Chapter 5: Inherited Inner Force

A weapon that can actually make him feel pain?

Could it possibly be made out of pure gold, or perhaps formed from a one hundred year old bone?

It seems that he had underestimated this black faced girl’s valiance.

The lips of the juvenile slowly curved upwards forming into an eloquent, evil smile. Since the young man was a person that originally didn’t smile much, this one smile suddenly brought forth the breeze from the ocean. For some reason, his smile reminds people of the beautiful scenery of spring , making people around him become mesmerized.

However, the young man didn’t seem to notice that the weapon in Yun Sheng’s palm was actually just an ordinary five year old beast bone! It just so happens that Yun Sheng was a medical doctor in her past life, that she was able to be knowledgeable of all the acupuncture points in the human body. Because of this, she was able to easily gain the upper hand.

At this time, the bone needle within Yun Sheng’s palm was strangely being pulled by a suctioning force.

After the bone needle was pressed onto the youth’s throat, a strange event suddenly occurred. For some reason, the bone needle started to sink into the youth’s throat. No matter how hard it was pulled, the needle wouldn’t budge and couldn’t be pulled out.

Yun Sheng became shocked. She realized that despite the fact that the youth before her was blind, he could still use his auditory ability to distinguish the placement of objects before him. His hearing capability has already been practiced to the level of perfection! In comparison with the average person, his reaction was really fast. His cultivation had long surpassed what the average person could handle. Being known as a physical waste, Yun Sheng was definitely no match for him!

Nevertheless, Yun Sheng’s mouth still arched up into a cunning smile. She too, was no ordinary doctor and her skills were far not limited to these basic acupunctures.

The youth’s body was not just simply being paralyzed. As if being struck by a lightning, the youth struggled to maintain his consciousness, The very next second, he had already lost his consciousness, fainting onto the ground.

Yun Sheng kicked the unconscious youth on the ground and sneered at him. “Consider your life lucky! If it weren’t for your young age and body, the needle would’ve punctured more than just the first layer of the blood vessels. This needle alone is enough to let a person become crippled.

In her past life, Yun Sheng was X City’s famous Yan One Needle. With just one golden needle, Yun Sheng was able to revive a person from the brink of death.

Very few people knew, including Liu Ming Lang, Yun Sheng’s actual heritage.

Not to mention a district’s bureau chief of health, even the country’s top old politicians who had the most power were all once patients of the Yan family.

Because of this, Yan family, as well as Yan family’s secret techniques, is considered as China’s oldest and most secretive medical clan.

Yan Yun Sheng’s grandfather was China’s respected doctor and disciple of the three hundred and eighty ninth generation. The Yan Clan’s members however all faced early deaths. Yun Sheng’s father had long passed due to a car accident.

Yun Sheng was raised by her grandfather (Grandpa Tian) himself. On the year of her graduation from medical school, her grandfather had passed away.

The jade bracelet that was always carried around by Yun Sheng since her childhood years was exactly the heirloom of Yan Clan. Legend says that the jade was carved from a God’s nine dragon jade and could extend one’s lifespan!

By wearing the jade bracelet with her, Yun Sheng would always miraculously heal at an incredible speed no matter how serious her wounds were. If she had gone through that car accident that took her life away in the previous world, then she definitely wouldn’t have died that early.

In addition to the medical jade bracelet, the Yan family also had four ancestral spiritual methods. They were the bone strengthening technique, vision improvement technique, skin youth technique, and medical spiritual needle.

These four ancestral spiritual methods help improve eye strength, acupuncture, and needle skills. A while ago, Yun Sheng had relied on these four techniques to become the famous Yan one needle while maintaining the reputation as on of the top students in Ming University’s Medical School.

Her past life was a life living as dirt. This life, due to the death of the body that she is now residing in, Yun Sheng relied on her Jade bracelet and the four ancestral spiritual techniques to slowly recover the body.  With this help, Yun Sheng was able to gradually restore her skills that she had learnt in her past life.

In the medical field, the life force and meridians were categorized into two separate fields: yin and yang. The yang force was used for acupuncture whereas the yin for was used for the inner force to become strong.

However, it’s such a pity that she was only able to use the yang needle technique only once per day.

Today, she had opened up the yang life channel and restored her inner life force. As a result, her body had regained the needle technique she had used earlier. Thus, Yun Sheng was able to use this deadly needle technique onto her opponent and gain the upper hand.

