Chapter 6: The Self-Defeat of Enlightenment (2)

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“That would not be necessary.” Shi Fengju shook his head and said without hesitation. Deep within, both of them knew they weren’t even actual couples to begin with. What’s more, she might not even want him to always be by her side anyway.


Hearing such a firm answer, Gu Fangzi felt happy. However, her act must go on. Raising her eyebrows gently, she whispered, “That…might not be good right? After all, the maidservants treat people differently according to their social status and also, Cousin-in-law just got married into the family… which would mean…”


Shi Fengju was stunned, and soon after gained an “epiphany”.


She was right! Sang Wan still has to live in the house for around half a year! Half a year… seemed neither long nor short. Not being able to rely on her own family background, if he were to treat her ‘coldly’, her half a year in the house would definitely be miserable!


On his helpless face, his eyes could not help but expose a soft sweetness as he recalled her pitiful plea after they left the courtyard together; the “Ouch” sound she made after twisting her ankle; and her stealing a march on saying those cleverly crafted words after they entered the small garden.


Immediately, Shi Fengju understood! With his eyes fixated only on his cousin after the ceremony, that problem was not something he’d bother coming up with. However, Sang Wan had already thought of that problem but did not voice it out to him.


His heart suddenly surfaced an unspeakable complexity and felt kind of bad for her.



To have solved the problem that beset him for years, he definitely had to return her a favor!


The consequences of giving up the seat of being his wife, she knew it all too well but still insisted on it anyway. While he felt sorry for her, he couldn’t help also feel secretly annoyed. If only he knew what her heart was thinking, he would have stood firm and requested his mother to cancel the marriage! If so, things wouldn’t have to end up the way they are now.


As he thought things through, he shook his head and sighed.


It was both his grandfather and father’s will that his mother carry it out. Knowing his mother’s temperament, she’ll definitely not have agreed to cancel the marriage.


“Elder cousin, you…what’s the matter with you?” Gu Fangzi saw that her words had greatly affected her lover and secretly regretted.


I’ve really shot my mouth off and dug my own grave this time around!


“Nothing much! I’ve got some account books to check. Why don’t you go accompany my mother and have a chat with her, and maybe see if there is anything you can help her with?” Shi Fengju smiled.


After the ceremony, there’ll definitely be chores that have to be done.


“Okay. I’ll go ahead then.” Gu Fengzi nodded. “It’s almost noon. Don’t immerse in your work and forget about your lunch again!” She reminded him before taking her leave.


“En! Off you go!” Shi Fengju nodded and smiled.


Without a choice, Gu Fangzi turned and left. Deep within, she felt a little disappointed. If this were in the past, he would have asked her to stay for lunch with him and thereafter head together to have a light chat with his mother!


After Gu Fangzi left, Shi Fengju thought for a while before calling for Zhan Huan, a manservant. “Go to the small garden nearby and tell one of the servants there that Sir is going back for lunch.”


Surprised, Zhan Huan stared at him blankly. Seeing a glaring pair of eyes staring back at him, he quickly withdrew his gaze and said, “Yes, yes Sir!”


After leaving the study room, Gu Fangzi, accompanied by maidservant Lan Xiang, made a detour through the flower garden. As they drifted, Gu Fangzi suddenly turned and headed in the direction of the small garden with Lan Xiang following closely behind.


“Miss…” Lan Xiang’s face was pale. She looked a little nervous, and at the same time a little excited.


Miss is heading to the small garden. Is she going to show dominance over Sir’s wife? Her opponent has already seized the position of being Sir’s wife! Would it be appropriate for Miss to go there? Will Miss be at a disadvantage? En, that can’t be. Our Miss has both the Shi family mother and son protecting her; even the young Messrs and Misses have to be courteous towards her. Certainly, she won’t be at a disadvantage, right?


“My cousin-in-law just got married into the family. Me being her cousin-in-law, I can’t not give her my greetings!” Gu Fangzi raised a corner of her lips and her face hung a huge grin.


After having a long conversation with Liu Ya, Sang Wan returned to rest on her bed. Soon after, her rest was interrupted by Zhide who knocked and entered the chamber to inform her of Sir returning for lunch.


Sang Wan was surprised. But since her “husband” had already so, she had to agree, and certainly not continue laying lazily on her bed. Sitting upright on her bed, she instructed Zhide, “Since that is the case, ask the kitchen staff to prepare a few more dishes that Sir likes to eat, but be in no hurry to serve them now. Only serve the food when Sir returns.”


Zhide agreed with a decent reply. Taking another glance at Sang Wan, she said, “Zhide will now ask some maidservant to help Ma’am wash both face and hair!”


“That would be great.” Sang Wan smiled and nodded while resisting the urge to blurt out “thank you for the trouble” these five words. By saying those five words to the maidservants, instead of receiving gratitude from them, rather they would look down her etiquette. If there comes a time when she needs to show authority, it would prove difficult! This is the hierarchy of the Shi family, not a haven like the Sang family.

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  1. Hmmm….at least her husband doesn’t seem to be such an awful guy and doesn’t hate her for the wedding, which she also had no control over. And tbh it’s characters like the cousin that annoy me the most, sighhh. I’m actually excited to see how the male lead falls in love with Sang Wan tho!!

    Thank you for the chapter ^.^

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  2. Here comes an unwanted fly~ oh but the hubby is coming too, which side should be more surprised this time? xD hehehe

    Thank you for the chapter ヾ(๑╹ヮ╹๑)ノ” ufufu


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