Chapter 1: Skyrocketed Priced Breakup Fee

X City, in a music cafe. The sounds of a piano flowed like water.

Yun Sheng stares at the check before her.

Sitting across from her was a pair of a man and a woman. The man is handsome, natural, and had an unrestrained appearance while the woman is young and has a fashionable appearance. In contrast, Yun Sheng whose body was emitting the scent of herbal medicine appears very out of place.

“Yun Sheng, let’s just break up. This check, worth a hundred thousand dollars, is for the tuition fees that you’ve been helping me pay for the past few years”.  The man was well-dressed, and every movement of his carried the aura of a cultured scholar. He is part X City’s Municipal Peoples’ Hospital’s top staff, with a staggering high salary and a doctorate in medicine. He was the person scouted by the hospital’s directorate staff and his name was Liu Minglang.

Based off of Liu Ming Lang’s manner and appearance, no one would’ve been able to guess, that just a few years ago, he was still a poor student who had just graduated from medical school. His skills were very average, yet was unwilling to work low payed jobs, thus had to rely on his girlfriend,  Yan Yun Sheng’s support. Only then was he able to go study abroad.

After several years of separation, she thought it would be an everlasting college romance. Yet, how come was it that all of this was exchanged with a check worth only a hundred thousand dollars?

A mocking smile slowly emerged on Yan Yun Sheng’s delicate and pretty face.

As if he was stabbed by Yun Sheng’s smile, Liu Ming Lang didn’t let Yun Sheng have time to open her mouth to refute, and just took the chance to speak up first: “It’s not me who’s abandoning you after all of the years, it’s because you’re not ambitious at all. Look at you right now. No matter what, you’re still a talented student who graduated from the department of clinical medicine of a famous medical science university. Yet you don’t have any thoughts of climbing up the social hierarchy.  Instead, you inherited some small family’s Chinese medical clinic instead. Any one of our university schoolmates is doing much better than you are . Look at yourself! Don’t you know better to dress up? You’re a complete mess from head to toe.


Yun Sheng grabbed the check and flung it onto Liu Ming Lang’s face. “If you want to break up, then don’t beat around the bush, and even more so, don’t you dare disregard look down at the name and reputation of traditional Chinese medicine. It’s true I don’t have any future prospects!  I can’t compare with Qian Wei Wei, the daughter of the Director of the Bureau of Public Health who’s sitting right next to you, who can help you buy houses and cars, and on the way help you obtain a high income job. Liu Ming Lang, you’re just a high class gigolo.”

She long had found out about Liu Ming Lang’s actions of dumping her for someone else long ago from the gossips of others.

Yun Sheng’s voice has power, her every word was clearly enunciated. Everyone in the music cafe could hear everything very clearly.

This kind of melodramatic scene which only appears in dramas isn’t seen very often. The people in the cafe all looked over with curiosity, pointing and criticizing at Liu Ming Lang and the young woman sitting beside him.

Liu Ming Lang’s complexion started to turn dark. He quickly pulls up his new girlfriend, who was about to act up, and left.

Liu Minglang who had just taken a few of steps suddenly collapses to the ground. He painfully clutches his abdomen, and insufferably shouts out: “It’s……acute appendicitis, Wei Wei……call 112[2].”

Qian Wei Wei was scared to the point that her complexion had suddenly turned deathly pale. Where would she have ever come across this sort of situation before! She was scared to the point of being unable to utilize her phone properly anymore.

The owner of the cafe, however, was clever and reacted quickly. After going up and examining Liu Minglang, he assists the couple by dialing the emergency number.

At this time of the day was currently traffic hour, when people were leaving and getting off of work. Thus it would take the ambulance at least twenty minutes or more to arrive to the cafe. Except, Liu Ming lang was already rolling on the floor in pain, clutching his abdomen and gasping for air.

Yunsheng peers at the situation before her with a cold stare.

“Is there a doctor here who can help by giving emergency treatment first?”. Waiting for a whole five minutes, Liu Minglang was already in a huge amount of pain to the point that he was practically going to pass out. Having no other choice, the owner could only ask about in the cafe.

“She……she’s a doctor. She’s Minglang’s old schoolmate. I heard her clinical surgery treatment skills were the best in the university during her schoolyears!” After being in shock for quite a while, Qian Weiwei finally regained her senses and points at Yunsheng.

Liu Ming Lang suddenly remembered this after Weiwei points it out. Covered in sweat, he struggles to climb up to Yan Yunsheng’s feet. “Yun Sheng, you……know how to alleviate my pain. For the sake of our past……”

“For the sake of money, I can let you hold out until the ambulance arrives. But my medical fees aren’t low. Five hundred thousand. That’s the lowest offer I can make on account of our past relationship. Whether you want my treatment or not, it’s up to you”.  Yunsheng looks at the man who was laying on the floor like a dog. This was the half dead man who she loved with all her life in the past.

“You’re insane, five hundred thousand!  Why don’t you just go rob the bank instead!”,Qian Weiwei shouts accusingly.

