Chapter 7- Poisoning

The village leader’s home wasn’t far from the Yun family’s at all. You just needed to by pass two small hills to arrive to his home.

With Yun Sheng’s recent improvement in strengh, it had only took her a quarter of an hour before she saw the village leader’s house.

When she had arrived, it just so happened that the village head wasn’t there. However, his wife Madame Liu was. She told Yun Sheng that the village leader had gone to the Temple of Magic.

“A magic officer? I thought Jiao Ye Village had always used magicians.” Seeing that Madame Liu was busy with her field work, Yun Sheng decided to help her with the work. While working, Yun Sheng brought up a question asking about the new magic teacher.

Although she wasn’t able to feel the magic elements around her, Yun Sheng however still had gone to the Temple of Magic several times. More or less, she was knowledgeable of the magic system.

A small remote village like the Jiao Ye Village had mostly magicians stationed in the village’s Temple of Magic. To the council of the Temple, a major magician officer had arrived. It was no wonder that Yun Sheng had become curious.

Madame Liu smiles: “According to the laws of our nation, the Temple of Magic can invite a doctor to perform a simple medical skill to determine the magician’s skills. This time, our village is lucky. The magician transferred to our village from Shui An City is a widely known magician officer. He likes the beautiful mountain and water scenery. Therefore, he decided to come to our village. It is also said that he understands the magic of light.”

After hearing this, Yun Sheng became started.

Wuji Continent’s magic had different elemental properties. They were divided into 4 different types of magic: earth, wind, fire and water. However, above these four natural types of magic were other magic types. One of these magic types, the magic of light, was said to be the hardest to learn out of all magic types and is one of the most obscure variation of magic.

It is also known as the sage magic. It is beyond the understanding of modern medicine and had a miraculous healing effect.

Light magic appears to be contradictory of the medical understandings in the world. However, Yun Sheng developed great interest in this type of magic.

Seems like, she must find a way to acquire the position of an herbal assistant this time. After learning that the magician she was going to aid was a powerful magician, Yun Sheng was even more determined to become the herbal assistant.

Originally, Yun Sheng had wanted to ask more questions about the newly hired magician. Yet before she had asked any more questions, the Madame Liu beside her had turned green. The small body of Madame Liu suddenly collapses.

Fortunately, Yun Sheng was by her and had a fast reaction, helping Madame Liu up.

Madame Liu was just over sixty years old and was a villager of this small village located in the mountains. Her body was physically strong so how come did she faint so suddenly?

“Are you alright Madame Liu?” After Yun Sheng had examined Madame Liu’s face closely, she had discovered that Madame Liu’s face was a pale white with sweat pouring down her face like rain. Her lips also had turned to a shade of dark purple.

Yun Sheng hurriedly supported Madame Liu to rest by the foot of the tree. She then examined the tongue and pupil of the madame.

Her tongue color was normal, but her pupils had contracted a bit. Madame Liu’s consciousness was slightly not clear.

It looks like poisoning. Yet, it wasn’t exactly poisoning.

Yun Sheng took a closer look and found a small wound on Madame Liu’s ankle. The wound was seeping out blood.

Yun Sheng helped Madame Liu into the shade under the tree. The wound is a new injury and the blood is red. It didn’t seem like the injury was caused by a poisonous bee. Yun Sheng needed to find the source of the injury in order to prescribe the right medicine.

Yun Sheng raised her head and looked around the surrounding area. At the direction where Madame Liu had previously been, Yun Sheng discovered the culprit that had caused Madame Liu’s injury.

“Three Lotus Mandala? ” At the same time that Yun Sheng had discovered the poisonous flower, her face had lit up.

The three lotus mandala was a rare type of herb. In the Wuji Continent, the majority of the people aren’t able to recognize this type of wild flower.

However, the knowledge of herbal flowers and medicine learnt from her previous life had allowed Yun Sheng to notice that this flower was the crude material in the narcotic anesthetic that the nomadic people of ancient China had used.

