Chapter 3: Two Faced Good For Nothing Miss

A couple of children around ten or so years old ran up from below the slope of the hill.

“A good-for-nothing really is a good for nothing. After making me faint, you made me lose this year’s chance to participate in the magic initiation ceremony.” The child who was insulting Yun Sheng earlier at the Temple of Magic pointed at Yun Sheng while being flushed with anger.

“So you’re the little good-for-nothing Yun Sheng, that impostor magician’s daughter?” The village head grandpa so kindly let you two settle down in Jiao Ye Village, and yet you dare bully my little brother? If you apologize by kneeling down and kowtowing before him, then pay him a silver coin, I’ll spare you.” The one who was speaking was an arrogant youngster, and behind him also stood a few youngsters of the same age.

Unlike the other children of Jiao Ye Village, the youngster who was speaking wore an earth-brown colored martialist outfit, indicating he was a martial apprentice of Zhen Ji Martial Academy.

The Temple of Magic and the Zhen Ji Martial Academy are some of Wu Ji Continent’s most basic facilities. From every single country’s village to the capital, there will always be a branch of the Temple of Magic, and in every city and town, there will always be a branch school of the Martial Academy. When the children of a country reach the age of three, no matter male or female, they will be eligible to sign up and participate in the Temple of Magic’s magic initiation ceremony and the Martial Academy’s constitution test.

For the people who pass the tests, they will be able leave the subsidies from the country, which is the equivalence of the modern times’ bursaries, but neither of these two things have anything to do with Yun Sheng.

Since Yun Sheng is a good-for-nothing – someone who from birth is unable to practice martial skills, and someone who failed the magic initiation ceremony three times- this demonstrated that she was not only just a good-for-nothing but a double good-for-nothing miss. Because of this, she had received a quite amount of ridicule from the village’s children.

Those who ridiculed her would always, for some unknown reason, faint or would start to feel uncomfortable. That’s why no one dares to directly bully her.

The boy who provoked Yun Sheng at the Temple of Magic had a brother named Lei Hu. He’s one of the few youngsters in the village who was sent to Zhen Ji Martial Academy, and is also the boss among the children of the village.

He left the village last year to go learn martial skills, and just returned a few days ago.

This morning, he found out that because of Yun Sheng his little brother had missed the opportunity to participate in this year’s magic initiation ceremony, so he couldn’t help flare up in rage, and brought along some close friends to find Yun Sheng.

The martial apprentices of the Martial Academy in Zhen Ji had learned martial techniques before, so for a little girl who has only practiced the most basic absorption breathing technique, and has never learned any form of defense, she could only suffer the losses and bear with it.

Under the tree, the outsider youngster’s promped lips pursed up together. He lazily lifted his hand, and a few jade-green leaves fell onto it.

Yun Sheng’s eyelids lowered. Her eyelashes covered up the vigorous spirit in her eyes. Her cherry lips opened and one word burst out from within: “Scram!”

While speaking, she concentrated her strength at her feet, and her petite body like a spring that was stretched tightly, suddenly launched towards Lei Hu. Her hand formed into a fist and a solid punch landed directly on Lei Hu’s face.

Lei Hu didn’t expect that she would actually punch him so suddenly, and even more so, he didn’t think that a good-for-nothing like her who isn’t able to practice martial skills was capable of such moves. Therefore, he didn’t have his guard up. The punch made him fly away the moment his face and Yun Sheng’s fist came into contact. There was a fishy bloody scented liquid stirring up in his mouth.

But a martial apprentice is a martial apprentice, he had went through specialized combat practice. Although he was hit without a warning, Lei Hu had immediately regained his senses. His face started to turn red from anger and he suddenly roared. From his body, a light brown colored battle-qi came out and surrounded him. His back curved up, and a bright green light flashed in his eyes. He had turned into something like a ferocious and hungry dog.

With his four sturdy limbs, he contracted his strength in midair then forcefully stopped his descent down. His speed increased by several times, just like a ferocious dog ravaged with hunger. Possessing this force which could shatter rocks, Lei Hu rushed towards Yun Sheng.

“Mng? So he’s a martial apprentice who’s learned some basic techniques before. Force enough to shatter rocks, looks like there’s nothing she can do but lose to him.” In the youngster’s hand, a few green leaves had been sucked into an elevating wind. The leaves immediately straightened out like flying knives.

Just as he was about to shoot them out, the youngster’s ears slightly twitched and he stopped all of his movements.

Below the hillside, Yun Sheng also had noticed the change Lei Hu’s body went through. Her eyes slightly contracted and a very faint string of golden light floated around.

Lei Hu was quick like lightning, but in her eyes, his movements had been divided into several few slow movements just like the slow-motion actions seen in movies.

