Chapter 6: Growing Up (3)

5 years and 6 months after rebirth.


My sister is now 4 years old, and will be brought to the village head’s hut to measure her talent in cultivation. My parents didn’t want me to go with them in fear of me getting jealous of her if she has great talent, but I insisted and they gave in in the end.


“Come in.”


We went in and he asked my sister to put her hand on the orb. The orb shone bright white light and it broke…


“Marvelous, a genius in cultivation, no……it’s a Monster! Hahahaha!” (Village head)


I could see question marks above her head, as if unsure about what was happening.


“If the orb shines black light, it means you have about no talent in cultivation. The brighter and whiter it is, the higher your talent will be. Yours was pure white, and even caused the orb to break, which shows that your talent is heaven defying.” I said with a smile.


“Really brother?”


I nodded.


“Brother, when I become stronger, I’ll take care of you and make sure that none will bully you!”


“I’ll wait for that day to come.” I said with a forced smile. Can I go against fate? If I can’t, then won’t her talent become a joke? Having monstrous talent yet no fate, how great was that?


A person can only cultivate after the age of seven. In the past, there were many incidents of little kids having their dantian exploding. No one knows the reason for that, but many theories were made, like the Dantian is still developing, the body is rejecting it as it has not gotten used to Qi, and many more. Therefore, many children make use of the time period of 4 to 7 years old to train physically to build up on their foundation.


The body is the foundation, if the foundation isn’t strong enough, then it will become harder to breakthrough into the next realm (Like houtian to xiantian).




If my parents were bitter enemies and fight with swords in their current condition, my Father would still win even though he is missing a leg. This is because he has greater understanding of the way of the sword compared to my Mother. The way of the sword is also known as the Dao of sword.


[Fairy Help 101: Dao of Sword realms]


First realm: Basic

Second realm: Intermediate

Third realm: Advance

Fourth realm: One with the sword

Fifth realm: Minor comprehension of Sword Force

Sixth realm: Major comprehension of sword force

Seventh realm: sword divinity


[Fairy Help 101: Sword mastery upgrades]


Basic -> Intermediate -> Advance -> Grand -> Peak -> Divine -> Godly


My Father had already reached the third realm, while my Mother is still at the second realm. My Father and Mother are both 43 and 40 years old respectively.




6 months ago, I opened my stats screen and went to check the jobs available.


Swordsman Increases 2 Str, 1 Vit, 1 Agi with each level  (Lvl up by killing) (Reach max lvl to upgrade)
Rapist Increases 1 Str, 2 Vit, 4 Agi with each level (Lvl up by raping)  (Reach max lvl to upgrade)
Fire Mage Increases 2 Int, 2 Wis with each level (Lvl by killing) (Reach max lvl to upgrade)


After thinking for a period of time, I decided to have my second job as a swordsman.

*Commoner lvl up by killing too*


I also found out that the third job needs me to have a total stats of 750.


7 years after rebirth.


The past 3 years were great! No more shackles behind my feet!


I could now train without worrying about being seen by my parents. Every evening, I would go into the village library wearing a fox mask and keep my doll inside my inventory. A while later, my parents would come and fetch me home. After reaching home, I would eat my dinner (leaving a little in my inventory to eat for lunch the next day), and go to sleep(meditate).


My sister had been training with my father and mother for the past one and a half years. Though she had became stronger, she’s still many times weaker than me. Now that I think about It, does my body have a limit?


[Fairy Help 101: Is there a limit to how strong I can become?]


“Hmm……good question you’ve got there. Of course there’s a limit! How could there not be one? You would be called God if you don’t have one, as only God is limitless! The limit is…… I’m not too sure too actually, just think about it like this. Cultivation is created by a group of Administrators, while the system is created by God.  So how strong do you think you can become?”


So I can become even stronger than any cultivators?


[Fairy Help 101: What is an Administrator?]


“Administrators are beings that transcended the laws of the world and can only be killed by God. Currently, each world only has one which are created by Him. Only mortals that manage to transcend can interfere with anything that is happening to their world, but not too much. Although they are both known as Administrators, they will still be weaker than the one created by Him. Are you shocked? This cute little Fairy just acted serious! Ha! Not expecting that I could be serious too right? Right?”




Seems like it.


One year ago, I managed to find out that all the books in the inner parts of the library are cultivation scriptures by accident. I told the Fairy to show me the books that are important for the fun of doing so and she told me that the books in the inner parts of the library are cultivation scriptures. I was like, “Really? what the F**K!” I’ve realised that I’m unable to learn any skills from those scriptures, but those scriptures had helped me increase my understanding of the sword, causing it to level up faster. I’ve also found out that the scriptures in the library ranged from grade  sky to moon.


[Fairy Help 101: Cultivation Scripture grades]


Grades of Scriptures for cultivators:











I was quite baffled about the fact that none of the villagers actually knew that all these were cultivation scriptures. Did they read them and not understand anything? In a year, I managed to read and understand ⅙ of the total number of scriptures there. My memory is actually quite good too!


During the past three years, I managed to earn 27 Str, 33 Vit, 41 Agi, 61 Int, 61 Wis.

(You might actually think that the stats increase is very high and I’m giving him too much boost, but it isn’t true. This is because……


*This is just how much power the ranks will give you*


Rank 1 houtian has the strength, vitality of 10

Rank 2 houtian has the strength, vitality of 20

Rank 10 houtian has the strength, vitality of 100


Rank 1 xiantian has the strength, vitality of 200

Rank 2 xiantian has the strength, vitality of 220

Rank 10 xiantian has the strength, vitality of 400


Rank 1 wentian has the strength, vitality of 800


Thus the amount of boost I gave him isn’t really much. Also, just treat this as something from Fairy Help 101)


I also gained a lot of insights……




Next day.


I went to the courtyard and saw my Sister doing some weird moves with a wooden sword. Father and Mother had left for the forest to find some herbs, leaving my Sister and I at home.


“Does Father know that you’re training in the sword?”


“Of course not, Brother! But don’t tell anyone about this please, I want to surprise them!”


It seems like training in the sword without a teacher is really hard……


“Your sword is shaking.”


“I’m sure it’s nothing much. When I saw Father and Mother doing this move, their sword shakes too!”


“Lent me the sword.”


I took the sword and showed her what I meant. I showed her the thrust, downward strike, upward strike, and the horizontal slash. All were done perfectly, the sword did not vibrate a single time, and thus did not meet with air resistance. It was fast, faster than what my Sister could see.


“That’s how you use a sword.”


I returned it back to her, and walked away. She seemed to have gained some insight to the sword and went to practice immediately… From afar, I could hear her shouting that she reached the first realm of the Dao of sword.


I felt happy for her.

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