Chapter 8: Away From the Village

A few hours later.

“You’re awake.”

“Yes brother……where is mom and dad?”

“……do you want to hear the unpleasant truth, very unpleasant truth, or the extremely unpleasant truth first?”

“Please start with the unpleasant truth.”

“Steel your heart first.”

Seeing her nod her head, I sigh and said, “All the buildings are destroyed……father and mother died……and……”


“We are the only survivors.”

Hearing that, my sister broke down and cried. However, I could feel her emitting out killing intent after a while.

“Brother, who did it?”

I could understand what she was thinking about. She wanted to go and kill all the murderers, have her revenge, and let their family members experience the pain she felt.

“Calm down, a clouded mind won’t bring you anywhere. You’re also not strong enough yet, wait till you become stronger, and I’ll tell you what happened. Train and cultivate harder, when the time is right, you will know the answer. Rest, and for ten days, I’ll teach you how to survive in the outside world.”


In the ten days, I taught my sister many things……

-Do not trust others completely. By doing so, you can prevent unpleasant surprises, though it is still unpleasant, at least it isn’t a surprise.

-Always hide your true cultivation and power unless necessary.*taught her a moon grade concealment technique*

-Hide your true facial features, make yourself look like an average looking girl.

-Make others underestimate you, but not till people think that you are someone easy to bully.

-Think before you act, do not let your emotions control you.

-Do not sign any soul contracts.

-If others threaten you with me, do not comply. Ignore them, or kill them.

-Be merciless whenever possible.

-Do not be blinded by greed.

-Do not underestimate your enemies.


Without a wagon and a map, we just walked towards the north using the sun as a guide. We walked in the day and made camp at night. At night, she tries to comprehend the concealment technique while I went around killing all the beasts near us. However in the day, I let my sister do the job of killing since i am supposed to be a weak man.

Another ten days later……

We were still unable to find any civilisation. Ten days, it had been ten long days and we found no one. For food, we had to kill beasts and cook them, water came from my big plastic water bottle.

A while later……

“Two little kids walking alone in the forest? Come here to daddy, daddy will take care of you.”

In front of us were an army, maybe I shouldn’t have hoped to meet people……

They were all from Louxtin Kingdom, and how did I know that? Well, they have a flag which stated the name of their kingdom. Are they stupid or what?

The man who spoke was the strongest among the army, peak rank ten houtian.

“Sorry, but we are busy now, so would you mind letting us go?”

“F**k you! Capture them!”

I believe he’s the commander of the army.

The army has around a hundred man. They seemed to be one of Louxtin Kingdom’s weakest army, since the army that attacked my village could kill a rank four Xiantian cultivator.


Map of where the kingdoms and cities are. (Rough diagram) (This is just a small part of the entire continent)

Revant Kingdom.                                                                 Gast Kingdom

                        X                                             Y                                             X
Y                                                                               Y

                                                Divine kingdom

                       Y                                  X.                                                         Y



Y                                                            Y

                         X                                                                                       X

  Louxtin Kingdom                                                            Finlax Kingdom

                                                         Y                                            Y

Legend: X – position of the kingdoms

                 Y – position of city states

Louxtin and Revant Kingdoms are bitter enemies.

Gast and Finlax Kingdom are allies.

The strongest of L and R Kingdom have similar strength.

The strongest of F and G kingdom have similar strength.

The power of F and G kingdom combined cannot win against L or R kingdom.

D kingdom is the strongest, and chose not to meddle with the affairs outside its land.

The power of L, R, F and G kingdom combined cannot win against D kingdom.


Long long time ago, a man and eight women came to this continent by accident. After finding out that the beasts here are all very weak and there is an abundance of food, they decided to stay here for twenty years to cultivate silently. However, after a few months, the man could no longer control his lust and raped them all, causing them to become pregnant. The eight women did not hate him for what he did cause they all love him dearly (Please don’t ask me why. It’s just love).

The eight woman gave birth to a total of four boys and four girls. After the twenty years time period is up, they travelled away, leaving their children behind.

No one knows if they are still alive or not……

The four boys name were Louxtin, Revant, Gast, and Finlax.

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