Chapter 6: Herbal Field

What had attracted Yun Cang Hai’s attention was actually just one of Yun Sheng’s weeding actions.

During this season of the year, most of Jiao Ye Village’s herbal fields were just planted with Sophora Seeds not too long ago.

Yun family’s herbal field was also like the rest of the herbal fields. The sophora buds had just sprouted recently.

Sophora blossoms were Jiao Ye Village’s main crop . It was also Yun family’s only source of income. Every three months, the sophora blossoms would only boom once and once the flowers had blossomed, they could be dried. The dried blossoms would then become one of the blood pill’s main ingredients.

However, this type of flower was very difficult to grow. Because of the hot weather and humidity in Jiao Ye Village, it was very easy for weeds to grow. The recently pulled weeds would grow back the very next day from the day that they were pulled out.

The weeds and the sophora blossoms were hard to distinguish when mixed together and looked exactly the same during the germination period.

The villagers in Jiao Ye Village would thus wait for the sophora blossoms to bloom before getting rid of the weeds. However, they would then lose the best opportunity to get rid of the weeds which would affect the growth and outcome of the sophora blossoms.

Yun Sheng had come from a medical family. She was well aware that the early years of cultivation for medical herbs was utmost important. Therefore, she will definitely not allow the weeds to grow and affect the growth of the sophora blossoms.

After she finished watering the plants, the small stature of Yun Sheng bent over. Similar to how a mother leopard eyed its prey, Yun Sheng eyed the weeds.

In the darkness of the night, a golden light flashed.

The Shen Nong [God of Agriculture] pupil dilated in a subtle way.

Yun Sheng’s ancestral passing of the Sheng Nong eye technique were divided into four categories, respectively the way of vision enhancement, the way of the insight, the way of the inner vision, and God’s trace.

This technique was not only used to enhance vision acuity, it also possessed some sort of hypnosis powers. Legend says that once you reached the highest level of this technique, you can make your enemies be paralyzed.

However, the Sheng Nong technique was very hard to practice. Even if it was Yun Sheng in her past life, she was only able to reach the second level, the way of the insight. With just one look, the technique can allow people to see the level of cultivation the medical herbs were at and type of illness people had.

Even so, this was a very hard task and a very outstanding accomplishment in the Yan family. The majority members of the Yan family were only able to acquire vision enhancement. Legend had said that the year when the Yan emperor had practiced up to the third level (the way of the inner vision), he was able to see through all the meridians, tendons, and organs of all living beings.

With the use of the Sheng Nong technique, the sophora buds and the weeds in front of Yun Sheng were amplified several times, allowing Yun Sheng to distinguish the two types of plants.

The stem of the plant that had no hair were that of the weeds and the stems of the plants that did have hair were that of the sophora buds. In other people’s eyes, it was very difficult to distinguish the differences between the weeds and the sophora buds. However, under Yun Sheng’s eyes, the differences between the two plants became crystal clear.

Yun Sheng’s slender fingers flashed very quickly like that of a rain shower. Her fingers picked the weeds continuously until in a flash of a moment, all of the weeds in the field were cleanly picked out.

By training with the hand technique, Yun Sheng’s speed was three times that of a normal person. The Yun family’s sophora flowers were therefore rated as second class due to all of these reasons.

The satisfied Yun Sheng peered at the mountains of weeds that laid before her and took a breather. After two months, the sophora blossoms would definitely bring about a good harvest. At that time, she will then be able to have enough money to buy the blood pill.

With a basket placed on top of her head, Yun Sheng stood up. She saw the man who stood behind her and smiled, revealing two small dimples on her face. “Father, you’ve come back!”

Yun Sheng’s father in this life, Yun Cang Hai, peered down at the pile of weeds on the ground. Yun Cang Hai answered with a “Nng” and entered the house from the herbal field.

Yun Sheng was long accustomed to her father’s cold expressions. At least, he had responded her with a “Nng” today. Seems like his mood was good today. Maybe, she could ask the village grandfather later about that matter.

The pair of father and daughter ate their dinner in the usual way. They simply ate porridge accompanied with some gruel and wild vegetables.

Yun Cang Hai seemed to be hungry. He took large bites and had already finished several bowls of porridge. On the other hand, Yun Sheng only ate her dinner in small bites. In her mind, she was thinking of how to explain to her father about attending the magic initiation ceremony.

“I heard that you went to the magic initiation ceremony again. How many times have I told you that you aren’t allowed to attend the magic initiation ceremony. How is magic useful at all? You’re not even able to protect the most important person to you! All of this is just a plain joke!” Yun Cang Hai put the dish bowl aside and his eyes turned cold.

