Chapter 7: 13

13 years after rebirth.

I’m here again at the unknown place.

“The attack will start in an hour……are you prepared?”

“I am, but is there really no way I could change it? Please, I’m even willing to stake my life for this!” I said emotionally. I’ve already lived through a life, and I want to repay them for all the love they’ve given to me.

“……you can change it, but you will lose the chance to get a new overpowered skill or item.”


I could change it? How?

Suddenly, a screen appeared in front of me…

Parchment of Miracle

Rank: Godly

Details: You can make a wish. Those wishes that are asking for too much will not be granted.


A wish?!

I can wish for that fate to be changed? Can I have my family saved?

“You can, but only to a certain extend, and you can only save one person.”

……Father……Mother…… Sister……

I don’t think my Mother will be able to face my father’s death, and vice-versa. I’m afraid that even if they continued to live on, the guilt in them will continue to torture them till the day they leave this world.

3rd person perspective.

“Tianyi, what’s wrong?” Hong Bai asked. “What’s wrong? Wake up!”

“Tianfei, what happened to our Son?” Min Tianfei rushed into the room after hearing her shout.

“Tianhua, go bring a doctor here!” Tianfei shouted while he checked Tianyi’s pulse. “There’s nothing wrong……is there a new disease spreading?”

Suddenly, a piercing ringing of the bell could be heard.

“Tianhua, get back here now! S**t, why is this happening! Wife, bring them into the basement and hide, I’ll go and check out the situation.”

After he saw the trapdoor to the basement closed, he opened the door, only to see a huge army out there burning houses, raping woman, and many more……and they are all mostly ranked xiantian, with some even higher……


Tianfei looked down and saw a sword pierce through his body. “Is this our fate?”

Seeing what had happened to her Husband, she grabbed her sword, wanting to slice the enemy up.

“So there’s a puny little woman there huh……really beautiful……I guess i’ll have a great time today.”

“What are you doing here, you’ll supposed to be hiding!” Tianfei screamed in his head. Seeing that man stripping her clothes off, his mind began to be clouded with fury and he felt his strength coming back. Slowly, he took out a dagger from his waist, dashed towards him and pierced the man’s neck.

“You……you’re not dead yet! F**k.” The man shouted in agony before he went to the underworld.

“You’re not supposed to be here.”

“I can’t leave you alone here right? I love you, and will die with you.”

“But what about our kids?”

“Our Daughter is strong, she’ll take care of the Tianyi too……more are coming.”

“The basement will be found out if you go and hide now……grab a touch, and let’s burn this house down with us.”

“May the fire witness the love we have for our children……”


“So what will happen to my parents?”

“They will be sent to heaven to receive their rewards.”

“Will they continue to be together?”

“They will, for both their souls are linked together……they once sweared to always be together till the end after all.”

“That’s great, and I’m very thankful that you’ve given me the system you’ve made.”

“It’s nothing, my child, it’s time for you to go, may you leave a blessed life.”

“May we meet again.”

I woke up in the basement. My sister is still unconscious after being knocked out by my mother.

I opened the trapdoor, only to see the debris of the houses all around. There wasn’t any sound at all, it was a perfect tranquillity. I fell on my knees and cried……though I’m actually innocent, I can’t help but feel the guilt of leaving them all to die. There wasn’t even any bones left behind, every body had became ashes. After weeping, I stood up and sigh. If it wasn’t for my skill calm mind, I would have lost my sanity and thirst for revenge.

“Father, mother, thank you for all you’ve done for me.” I kowtowed and said.

I walked back into the basement and meditated.

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