Chapter 4: Astoundingly Handsome Blind Man

Six years have passed since Yun Sheng had come across  Liu Ming Lang’s betrayal and her loved ones deaths. These events eventually had caused Yun Sheng to always be on guard and on high alert whenever she was near people.

As a result, Yunsheng always deliberately kept a distance from people except from that alcoholic, blood related man who had raised her.

“The previous time’s money earned from selling the sophora flowers had already been handed out. Your family’s sophora flower that was sent to the town’s pharmacy was classified as second-class herbs, which in comparison with the other farmers of Jiao Ye Village is priced 10% higher. Here is 11 copper coins, handle it carefully. This money was originally supposed to be handed to your father. However, if this money was handed over to your father, I’m afraid that he might just waste it all on alcohol. Therefore, I’ll leave it in your care.” The village head was long accustomed Yun Sheng’s reaction, a blank face with no reaction.  The village head counted out 11 copper coins and handed it over to Yun Sheng

Jiao Ye village located in Zhou kingdom, possessing a spring-like season all year round, had a variety of crops grow lush and plentiful.

Jiao Ye Village’s  of soil and water quality is particularly suitable for planting herbs. In the village every family had opened up herb fields.  Yun Sheng’s home also has a few acres of herb fields too. Planting was a form used to refine the most basic magic medicine, a dose of raw materials, the sophora blossoms.

Whenever the herbs become ripe, the village will organize a unified procurement, transporting the sophora blossoms to the town in order to sell them to pharmacies.

Although the water and soil quality was the same as the rest of the villages, Yun Sheng family’s  herb field for some reason had always been able to produce herbs that were of higher quality and were considered as first class!

At times, there will be villagers that secretly go to Yun Sheng’s herb field to spy on it, desiring to find the secret behind it. Yet, despite for staying there for several days, the villagers weren’t able to find the special ingrediant that Yun Sheng’s family used in order for the herbs to grow so plump and green.

“Village grandfather, what do you need to do in order to become a magician?” Yun Sheng asked after thinking it over several times.

“In order to become a magician, you must first become a magic apprentice. And in order to become a magic apprentice, you must be able to sense any of the four life elements while being under the meditation state: soil, water, wind, and fire. Soil has a shade of yellow, water blue, wind green, and fire is red”.  After mentioning this, the village chief suddenly remembered Yun Sheng’s poor results during the magic initiation ceremony and couldn’t help but sigh.

“Then, is there any methods to let a completely unaffiliated person with the magic elements to feel them?” Yun Sheng hurriedly asks. In her heart, she wasn’t willing to give up becoming a magician just jet.

“This ……  is very difficult.  But if you can find the moonlight grass, you just might be able to feel a little bit of the magical elements. However, moonlight grass is a very rare treasure. Only the cities’ medical halls cultivates them. Legend says that the mountains behind our village once had wild moonlight grass many decades ago. But that is only a legend and no one had actually ever encountered moonlight grass in those mountains before”, the village head recalls.

Yun Sheng mentally takes a note of the name ‘moonlight grass’. This was her only opportunity left to change her body’s state of being unable to sense any magical element.

Afterwards she examined the village head’s face, and found his face shaded with an ugly yellow color. “Chief Grandpa, do you perhaps feel that these days, your abdomen hasn’t been feeling good and that your body isn’t in peak condition?”

The village head coughed a few times after hearing that and was mentally surprised. These past few days, my stomach has been feeling uncomfortable but this isn’t a big problem. However, my right temple has been throbbing nonstop causing me to have several headaches. However, the doctor responsible for my treatment has yet returned home causing my treatment to be delayed. I didn’t think that you, Yun Sheng, would be able to diagnose my condition in a glance.

Yun Sheng signaled the village head to bend over, her small hand holding onto the one of the village head’s palm, and used some force from her thumbs onto his palm. She pressed several times on the village head’s palm near his fingers.

The village chief suddenly felt a burst of muscle contractions coming forth near his stomach.

“Village grandfather, this area is where the Shang Yang points are located. Whenever your stomach starts feeling uncomfortable, just press on these points twice a day. It is very effective against your stomach pain,” Although Yun Sheng appears to have a cold attitude towards people and doesn’t speak much, the village head grandfather knows that in reality, she has a soft heart but cold expression. Even if on the surface she appears to be silent, her heart is always caring and thinking for his sake.