When Madame Liu was weeding earlier, she must’ve accidentally been grazed by the thorns on the stems of the mandala lotus. The mandala lotus’ sac must’ve entered Madame Liu from the wound which had caused her to become dizzy.

The treatment for the mandala lotus wasn’t difficult at all. Although the petals contain the anesthetic poison, the leaves however were the best antidote to the poison.

Yun Sheng carefully plucked the leaves of the mandala lotus off and squeezed the juice from the leaves onto Madame Liu’s wound.

After cleaning up Madame Liu’s wound, Yun Sheng gathered the cluster of mandala in the field. This herb will be of great use to her in the future.

After a while, Madame Liu had woken up. Yun Sheng, this child, was knowledgeable of some medical skills. At times, this was even better than the magicians from the Temple of Magic.

Despite Yun Sheng redundant refusal, Madame Liu took out a pair of straw sandals with equisite workmanship from her house and handed them to Yun Sheng. ” Xiao Sheng-ah (a form of address to close people) this pair of straw sandals was originally made for you Xiu Xiu sister, however it was too small for her. Why don’t you take it and try it. If it fits, then you can keep it.

Xiu Xiu was the village leader’s grandaugther. She was older than Yun Sheng by 3 or 4 years.

Yun Sheng looked at that pair of sandals, decided to not argue anymore, and took them. At this time, the village grandfather had arrived home. After listening to Yun Sheng’s talk about going to the Temple of Magic, he told Yun Sheng to go wait at the Temple five days later.

Yun Sheng thanked the couple and left with the pair of new sandals and the cluster of mandala lotus.

Yun Cang Hai had left five copper coins for Yun Sheng to buy new straw sandals. Since Yun Sheng had received a pair of new straw sandals for free, this meant that she had saved five copper coins. Five copper coins wasn’t a small amount of money. With these five copper coins, Yun Sheng can develop the blood pill at an earlier time.

When Yun Sheng had found out that the mandala lotus was able to numb Madame Liu, she thought of an idea.

The Lei Hu brothers and the appearance of the other youths in the village let her realize that she was considered as a waste in a continent where magic and martial arts dominated the powers. By relying only on her bone needles wasn’t enough to support herself. She must find better ways for self protection.

By the gates of the village was a family of blacksmiths. After just walking in the store, a sequence of ding ding dang dang sounds rang out.

A person wearing a coarse apron with one pocket had muscles resembling small hills carried a humongous hammer. The man was pounding nonstop on a steamy red iron. He was the Jiao Ye Village’s only blacksmith, Tie Gang.

 The blacksmith shop’s Tie Gang was drinking friends with Yun Cang Hai. Whenever he wasn’t busy, he would sometimes head to Yun Sheng’s home to drink a few cups. He only had one naughty son and had always been jealous of Yun Cang Hai for having a lovable and understanding daughter.

Seeing that Yun Sheng had come alone, Tie Gang opened his mouth and loudly said “Xiao Sheng-ah, did you come to get the bone needles?”

“Yes Uncle Tie. Did you finish the bone needles that I left you last time?” Yun Sheng’s set of tools used were all of gold and silver class. However when she came to Wuji Continent, the smelting techniques and technological inventions was far behind the modern era let alone a small village like Jiao Ye Village.

Even the best blacksmith of the village had difficulty in making acupuncture needles with such pureness in gold and silver. Fortunately in this era, there were bone needles. This type of needle was made from the bones of beasts. Although it couldn’t be compared to the gold needles and was agile, it still was very durable. Most of the villagers used the needles for sewing whereas Yun Sheng used it for other purposes.

Yun Sheng took the bone needleand inspected some. There were a variety of large ones and small ones, amounting to a total of ten needles. Tie Gang’s craftsmanship was very advanced. The needles were very smooth and durable.

Just when Yun Sheng had wanted to thank Tie Gang, she suddenly saw that on the smelting station next to Tie Gang stood an unnoticeable small knife.

When Yun Sheng saw the shape of the small knife, her eyebrows twitched and she had almost blurted out “scalpel!”.

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