Chapter 2: Little Lolita of Another World

When the taxi had exploded at the moment, Yunsheng had never lost her consciousness. She only felt that her body had been ripped apart in a blink of an eye, and her consciousness was like a leaf that lightly fluttered- going on and off… and on and off. Suddenly, her body crashed downwards onto the ground as if being crushed down by a huge boulder, making her feel extremely painful.

An audacious laughter suddenly sounded out near her ear: “Die… niezhong  [vile spawn].  Yun Cang Hai, so what if you’re a genius magician whose might only appears once every century, you still can’t save your wife and child.”

Ten plus black clothed, masked men wantonly laughed loudly.

The moment her body fell onto the ground, her body felt extremely painful. Yun Sheng discovered, she had become an infant. On top of that, an infant who dropped to its death?!

Isn’t this the transmigration you often see in novels!

The infant had only been born not too long ago; being so forcefully thrown onto the ground by someone, she had immediately died.

It was during this very opportunity that Yun Sheng’s soul took advantage of this and entered into the infant’s body.

The infant’s body was extremely frail, if it didn’t receive emergency treatment soon, even if she lived, she would still only be a handicapped.

Yun Sheng noticed that on the infant’s wrist was the very same bracelet she had worn in the modern times. She had transmigrated along with her family’s handed-down jade bracelet!

It was a good thing that the jade bracelet was also here. Yun Sheng’s consciousness turned towards it, and then from within the bracelet, a faint light came out and entered into the infant’s body.

The remnant power of the bracelet quickly mended the infant’s heart vessels.

Those ten plus black clothed men hadn’t noticed the changes happening to the infant’s body.

“Let go of my child,” the angry man descended down from the sky while waving a strange bone staff in his hand.

Yun Sheng had never seen that kind of bone staff before. On the tip of the staff, there were five cat’s eye gemstones, the size of the jade color gemstones were like blood dripping carnelians. All at the same time, they immediately lit up.

All of a sudden, the murky sky turned completely red like fire, just like a smelting furnace. Several fire balls which resembled boiling molten-formed iron bubbles.

The man was brandishing around the bone staff while everywhere was on fire. Several fire balls, like rain in a rainstorm smashed towards the ground.

The sky and earth instantly became a sea of a netherworld prison, raging flames ablaze.

The fire balls rolled downwards and smashed onto the perpetrators’ bodies. The ten plus people transformed into burning corpses at that very moment.

That fire was incomparably devastating. Before the black-clothed masked men could even wail and beg for forgiveness , they had already become a pile of scorched ash.

The bone staff wielding man suddenly knelt down on the ground in pain. He let out a trapped beast- that suddenly sounded a grieving wail, both his eyes were like empty holes. He raised his bone staff up high, and accurately aimed it at his head. He put forth his strength and pulled it down.

Both his wife and daughter were already dead, what meaning would there be to continue living.

A feeble breathing sound broke the man’s movements.

He stiffly turned around, and tremblingly carried up the dying child.

Yun Sheng’s eyes widened. In her jet-black eyes reflected the man’s appearance.

It was a young man who had become a father only not too long ago.

He originally should have been happy, but the man before her was disheveled, and his face was scarred with injuries. But even if he was this like, it still couldn’t cover up the man’s original dashing figure and his bursting talent.

The man must have experienced some major hardships. There was only despair and grievance in his dim eyes, just like a patient who has contracted an incurable disease. That kind of sorrow deeply stung Yun Sheng who was a doctor.

He, had already lost the desire to live.

She needed to save him –  to make him regain the desire to live again.

Yun Sheng tried to wave her hand around. Forcing out her body’s last shred of energy, she desperately cried aloud.


Hearing that crying sound, the man’s dying ember-like eyes flashing across a smear of radiant splendour. His eyes gradually recovered its brightness. He carried up the infant, and staggeringly headed towards a small village.

The dark dawn behind the man quietly ended. The sun started to rise above the horizon and lit up the earth.

… 6 Years Later – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –  – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – —

Time quickly slipped by, and six years have already passed. The sophora flowers bloom all over in the Jiao Ye Village’s herb garden. A magician was initiating a ceremony that was carried out in Jiao Ye Village’s Temple of Magic.

“Perception of magical elements, none.” An old magician with completely white hair and a white beard glanced at the pure black magic-gauging crystal ball, and shook his head.

This is already the third time. Yun Sheng, this child, from the age of three had already begun participating in Jiao Ye Village’s magician initiation ceremony, but every single time she wasn’t able to sense any magical elements.

“Thank you, magician grandpa. I’ll come try again next year.” Yun Sheng lifted up her head. She was only five or six years old, has a round face shape, big eyes, and was wearing a set of worn-out but clean clothing. Due to being poor, she lacked nourishment, making her even thinner, weaker, smaller and shorter than the children of her age.

After finding out the results of the sorcerer initiation, Yun Sheng’s young and tender face revealed a calmness which seemed out of place for someone of her age.

“What a shameless fellow. A fake magician’s daughter still dares to come to the Temple of Magic, you really don’t fear the Deity of Magic’s punishment?”

Just as she was leaving the Temple of Magic, a few children who were also there to participate in the magician initiation ceremony came. Someone spit out some saliva towards her.