Everytime that Yun Cang Hai’s expression became like this, Yun Sheng for some unknown reasons would experience some chills.

Although Yun Can Hai was a drunkard, the aura and the feeling he gave off seemed to be much more colder than that of the practitioners of the underground sects and dignitaries.

Yun Sheng’s eyes suddenly became warm and tightly clenched her chopsticks. “Father, if you don’t like it, the Sheng er won’t attend the magic initiation ceremony anymore”

All three results of the magic initiation ceremony were failures. Unless she finds the moonlight grass, Yun Sheng doesn’t plan on participating in the magic initiation ceremony anymore. However, this didn’t meant that she was going to give up learning magic.

After seeing his daughter’s eyes turn red like a rabbit’s, Yun Cang Hai let out another “Nng” sound. He stood up and took the copper coins in the broken bowl away.

The Eastern and Western medical system that Yun Sheng had learned in 21st century China had some slight differences from the medical ways in this continent. Yun Sheng wanted to completely restore all of the skills she had in her past life. Thus, she had to relearn the medical ways of China.

“Father” Seeing that Yun Cang Hai was about to leave home again, Yun Sheng asks” Sheng er wants to go to the Temple of Magic. There is a new magician who needs someone to look after the herbal medicines. Shenger doesn’t know how to learn magic, but Shenger wants to learn medical skills. Heavens has destined me to not learn magic. However, Shenger must have other ways to protect herself and her important people”

A different way to protect oneself and their important people?

In Yun Cang Hai’s eyes, Yun Sheng had just made a funny joke. There once was a person who had said the exact same words to him.

Recalling earlier, Yun Sheng was weeding in the herbal field at this time of the night. She had let out a sense of fragrance of herbal medicine under the flickering oil lamp.

In the past six years, the child had never opened up her mouth to ask for something. This was the first time that she boldly expressed her inner thoughts.

“If you want to learn, then go learn. Since you’ve decided to do something, then you must adhere it till the end. You cannot give up halfway. After becoming a student of medicine, you must not delay your household chores and put off the task of looking after the family’s herbal field”, Yun Cang Hai said seriously.

After finished talking, he suddenly stopped and put five copper coins back into the bowl. “Take this money to buy yourself a pair of new straw sandals.

Yun Sheng peered down at her own feet and noticed that on her right foot, a toe was peeking out from a hole in the straw sandal.

“After you become a medical student, it is bound that you have to go up to the mountains to pick various herbs. The mountain paths are rough and bumpy. Without the straw sandals, I fear that your feet will be worn out.”

Her father still had remembered her. In Yun Sheng’s heart, a warm feeling slowly emerged and spread throughout her entire heart. Yun Sheng quickly nodded her head.

She suddenly remembered another matter. “Father, when I was cleaning out the box a while ago, I noticed an old ring. Is the ring perhaps yours?”

Yun Cang Hai looked at the old ring on the table and became surprised. He bitterly replied “that is what your mother had left behind. It is her family’s treasure called shòu yu (beast language). You can keep it if you want”

Afterwards, Yun Cang Hai left the house to drink again.

Yun Sheng knows that every time the sky wasn’t dark, Yun Cang Hai wouldn’t come home.

Even if her father had opposed to her learning magic, at least he had let her to go to the temple of magic to learn medicine. She had also acquired one of her mother’s relic.

Yun Sheng’s mood became very good. After putting the chopsticks away, she picked up the ring called  shòu yu.

The ring looks like it had an ancient history and background. It was covered in dust on the surface.

Yun Sheng used water to wash the ring several times. However, she was only able to was the dust on the surface away. The layer of smudge on the ring wasn’t able to be washed away.

This layer of smudge had covered up the original design and pattern of the ring. Nevertheless, Yun Sheng didn’t mind and wore it on one of her fingers.

Although the ring was somewhat big, Yun Sheng was able to adjust the size by slipping through a few strings and wrapped it around the ring.

“It is almost time to find the village grandfather to tell him that father had approved of me becoming a herbal boy for the magician” Before Yun Sheng headed out of her home, she checked the ring on her finger to make sure that it wouldn’t fall off.

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One thought on “Chapter 6: Herbal Field

  1. I just cannot believe that shameless alcoholic! She’s malnourished, yet he eats like a pig and she only gets to eat a few scraps. And that food was obviously made by her, the vegetables grown by her, all the money is earned by her! Her daughter is the only one that works and he drinks away all of her money!
    Why are you buying him alcohol? Why even feed him? Leave him to fend for himself and buy yourself some food, buy yourself some clothes!
    And he even dares tell her what to do, as if she owes him anything!


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