Chapter 11: Divine Kingdom (1)

In my tent……

[Notification]. It has been awhile since I last used it, did something interesting happen?

You’ve received 16930 killing experience.

Killing experience? What’s that?

[Fairy Help 101: Killing experience]

“Killing experience is just…just……experience. It makes sense right? It can be used to level up your jobs which states ‘level up by killing’. There are also many types of experience- healing, production, lustrous and so on. The experience needs to be used manually and cannot be refunded, so use them wisely! See you and have a nice day!”


I leveled up my swordsman job using 200 exp, and found out that the next one needs 400. I leveled it up again, and the cost became 700. 200-400-700-1100……

I tried my commoner job next. 100-200-350-550-800……

So there is a pattern!

However, what about my sword? 100-200-300-400……

It seems like my sword does not level up like my jobs.

In the end, I decided not to use all of my experience.

Wooden Sword of Evolution

Rank: Common

Level: 7 (800 more exp to next level)


Strength +14

Agility +7

Description: A fool fused a mystical item with a wooden sword, thus creating the Wooden Sword of Evolution. No matter how many times the rank increases, it will always look identical to a Wooden sword, other than the fact that there’s a gem in the middle of the handle.

Name: Min Tianyi Titles: Reincarnated , The Man who spoke to God , The Crippled, The Hard Worker Fame: 0
Job: Commoner 10, Swordsman 6,

Apprentice Healer 1

Hp: 1545   0.229/s Mp: 1895   0.273/s
Strength: 201 Vitality: 229 Agility: 153
Luck: 25 Intelligence: 269 Wisdom: 273

Killing experience left: 1430

It’s hard to become stronger.


Few days later.

“We’re going now.”

“You really don’t want us to continue onwards with you? We can always lead you there if you want.”

“Thank you, but you’ve helped us enough already, we can’t keep bothering you all because I’m sure there’s some more asses you want to kick. Oh, and……”

I tossed a ring towards him.

“What’s this?” Helto replied as he caught it. I could see his face flushed a little. Really? I’m not gay you know? I love females too! “About this……”

“This ring is called ‘Ring of Communication’, and you can use it to communicate with another wearer of this type of ring. However, you will need to first register his essence, in this case, mine with yours, for us to be able to do so. To use it……just send in a strand of qi. Remember, do not send me anything unless necessary.”

*essence means Qi/mana*


“I’ll get in contact with you after sending her into the academy, so goodbye.”

After registering his essence, I left with my sister.

“Brother, mine?”

“Here’s yours.” I sighed and gave her one.

My sister accepted hers happily and started bouncing about like a bunny. I guess what happened a few days ago did not really affect her mentality, which is good.

She walked away from me. One…two…three……, after getting ten feet away from me, she started to whisper to the ring. “Brother, brother, can you hear me?”

“Yes, yes I can so wait up.” I smiled wearily.


A few more days later.

“Wow, so big!” Min Tianhua exclaimed. I know it’s her first time seeing this but it shouldn’t be so shocking right? It’s known as the strongest kingdom, so how could it be small? America is bigger anyways……wait, I’m not on earth anymore.

From what I heard from the bandits, the cost to pass through the gate is 1 silver per person. My cute little fairy told me that 100 copper is 1 silver, 100 silver is 1 gold and so on. 1 copper is 1 coin. I managed to ‘earn’ 3 gold, 57 silver, 359 copper somehow.

Today is also the last day to register to become a student of the academy. The registration cost is 1 gold to prevent people from coming here just to try their luck. Every student will be able to get three free meal coupons per day till they graduate, so 1 gold isn’t too expensive.

There were more than a hundred people in front of me, with more than half of them being youngsters.

Just as I was about to drink some water……

“Get out of my way, trash, this young master here is coming through.”

A rank five houtian cultivator. So weak yet so arrogant, could this be one of the stupid young masters of Xianxia novels? He’d be kicking the bucket soon.

“Please queue up first.” (Gate Guard)

“Oh shut up trash, do you know who I am? I am XXX family’s only son! Kneel down and lick my foot and I’ll forgive you!”

“Please queue up first.” (Gate Guard)

“You lowly guard, I’ll make you experience hell!”

Indeed it is one of those arrogant young masters. A rank five houtian against a peak xiantian? It would be a miracle if the guard lost.

In an instance, the young master flew tens of feet away, spurting out blood.


“Next.”  (Gate Guard)
That was a nice show, hope I’d get to see more of it soon!

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