Chapter 7: Lost Marbles (1)

“Ma’am!” Once Zhide went out to instruct the maidservants, Liu Ya eagerly called out to Sang Wan. Rubbing her hands together excitedly, she said with a determined voice, “Ma’am, rest assured! Liu Ya will learn with all her heart!”

Sang Wan smiled softly, “No need to hurry. Haste makes waste.”

After dressing up herself properly, a young maidservant with important news barged into the chamber. “Ma’am, Miss Gu is here!” She exclaimed, with a pinch of excitement in her voice. Hearing that, the other maidservants instinctively gauged Sang Wan with their eyes.

This is a show that must not be missed!

“My cousin-in-law has arrived? Quickly, invite her in!” Sang Wan secretly smirked to herself, but on the surface, she gently instructed the maidservants and acted as if the guest was just her cousin-in-law.

But in actual fact, shouldn’t that be the case?

“My dear cousin-in-law! Congratulations, cousin-in-law!” Before Sang Wan even heard it, Gu Fangzi had already entered the chamber, with Lan Xiang following closely behind. With both hands, one above the other, on the left side of her waist, she bowed elegantly to Sang Wan and smiled delicately, “It is a little impolite of me to come unwelcomed, but I hope my dear cousin-in-law will not give me the cold shoulder.”

“How could I? Quickly, enough of the manners!” Maintaining her smile, Sang Wan personally assisted her into the chamber. Upon entering the chamber, Sang Wan ordered a maidservant to serve the tea before sitting down, together with Gu Fangzi. With the same smile, Sang Wan said, “I’ve always wanted to have a conversation with someone, and luckily, you’re here! I’m clumsy at speech and shallow in knowledge; I hope cousin-in-law wouldn’t find me uninteresting to talk to!”

“Why would I? Cousin-in-law, you’re too polite!” Gu Fangzi giggled, and the two ladies gazed at each other.

After finishing the tea, Gu Fangzi discreetly observed Sang Wan. Concerned, she asked, “My dear cousin-in-law, your complexion does not look too good. Is it because you were too busy and neglected your rest? A woman should care more for her own body. Us women can neglect almost everything, but absolutely not our own body. Cousin-in-law, there is no need to scruple; when it’s time to rest, rest well! My aunt is a very nice person, and she treats others even more so! Once you’ve stayed long enough with her, you’ll understand.”

As Gu Fangzi’s soft and gentle words of concern flowed into her ears, Sang Wan felt as if she was in a trance. Snapping herself back to reality, she recalled the good Gu Fangzi’s advices had done to her! The enthusiasm and concern Gu Fangzi displayed were like a fire pit, giving her warmth in the cold weather; much better than the way Shi Fengju treated her. And regarding her mother-in-law’s temperament and preferences, those were all only heard through Gu Fangzi’s mouth. As a result, she followed the descriptions given by Gu Fangzi and caused her mother-in-law to despise her as the days went by!

The more she thought, the more she wanted to laugh. Credit must be given to Gu Fangzi; clever to an extent that she was able to utilize those underhand methods with ease! What’s more, being led by the nose and deceived so badly by Gu Fangzi, Gu Fangzi herself was however able to slip away guilt-free!

Of course, Gu Fangzi was not the one at fault; all the fault lies solely on Sang Wan herself.

“Many thanks to cousin-in-law for the care and concern! Ah yes, cousin-in-law, from where did you come here from?” Sang Wan smiled as she asked.

Gu Fangzi was amazed that Sang Wan did not take the opportunity to find out more about her mother-in-law! Her mother-in-law’s attitude directly determines her position in the Shi Family; does she not care about her position in the Shi Family at all? Or, is she already well-prepared?

“I was at the flower garden not long ago. The current weather is good, so I thought of picking some freshly bloomed flowers and placing them in a vase before giving them to Aunt. However, after strolling around, I didn’t spot any good ones. But luckily, I was near the small garden so I came to see you!” Gu Fangzi replied, with a warm smile on her face.

“Is that so?” Sang Wan’s eyes lit up. Conveniently, she asked, “I see, my mother-in-law likes fresh flowers. May I know which type of flower she likes the most?”

Seeing Sang Wan slowly treading on the path she wanted her to follow since the beginning, Gu Fangzi was secretly delighted. Smiling, she and Sang Wan continued to have a conversation. After quite a while, she bid Sang Wan goodbye and promised to see her again the following day before making her leave.

Naturally, Sang Wan readily agreed. Smiling, she personally went to see Gu Fangzi off. As for the maidservants’ different opinions regarding the scene just then, she decided to turn a blind eye.

Still, she hoped that one of them would foolishly be brave enough to voice out their cynicism in front of her. That way, she would not need to find a reason to discipline the brave soul and at the same time give a warning to the rest of the maidservants.

For the maidservants, their opinions of her are unnecessary, but she believed that Wang Shi and Shi Fengju would not like to have unruly maidservants in their household.

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