Chapter 12: Divine Kingdom (2)

“Two silvers please.” (Gate Guard)


“Here.” I put my hand into my pocket and ‘took out’ two silvers. Holding onto the coins, he nodded and allowed us to pass.


We bought a map for 50 copper. It showed us the locations of the inns, weapon shops, market, others, and most importantly, the academy.


Divine Kingdom’s academy is publicly known as the best academy in this land. To graduate, one must first reach or defeat a rank 10 xiantian, pay 5000 gold, become crippled, or die. These are the only five methods, and none can leave until they fulfill one of these criteria. However, after reaching rank 10 xiantian, one can also choose to stay in the academy. They will be allowed to leave anytime they want after notifying someone from the academy management team.


The headmaster of the academy had reached rank 10 wentian around ten years ago, and is called the strongest man alive. No one dares to defy him, and all who meets him will put themselves in a lower position, not even the kings of the four great kingdoms are any exceptions.



“Welcome to Divine Academy’s last day of registration. You will only have one chance to join this paradise! If you’re successful, you will be able to receive resources like never before. However, the competition is tough. The academy has only one motive, which is to cultivate geniuses! If you are weak, you’ll get lesser resources as compared to the strong. Remember, there are no free lunch in the world, only the best can have the best resources.” The vice-headmaster shouted, “You will be ranked according to your talent, level 1 will be the lowest and level 10 will be the highest, only those of level 5 and above will be accepted. Now, let the registration begin!”


The vice-headmaster is a rank 6 wentian. Makes sense considering his status.


“Brother, must I really go?” Min Tianhua asked.


“Sorry, but you must. I am not a cultivator, so this isn’t where I belong……” I replied.


My tone was soft, filled with feelings, making what she wanted to say to me unable to come out.




“Level 3, out!”


“Level 1, out!”


“Level 5, pass!”


This continued on for more than seventy times.


“Min Tianhua.”


Min Tianhua took a deep breath and walked onto the stage. Looking at me, she smiled and put her hands on the orb.


“Level 6, pass!”


If she had not been asked by me to hide her strength, she would definitely have been a level 10, but having great talent might be the cause of one’s doom. Even if she becomes the headmaster’s personal disciple after showing off her talent, she would become a girl without freedom.


Min Tianhua was given a card which held her level of talent and was told to come the next day at noon.


The crowd that came to today’s registration were extremely listless. During the past few days, there was a level 9 talent which appeared, causing the crowd to be in an uproar. Yet today, the highest talent was only level 6, causing the crowd to regret their decision to come.



In an inn at night.


“Brother, can I sleep with you?” Min Tianhua asked.


“No……” I refused softly, but after considering that we will be separated for quite a long while soon, I hesitated and changed my mind, “Okay.”


“Dear God, if you could hear me, then please…protect her.”


Under the night sky, the stars were shining brighter than usual. I could see it……the next chapter of our lives will begin to unfold…




“If he is willing to join us, then I’ll step down from my position as the leader.”


A young man said, looking up into the night sky.


“But Leader……”


A muscular man shouted, only to be interrupted.


“I’m not fit to lead, my place is in the battlefield.” The young man said with a look of longing in his face. However, no one could see it. “You said it too, he is strong. If he were to join us, our strength will increase by a huge amount. With him, we will gain another pillar of support.”


“I understand. If that’s what you wish for, then so be it.”


“Good.” The young man replied with a smile.
“……aren’t the stars brighter than usual tonight?”

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