The village ruler, seeing Yun Sheng’s serious expression, couldn’t help but be amused. “Yunsheng ah, where did you learn these skilss? From what I see, even your father doesn’t know as much as you.”

“I learned it from the medical book at home”. A silky color flashed across Yun Sheng’s eyes.

The human body has hundreds of meridians. Before in 21st century China, she had long memorized the meridians and their locations. Although the medicine and the profound laws of medicine was different in this continent, the body’s structure however was the same.

Six years ago, Yun Sheng’s dad appeared in Jiao Ye Villiage carrying a baby girl in his arms as well as a few thick medical books.

Yun Sheng was an intelligent girl since childhood. She self-taught herself many of the herbs, their uses, and other medical knowledge from these books. Although the village head was surprised, he no longer pursued the matter.

After the village head’s stomach problem was resolved, it wasn’t good to stay any longer. Before leaving, he told Yun Sheng: “Jiao Ye’s Magic Temple is hired a new magician. He wanted to recruit a helper who understands herbs. You don’t need to know how to use magic. As long as you know the basic collection and classification of herbs, it will be fine. The monthly salary is also twenty copper coins too.I think you are very suitable for the job. You can go home to ask for permission and if your father agrees, I’ll recommend you to the magician.

The village head suddenly felt hist stomach acting up again. He caste a wind spell and disappeared along with the wind.

Soon after the village head left, Yun Sheng turned around and faced the ancient banyan tree. “Have you seen enough? You can come out now.”

From the top of the ancient banyan tree, a silhouette gracefully glided down.

Yun Sheng had sharp eyes and ears. Unlike ordinary people, she long had heard the light breathing sounds coming from the banyan tree.

After seeing the eavesdropper, Yun Sheng glowered her eyes.

Clothes black as night, a sharp high nose like an axe, and defined eyebrows. Just by standing there, the person had suddenly made all the light from the sun disappear behind the clouds.

Alhough he is still young and small, but his aura was already spreading to the surrounding area.

Who is he?

Yunsheng was sure that he wasn’t one of Jiao Ye Village’s villagers.

Dangerous. This person is very dangerous.

Yun Sheng suddenly became alert and hidden under her sleeves, a sharp needle quickly appeared.

Yun Sheng’s movement was very light and quick. Once her needle was shot a burst of sound created from the friction of her sleeves could be hear. The juvenile’s ear slightly twitches at this.

Yun Sheng, after observing the juvenile, found him to be very strange.

The juvenile had looks that could bring about the destruction of a continent. He had a perfect stature, defined and delicate facial features. Yet these facial features didn’t have a hint of femininity to it. Instead, it gave people a strong sense of manliness.

Among his facial features, that pair of alluring eyes were the most attractive with a color like golden pellets. However, it is not known why his eyes were covered with a layer of a misty white. Because of this, people weren’t able to clearly see his eye color.

Due to her identity as a doctor in China, Yun Sheng immediately was sure that the man before her was blind.

See that the other party is a blind man, Yun Sheng let out a sigh of relief and the needles in her hands were put away.

Yet, in a flash her wrist was firmly grabbed on by the man’s hand.

A juvenile and a child, the difference between a man and a woman’s physique. In a blink of an eye, Yun Sheng found herself being embraced by the man and into his bosom.

A fresh scented smell of the banyan tree leaves incense along with the scent from the body heat caused Yun Sheng be suppressed by the man..

“Although my eyes are blind, I have a clear heart”. The boy’s voice was very pleasing to the ear, gently floating towards the ears.

His hands firmly grasped onto Yun Sheng’s hands and his chins were pressed to her forehead.

The feeling of his chin can somehow make people feel fluffy inside. The juvenile couldn’t help but be surprised by unusual petite stature before him. His eyebrows were raised making him frown. How can the little girl before him be so skinny to the point that he can feel her bones!??

Just when the juvenile was frowning, his throat suddenly felt a sharp pain similar to that caused by a  mosquito’s bites. Immediately, his body suddenly turned stiff.

Although he was blind, he knew that the sharp weapon pressed up against his larynx could slit his throat at any second!

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