Yun Sheng agilely dodged and avoided it.

The expression in her eyes was ice cold, just like a tyrannical and haughty little stray cat, glaring at that child who was making things difficult for her.

Yun Sheng’s eyes seemed as if it were magical. Being stared at her like that, the child who had spit at her, his eyes had wandered across that pair of captivating eyes. Her pitch-black eyes, was just like an endlessly dark starry sky. It seemed as if it could swallow a whole person’s consciousness .

That child’s brain suddenly echoed out a buzzing sound. His legs weakened and tremored in fear. Suddenly, he collapses onto the ground and faints.

The child’s peculiarity alarmed the surrounding spectating crowd of villagers making the villagers immediately rushed forward.

Yun Sheng took back her line of sight, and took the chance to sneak away from the Temple of Magic.

Following along a small path, she walked all the way to the peak of the village’s, towards a small hill.

Jiao Ye Village’s scenery was very beautiful. The spring day’s sun was shining, while the pleasantly warm spring breeze blew over the dog-tail grass on the hill. A few red dragonflies had stopped on the tip of the dog-tail grass. Below the hill slope, a small jade belt like river gently flowed.

Yun Sheng laid down. In her mouth, she chewed on a dog-tail grass, and stared at the azure sky.

It’s already been six years since she, Yan Yun Sheng, a female doctor from the modern times, had transmigrated to Wu Ji Continent where magic and martial arts were highly respected.

She changed from an orphan to a young village girl who along with a drunkard father, depended on each other for survival. They had similar names, the only difference was the surname, but their natural endowments were so far apart like the sky and the earth.

The calamity that occurred when she was born, making Yun Sheng’s sinews and vessels[2] from since she was small become very frail. She wasn’t able to  practice martial arts, unable to sense magical elements, and she couldn’t train and practice in magic.

From a female doctor who could make people from both the white and black worlds[3] become terror-stricken just by hearing her name to trash who can’t cultivate both magic or martial arts?

Yun Sheng quickly sat up with a smear of confidence in her smile at the corner of her lips.

Trash? How absurd!

She is definitely not a good-for-nothing. As long as she has her Shennong[4]bracelet [Jade Bracelet] , there will be a day, when she rises up to the top of the world again.

Yun Sheng stroked the jade bracelet on her wrist. This jade bracelet had transmigrated along with her. From the moment she was born, it was already on Yun Sheng’s wrist. It’s also the only object she possess that is related to her past life.

Yun Sheng’s drunkard father had been vexed for a while, after many times of trying and failing to take the bracelet off from his daughter’s wrist, it was only then that the jade bracelet avoided the misfortune of being taken by her drunkard father to pawn and exchange for alcohol.

It was exactly twelve o’clock, exactly when the energy of the sun in the world was at its highest point.

Yun Sheng crossed her legs and sat, her fingers formed into position, making a standard Taoist meditation posture.

The jade bracelet emitted a glistening light. The sun seemed as if it had been split apart. Large amounts of five different colored lights were slowly being absorbed into the bracelet.

While the jade bracelet absorbed more and more light, a sheen layer of light resembling mother-of-pearls floated above Yun Sheng’s skin. In the bright light, her facial features became more exquisite, and her figure also stretched a bit just like poplar and willows.

A thin layer of sweat appeared on her forehead.

The vessels which were damaged in her early years was now like a mountain stream, bubbling and flowing, becoming fuller and more developed.

More and more of that mountain stream accumulated and converged together, forming a gold layer in the veins and arteries.

Suddenly, a “boom” sound was heard, the inner energy which had been cultivated for six years flooded out like an overflowing dam.

One of the human body’s eight extraordinary meridian channels, the yang linking vessel had been opened up.

With one part every three years since Yun Sheng had started cultivating the skill of jade marrow from when she was three, she was finally able to use her body’s inner energy to open up the first of her body’s eight extraordinary meridian channels.

Yun Sheng was immersed in her cultivation, so what she didn’t know was, at this very time, on an ancient banyan tree full of branches and lush leaves on the same hill-slope, a pair of deep and profound eyes had “seen” the whole thing.

The juvenile slovenly laid above the tree-trunk. It was a young boy who didn’t fit in at all with Jiao Ye Village’s simple and plain atmosphere.

The juvenile was young, only about ten years old or so. Even though he was wearing some ordinary sackcloth clothing, his wheat colored skin along with his robust body revealed an aggressive, dominating aura which wasn’t at all inferior to old generals experienced in the battlefield.

“Absorbing the essence of the sun? How interesting, didn’t think that there would be someone who knew such a highly advanced skill in such a small mountain village.” The young boy full of interest, “sized up” Yun Sheng.

Suddenly, Yun Sheng opened her eyes.

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One thought on “Chapter 2: Little Lolita of Another World

  1. Drunkard of a father? Did he change from a valiant man to a washed out one? Or is it not the same person? And huh, it’s funny how the Chinese novels go. The moment the girl is a bit superior, she gets ‘discovered’ by the male. Like, snatched up and claimed the moment she’s worth something… that either says something about life, or Chinese novels. Lol….
    Thanks for the translation. Keep up the good work. Really interested in this. Magic, huh…


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