However, Yun Sheng was not an assassin nor a murderer. In addition, the juvenile didn’t do anything that had harmed Yun Sheng in any way. Furthermore, he was also a blind youth. Even if the juvenile was able to regain his vision, he might not necessarily recognize her. Therefore, Yun Sheng decided to spare his life.

The sun was starting to go down and her father was going to be home anytime soon. Yun Sheng decided not to stay any longer and directly headed for home.

At first, Yun Sheng had thought that by using the Yang needle technique, the needle would be asleep for at least twelve to fourteen hours. Yet, only two hours had passed when the juvenile woke up.

It wasn’t because Yun Sheng’s skill was lacking, rather it was because she was still very young. Her young age had limited the spiritual strengthening techniques she had learned and the force of the yin acupuncture points. Thus, when Yun Sheng had used the deadly needle technique on the youth earlier, she was only able to make the technique be thirty percent effective.

After the youth boy had woken up, he lightly touched the area where the bone needle had pierced him. “To let me go through two losses in one day, there is only one person and that’s you. Little wild cat, the next time that we meet, I will definitely expose all of your tricks and skills.

Afterwards, the youth resentfully left the hill towards the direction of the Magic Temple.

Yun Sheng hastily left the hill and headed northeast.

Facing the sun was a small cottage, three or four acres of herbal field, and a row of uneven fence. This place was the home of Yun Sheng.

Noticing that her father had still not yet come home, Yun Sheng quickly rushed to cook the rice and wash the vegetables. Soon, the house was covered with the smell of delicious food.

Yun Sheng took out eleven copper coins. She placed ten of them into a broken bowl on the table.

The sophora blossoms had earned her an extra copper coin. While she was storing the money away, Yun Sheng discovered a wooden box under the bed. She opened up the box and and placed the extra copper coin in a bag inside the box.

There were already thirteen copper coins inside the bag already. This was Yun Sheng’s secret safe. Even her drunkard of a father didn’t know about the existence of this box.

“As long as I save up to fifteen copper coins, then I can ask the village grandfather to buy a hemostat. Out of one hundred sophora blossoms, you can only get ten copper coins. Two doses of sophora blossoms is only enough to make a hemostatic agent. Yet the lowest quality hemostat can sell for a total of fifteen coppers. If I study the composition of the hemostatic agents here, then I can greatly improve the life of my family” Yun Sheng cheekily and hopefully counts the number of coins inside the bag.

When the bag was placed back inside the wooden box, Yun Sheng suddenly notices that there was an old bone ring pressed down by the wooden box.

On the surface, the ring looks very simple. After studying the ring for a period of time, Yun Sheng recognized the the size of the ring didn’t matched her father’s finger size. Therefore, it was most likely that the ring didn’t belong to her father.

Yun Sheng carefully places the ring onto the table.

“Father has yet to come home and dinner is almost ready. Remembering that because she had gone to the magic initiation ceremony earlier, she didn’t have a chance to water the herbs at all today. Yun Sheng carried a barrel filled with water out the back door.

Yun Sheng had a small and skinny body while she carried a barrel that was half her size.

In the past when she had to carry the barrel filled with water out the door, she would always wobbly walk towards the field. However, today she was able to walk without any wobbles because she had opened up the first layer out of the eight meridians.

In poor families, the children had long became the housekeeper of their family. Despite having a childlike appearance, Yun Sheng was a full grownup in her twenties at heart. These household chores were therefore common for her.

In her past life when she was just a baby, her father had already past away. In this life, she didn’t want to experience the pain of losing a family member again.

It didn’t matter how the villagers looked upon her drunk father. To Yun Sheng, she would always remember that night six years ago when that fire had gone off.

Although the system of magic was foreign to Yun Sheng, she still knew that her father wasn’t a fake sorcerer. He was a person that was more powerful than the village grandfather.

It wasn’t known when a tall man had suddenly appeared outside the fence surrounding the small house.

The man stood on the side, quietly watching the small Yun Sheng watering the herbs.

“Ninth sister, our child is already six years old. She originally was supposed to grow up into a proud and arrogant girl. Yet because of me……” The man’s train of thought suddenly broke. Near the bamboo fence, one of Yun Sheng’s actions had attracted the man’s attention.

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