Chapter 6: The Self-Defeat of Enlightenment (1)

“How could you say that?” Gu Fangzi never expected him to respond in such a way. Even though he may have said it jokingly, her heart still received a wave of unspeakable grief. She felt both offended and uncomfortable. Crouching on the spot, she sobbed and hugged both her legs tightly.

“Why did you cry?” Shi Fengju had always liked teasing her, but this time, she might have taken the joke too seriously and cried. Panicky, he immediately tried to coax her, “Fang’er, Fang’er, don’t cry. Please don’t cry ah. What I said just then was just to tease you. Why did you take it so seriously and cried? My good Fang’er, please don’t put me on the spot! You know I’ll never woo anyone else except you, so please don’t cry.”

Gu Fangzi grunted softly and turned away from Shi Fengju, refusing to look at him. Only after coaxing her for a long time did she finally replied, “How could you joke about that? You…you already know that she ——, how could you use that to tease me?”

Seeing that she is alright now, Shi Fengju chuckled, “Still angry at me? Wasn’t it you who started it first? Did you listen to yourself when you said those unpleasant words just then?”

She stared sternly at him and became silent. With a grin on her face, she giggled softly, “You only know how to annoy and bully me! I’m so silly to let you bully me…” With that, her voice eventually became softer and she became shy as she turned her body towards him. The girl’s coy was indeed moving.

Shi Fengju’s heart was overcome with warmth and he sighed softly, “Fang’er, I’ll not bully you anymore, so next time, don’t say such silly words!”

Gu Fangzi’s bittersweet heart couldn’t help but be discontented. “You won’t bully me? You marrying Sang Wan into the Shi family is equivalent to bullying me! If you really meant what you said, you would have disapproved the marriage! And regarding whether that will affect the Sang family’s reputation or not, what has it got to do with you? What has it got to do with the Shi family?”

Of course, those were only Gu Fangzi’s thoughts. On the surface however, her face displayed a sweet smile and softly “En” to show that she agree with him. Looking directly at Shi Fengju, she said, “Elder cousin, hearing those words are enough for me. I am a very naive person, so I’ll take your words and remember it for a lifetime!”

“Of course. Forever.” Shi Fengju smiled and nodded heavily.

Her eyes flickered and her once steady gaze wavered. Her emotions could be seen flowing out of her gaze which carried a trace of distrust and lack of apprehension.

“Actually, Cousin-in-law really isn’t that bad.” Gu Fangzi understood what he was saying, and added, “Elder cousin, she must have scored a few points in your heart didn’t she?”

“What nonsense are you spouting?” Astonished, Shi Fengju exclaimed, “How could you think that way?” His heart had always belonged to her. All these years, he only had eyes for her and his heart yearns only her. Never had his eyes left her, so how could she say that to him?

“Okay, okay. Just take it as I’ve said something wrong!” Seeing his cold face, she couldn’t help but feel remorse as he was indeed angry. For being suspicious of him, Gu Fangzi immediately apologized.

However, deep within, a shadow of doubt still remains. They grew up together and thus she knew him all too well. The day when the marriage date was set and especially the day before her cousin-in-law was married into the Shi family, Shi Fengju’s expression was unsightly and cold. But today, that cold expression had completely vanished! His eyes were calm and poised which made her feel very uneasy; as if something was very amiss.

Since this marriage was arranged by the elders, Sang Wan marrying into the family was already concluded. Gu Fangzi had already accepted that fact long ago. She was neither afraid nor worried as she believed that Shi Fengju is not a heartless and unfaithful person. The bond that the both of them shared is not something that can be easily broken; the arrival of Sang Wan into the family is not something that can change that fact, even if she were an angel dispatched by heaven!

So what if she had stepped into the Shi family and became a couple with Shi Fengju? The war has only just begun. Who can say that she has lost?

But for the time being, it seems she was a little too careless!
“In the future, do not be cranky!” Shi Fengju sighed.

“It is only because I care for you!” Gu Fangzi pouted, “Are… are you really sure your heart won’t waver; you won’t like her?”

“Of course I won’t!” Shi Fengju answered firmly.

With that, Gu Fangzi felt delighted. “Then, do you have anything you would like to say to me?”

Startled, he almost blurted out the secret between him and Sang Wan to Gu Fangzi. However, he managed to control himself. Not because he does not trust Gu Fangzi, but because he was confident that the world is not foolproof. And naturally, the less people who know of their secret, the better. And also, since half a year will be over soon anyway, letting the cat out of the bag now wouldn’t be such a wise idea.

The idea of giving her a surprise in the future would also be good!

With that in mind, Shi Fengju held back the urge to tell Gu Fangzi and smiled, “Only that. I will not be unfaithful to you.”

“En!” Although disappointed, she felt happy inside and nodded with a broad smile on her face.

After the vindication between her and Shi Fengju, she half-jokingly asked, “Well, since my cousin-in-law just got married into the Shi family, don’t you want to go back and spend some time with her?”

Her hesitant tone to express her unwillingness and dismay; her gentle words to show her benevolence. Those were the principles she wanted him to see; to see the good side of her.

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8 thoughts on “Chapter 6: The Self-Defeat of Enlightenment (1)

  1. Thank you for this chapter !!

    Hmm, I have to say that even tho I know Shi Fengju is the male lead, I still want our poor Sang Wan to leave him so he can marry his awful cousin and go find herself a good husband……..But alas, that was too hard in these times. And anyway, he doesn’t seem like a bad guy, I just dislike the romance with his cousin – and he probably sees her as perfect and gentle and kind, pffft. I just hope that in the future when he falls in love with Sang Wan he isn’t still overly focused on his cousin, as was the case in Chaos of Beauty with the male lead…

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  2. Well her two-faced act is still acceptable.. I mean who in the world not hiding what is inside her heart in order to have more easy life, and in order to get what she want? And it is her who become a couple with SF first and our MC is the one who placed herself in the middle, so she did have right to be jealous.. But I think it is likely that the author will make her as the villain, bluntly harassed our mc and so on, make her as a petty person and put all the blame on her. As for now, I think she is not as bitchy and kinda pitiful to have to see a man she loved been married to another girl..

    Thanks for new chappy!!!


    1. its like you are reading a whole different story then the rest. SW and that love bird male cousin parents arrange their marriage for years. the pitiful cousin in the third hand and even went so far as to plot against her. where is she pitiful at?


  3. Yup. The antagonist woman is two-faced. That’s normal. Not a surprised. Still, I don’t like how Shi Fengju treated her…. Quickly kick the fox woman out, she disgusts me. Thanks for the chapter desu~


  4. thanx for the chapter !

    it would be so statisfiying if he responds to her question “Well, since my cousin-in-law just got married into the Shi family, don’t you want to go back and spend some time with her?” with something like ‘ yes thats a good idea, I will go and see her. ‘ and leave her there all alone 😂
    in your face + 😈

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