“Wei Wei, give it to her……if it goes on like this……I’ll get intestinal perforation,” Liu Minglang wasn’t able to hold on any longer. He himself is a western medicine doctor, so he was very clear that when you encounter this kind of situation, you must handle it quickly and carefully. Or else, the consequences would become dire.

“Whatever Yunsheng says that she will do, she will always accomplish it. If she says she can do it, then she can definitely do it.” explained Minglang.

Qian Wei Wei hesitates for a moment, then pulled a check out of her purse. After she finished writing five hundred thousand dollars onto the check, she passes it to Yan Yun Sheng.

Only after this did Yunsheng crouch down and examines Minglang’s condition. One can see her take out a pack of needles from the pocket of her jacket. The needles were long and slender, with a millimeter of thickness, and were golden. However, only experts in acupuncture and combustion were able to use these golden needles with precision.

Yunsheng places her palm on Liu Minglang’s three yin meeting point[3] and the inferior-great-void point[4] . Her actions were natural and smooth, resembling very much like a master’s movements.

Liu Minglang was in severe pain, and had already started to go unconscious. He could only see the side of his ex-girlfriend’s clear and white face.

Yunsheng’s palm presses down against Minglang’s body. He only felt an ice-cold and gentle energy rushing into his body. Suddenly, his body from head to toe instantly was relieved from the pain.

After Yunsheng removes her hands from Minglang’s body, she suddenly pulls down Liu Minglang’s pants.

“What are you doing?” Qian Weiwei suddenly shouted and becomes angry.

“Acupuncture,” Yunsheng casually replies. On the horizontally projecting part of Liu Minglang’s first and second lumbar vertebra, she casually stabbed in only one needle.

After she steps away, Minglang felt that his pain had gone away faster than it had came. “It’s not painful anymore?” Liu Minglang asks in astonishment. He quickly sits himself up with his entire body drenched in sweat. He astonishingly examines himself from head to toe.

“You’ll still need surgery, I just temporarily relieved your pain,” explains Yunsheng. She quickly packs up the golden needles and stores the check away with a composed expression.

One needle and she can make an acute appendicitis patient recover back to normal?!!

Five hundred thousand for medical fees!!

Among the surrounding crowd of citizens, someone suddenly yells out: “You’re the famous X City’s Jade Hand God Needle, Yan One Needle!!!”

For the past few years, the most famous person in the traditional Chinese medicine world is precisely Yan One Needle. Rumors say her gender was a mystery. She had always appeared and disappeared in a flash that one wasn’t able to distinguish her appearance and gender. Whenever she treated patients, she only uses one needle. With just that, she was able to control people’s lives and deaths.

She never easily intervenes, but every time she does, her medical fees are exactly five hundred thousand.

Yun Sheng didn’t reply the person and leaves the music cafe, only leaving the dumbstruck Liu Minglang and Qian Weiwei behind.

For Yunsheng’s level of needle manipulation, to alleviate the pain from acute appendicitis, she only needs to use her family’s passed down technique: the secret spirit needle to flush out the acupuncture point. She didn’t even need to use actual needles!

Her last needle was in fact for impairing the kidney. Even if Liu Ming Lang paid five hundred thousand, it won’t change the fact that he can no longer be a man in the future.

Walking out of the cafe, Yunsheng sent that check under an anonymous identity for a disciplinary inspection. She believes that the lead story on the news tomorrow will definitely be very spectacular.

No matter female or male, anyone who offends Yan Yunsheng, will surely never have a good end!

A taxi coincidentally stops nearby. A man wearing a baseball cap and a black jacket comes rushing out. He hurriedly gets off the car, and bumps into Yunsheng.

Without apologizing the man just quickly rushes off.

After peering back over her shoulder at that man, Yunsheng gets into the taxi. Her tears quickly comes rushing in despite her effort to suppress it. She didn’t noticed that when the man got out of the car he had left behind a black plastic bag seated next to her.

Nearly ten years of emotions and waiting, but what awaited her was this kind of an ending.

She unconsciously rubs the jade bracelet that she wears on her wrist, and mummer aloud to herself: “Grandfather, could it really be like you said, our Yan family goes against the Heavens by changing destiny by saving too many people, so we’re all fated to die early or spend our lives by ourselves until the death?”

Yunsheng being immersed in recalling her memories, hadn’t noticed that the radio in the taxi was broadcasting a news report.

“Urgent notice, recently, X City has been having many cases of vicious explosions occurring. It is suspected that terrorists are going around to taxis and areas with large crowds and setting up explosives. If any citizens have found any suspicious personnel or unknown black plastic bags, please report it to the police as soon as possible.”

About five minutes later, a taxi which was just driving along the road suddenly exploded with a “BOOM”. Black smoke billows in the air. It is already definite that the female passenger and the taxi driver wouldn’t be saved no matter what efforts and medicine are used leaving the two die there right at the moment of the explosion.

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