Chapter 9: First Meeting

Amazingly, the army did not even bother trying to surround us, aren’t they looking down on us too much?


“Brother……what do we do now?” Min Tianhua asked in fear.


“Kill them, and don’t show any mercy……believe in yourself” I replied.


She needs to grow and become stronger. The best way to do that is to fight with her life on the line, and experience the feeling of killing another fellow human being. I know it is cruel to get an 11 years old girl to do so, but the world we are living in is a world where the strong rules, while the weak lick their feet.  


If I could, I would have gotten her to stay with me in the destroyed village, and cultivate slowly, silently, peacefully. However, it is coming soon, and we need to be prepared before it comes……




“They want to capture us, and you should know what will happen if we get captured. We will most likely be captured as slaves. Or, we could also be tortured to death, seeing how the other armies destroyed our village.”


Hearing that, her eyes stopped wavering as she unsheathed her plain iron sword and stood there, waiting for them to come closer.




With a slash, a rank 6 houtian died.


She continued to move without stopping as if she was a bloodthirsty demon. Every time the sword moved, fresh blood could be seen. Soon, more than thirty members of the army died. She had already reached the intermediate realm in the dao of the sword.


“F**k all these useless s**t!” The commander shouted and bolted towards us, along with some of the stronger soldiers.


The difficulty increased many times over. Though in great disadvantage, Min Tianhua still managed to hold on.


“F**k this, shattering sword!”


The commander used a sky grade attack technique. When both the swords clashed, her sword flew away after giving some resistance.


“Sorry brother……we……we……” Tears came rolling down her cheeks as she said it.


“Why do you lose hope so easily?” I replied……






A group of men suddenly appeared and attacked the army of Louxtin Kingdom. The strongest among them was a rank one xiantian realm cultivator. In just a few minutes, all the members of the army died.


“Thank you brothers for the help you’ve given us, you can call me Min Tianyi, and this is my Sister Min Tianhua.”


“No worries, I’m Helto, and we’re just a bandit group trying to destroy the armies of the kingdoms of Louxtin and Revant for revenge, no matter how small and weak they are.”


“Revenge? Were all of your villages attacked by the kingdoms?”


“Your village was attacked too! Those f**k*rs, how many more do they want to destroy before they are satisfied!”


“Mind explaining?”


“Well……around a year ago, both kingdoms declared war against one another, which wasn’t unexpected as they had been denouncing one another for quite a while. However, what they are trying to do now is to spread fear among the people and to decrease the morale of each other’s kingdoms. To do so, they’re killing the villagers of their enemy’s kingdom.”


“Around half a year ago, a masked man who seemed to be around the same age as you gathered all the survivals he could find and formed a hidden bandit village. It’s aim is to cultivate the people to become strong cultivators and then repay blood with blood. We will let them have a taste of their own medicine!”


“Would the both of you like to join us?”


Nothing they said were false……


“Sorry, but……I could join, but not my sister. I’m going to send her to Divine Kingdom’s academy so that she would be able to get more resources and become stronger faster.”


“Don’t worry, we won’t force anyone to join us. We could always welcome her with open arms after she graduated, as long as she isn’t a spy. As for you, you can join us right now. And if you’re wondering how to get to the village, I can always follow you to the Divine Kingdom and then bring you to the village.”


You remind me of my fairy.


“If that’s so then……alright.”


“Brother, is this really okay, they’re not evil people right?”


“I can’t really confirm that, but they don’t seem evil. Afterall, everything he said just now was the truth, with no lies.”




He could discern truth from lies?



In the unknown place just around twenty days ago.

“I’ve given you another gift, use it well.”




………my luck must really be very high………

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