Active}
Rank: RareLevel: 2
4.2x hp and mp regeneration rate.
Details: Meditating will be able to clear your fatigue. It will also be able to increase your intelligence and wisdom after a long period of time. If you are lucky, you might be able to gain some insights and increase the level of your skill.


Greater Fire
Rank: RareLevel: 9
Details: Use more mp for a stronger fire. (Min: 30 mp)


Unyielding Soul (Passive)
Rank: Mystical
Details: Most soul attacks are unable to damage you. You can destroy any soul imprints on you without the other party realising. You cannot be controlled.


Sweet Talking (Active)
Rank: CommonLvl: 3
Details: Increases the chance of others believing in what you said.


Rank: EpicLvl: 1
Details: Str, Vit, Agi x2. Cannot use mp when in berserk mode.
Requires ½ total hp.Cooldown: 24h


Greater Hearing (Passive)
Rank: UncommonLvl:7
Detail: (As stated by the title)


Divine Concealment (Passive/Active)
Rank: Mystical
Details: No one can see through you or sense you unless you allow them to. You can hide how strong you are.


Title: The Hard Worker
Details: Increases training speed.




[Fairy Help 101: Beast Ranking]


{Beast rank : how strong the beast is compared to cultivators}


Rank 1: rank five houtian

Rank 2: rank ten houtian

Rank 3: rank one xiantian

Rank 4: rank five xiantian

And so on…………



His sister……


Age- 11½

Cultivation: rank eight houtian

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