Yun Sheng’s movements were very subtle. A beast bone needle suddenly appeared between her fingers. They offended her over again and again and she had beared with it. However her patience was also very limited.

Just as Yun Sheng and Lei Hu were about to face each other head on, a loud water sound could be heard.

In the little river below the hill, two water-qi snakes which resembled real snakes appeared. The water vapor in the air condensed into droplets, and then the water droplets once again quickly transformed into two balls of water. The two balls of water were just like two bombs. They landed on Yun Sheng and Lei Hu’s body. The two who had been hit by the balls of water immediately became like drowned rats.

“You two, stop right there!” Just when the balls of water landed, an old man with a broad lion like face who was raising a magic staff appeared on top of the hill. Just like an eagle who caught onto little chicks, he carried up Yun Sheng and Lei Hu by their collars, and separated the two apart.

The old man had just appeared but the children on the top of the hill immediately began to scatter around like birds and beasts after discovering a predator.

“Village head grandpa.” Once Lei Hu saw who the old man was, he immediately ceased all of his imposing force from before, and resignedly unclenched his fists, holding down his anger.

The village head of Jiao Ye Vilage was an old man who was over sixty years old. Everyone in the village respected him, because not only is he the head of the village, he is also one of Jiao Ye Village’s few people who was proficient in two types of magic. He is a proficient Magician.

On Wu Ji Continent, people who understood how to manipulate the magic elements would be given different magician titles.

People who pass the magic initiation ceremony, and can sense at least one type of magic element are called magic apprentices.

Above magic apprentices are magicians.

Inside a magician’s body, they can store at least one type of magic element, and use novice level attacks or magical defenses.

On Wu Ji Continent, only about one percent of the people can sense magic elements.

As for becoming a magician, there is only about one in several thousand chance of becoming one.

Most magicians can only sense one type of magic element, and not even one in ten thousand people may be able to sense two types of elements.

However, the village head of Jiao Ye Village had been a water and wind type magician who was enlisted in the army before.

After he left the military, he retired and returned to his hometown, and took up the village head position.

“Lei Hu, as a martial apprentice of Zhen Ji, you dare to bully a little girl who doesn’t even know any martial skills. Aren’t you afraid of being laughed at like a joke if this gets out?” The village head just so happened to have something to talk about with Yun Sheng. He had watched Yun Sheng grow up, and knew that every day at around the same time, this girl would definitely come up to the hill to take a “noon nap”.

Who would have known that once he came close, he would hear sounds of fighting.

“I didn’t bully her village head grandpa, she, she’s very capable.” Lei Hu can’t not admit, compared to the people of the same age he’s seen at the martial academy, Yun Sheng’s reflexes were much better.

Lei Hu felt wronged. He pointed towards Yun Sheng, but after seeing Yun Sheng’s expression, he immediately became dumbfounded.

“Village head grandpa.” The little girl who was still glaring at him like a tiger watching their prey just a moment ago, now had a pitiful expression of being “very seriously bullied”. Her eyes were brimming with tears while pouting.

Not only Lei Hu, but even the strange youngster below the banyan tree, after hearing Yun Sheng’s “complaints”, the corners of his lips couldn’t help but twitch.

“Lei Hu, you still dare to continue to quibble.” The village leader’s head was incessantly throbbing from headaches. He used the hand that was holding up Lei Hu to wave around the bone staff. A light green wind element force transformed into a rope and bound Lei Hu up.

Lei Hu only felt that his body had been tightened up, but he had already been thrown down the slope of the hill. “You only return home once every three months, so if you don’t want to be locked up as punishment, then immediately go home. If I see you bully Yun Sheng again, then I’m going to take away one month’s worth of your subsidiary allowance as punishment.”

Lei Hu didn’t dare to say anything anymore. He could only leave with a face covered with grudges and anger.

“Yun Sheng, if anyone else bullies you, you can always come tell me.” The village head affectionately put down Yun Sheng, then rubbed her head.

Originally, as the village head, he shouldn’t be excessively partial with any one child in the village, but this child, Yun Sheng, her age was about the same as his own granddaughter’s, but was more clever and sensible than any other of the children in the village.

At the age of three she learned how to do house chores, and at the age of four she could already read and write. The Yun family’s herb garden was also solely taken care of by her alone.

Her father had been laughed at by everyone as an impostor sorcerer, so the children in the village continuously went to pick on her and pick fights with her, but he’s never seen her throw a tantrum even once before.

How could this kind of child have that kind of father. On the village head’s stern face, he couldn’t help but reveal a bit of pity.

“Village head grandpa, you had something you wanted to talk to me about?” Yun Sheng shrunk back her little head. She was very unfamiliar with the village head grandpa’s overly intimate actions.

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