Chapter 8- Coincidental Scalpel

A Scalpel?!

This knife from the blacksmith’s shop had a blade resembling the leaves of a tree with 5 to 6 centimeters in length and width. It’s size and the extent of the sharpness was very similar with the scalpel Yun Sheng had used in her previous life when she was at medical school.

Although Yun Sheng was born in a very traditional medical family in her past life, however her grandfather was a flexible person. He thought that eastern medicine and western medicine were both profound. This is why when Yun Sheng was young, she was instructed in the essence and system of eastern medicine. At the same time, she was encouraged to learn the standard system of western medicine.

Her few years of education in medical college in addition to the combination her Sheng Nong technique and acupuncture skills had allowed her to become a renowned student that was very skilled in surgery.

When she was still in her anatomy class, she had even set a record of removing the cancer and stitching up the rabbit’s body within a minute.

Originally, Yun Sheng had thought that once she arrived to Wuji Continent, she wouldn’t be able to see any sort of surgical knives. However, the knife in front of her had shocked her.

“That is the golden Xi Zhu’s (rhinoceros pig?) long teeth made into knife blades. A few days ago in the village, a hunter had entered the mountains in hope of hunting down a Xi Zhu. It’s a shame that the Xi Zhu had escaped. The hunter was only able to acquire half of the Xi Zhu’s teeth. Half of a teeth isn’t worth much. Thus, the hunter came to my shop to see if I could make any sort of weapon out of it. After I finished polishing it up, the tooth had turned into this small knife. It is very sharp. However, the size of it is too small.Therefore, many people didn’t want it because they had no use for it. After looking at the small knife, Tie Gang sighed.

Wuji Continent is a special continent. The spiritual essence here was abundant. This continent had many magical beasts and many unexplained mysterious powers.

The continent not only have magicians but also martial warriors. Many of the spiritual beasts living here were all extremely ferocious. Just the size of the beasts were several times larger than the animals from modern times.

Aside from the small amount of trained spiritual birds, the spiritual beasts hidden deep in the mountains were extremely dangerous. According to the levels of powers, the beasts were divided into wild beasts, demonic beasts, and warrior beasts.

The golden Xi Zhu beast that Tie Gang mentioned was just a type of demonic beasts. It was a type of second or third leveled demonic beast. This beast resembled a pig with a pair of hook shaped fangs.

The golden Xi Zhu are ferocious. They were destructive and harmful to crops and other normal animals. Fortunately, this beasts lived most of its life hidden deep in the forests of the mountains. It didn’t appear very often in the villages.

Its fangs were very durable and tough. They were comparable to the refined metals. To small villages that had deficient materials, the fangs of the golden Xi Zhu were just a pair of tools.

If it was a complete pair of fangs, the blacksmiths in the village would then be able to sell the knife for one silver coin.

The Wuji Continent’s currency system is listed as accordingly: 10 copper coins equal to a silver coin and 10 silver coins equals to a golden coin. 10 of the golden coins could be exchanged to a single pure golden coin. One pure golden coin is enough to last a farmer’s family for a whole month!

However, it was a shame that when the Xi Zhu’s fangs were brought to the blacksmith, it was already broken in half. This made it become worthless.

“Uncle Tie, can you sell this small knife to me? However I only have two copper coins left” Yun Sheng had only earned a copper coin from selling 10 stems of sophora blossoms. She had wanted to save two copper coins to buy the blood pill. This meant she only have two copper coins left.

“It’s only a small worthless knife. It can’t even be a kitchen knife”, Uncle Tie joked with Yun Sheng. With a big smile on his face, Tie Gang brought the small knife over and gifted it to Yun Sheng.

“Uncle Tie, can you open a small booth here and help me build a a knife like this?” Seeing that the small knife resembled a modern scalpel, she decided to ask Tie Gang to build another one for her.

” Tie Gang didn’t know what Yun Sheng wanted to do with the small knife. However, he still decided to follow Yun Sheng’s instructions. By following Yun Sheng’s instructions, Tie Gang created a “scalpel”.

After receiving a better scalpel, Yun Sheng’s face revealed a bright smile. After thanking Tie Gang and leaving the blacksmith shop, Yun Sheng went to Jiao Ye Village’s marketplace to buy a pound of rice and crushed rice. Her wish for a small medical tool was now fulfilled.

After going home, the sun was still high up in the sky. Yun Sheng divided her three mandala lotus into a ramet. One portion was planted into the herbal filed and another was left behind for Yun Sheng to do some test experiments.

After all, the three mandala lotus was rare in the Jiao Ye Village. By dividing the mandala lotus into divisions, Yun Sheng was able to use it in the long run.

Although developing anesthetic seemed simple, one would also need to be cautious. If they were slightly careless, then the results would be similar to what Madame Liu had experienced earlier. Yun Sheng used fur to make a simple mask and a pair of gloves and tied her hair back. After this, she was ready to grind the mandola lotus into medicine. Working for a full two hours and right before Yun Cang Hai had arrived home for dinner, Yun Sheng finally made the first batch of medicine.

When Yun Cang Hai had arrived home, he was drunk. He didn’t even eat dinner and had gone right ahead to bed to go to sleep.

The next morning when the sun had rise, Yun Cang Hai woke up with dizziness and a headache. He found that there was already a hot bowl of porridge near the stove.

Porridge was the best way to sober one up. There was a note on the table in the kitchen which said “Father, I went to the village grandfather’s home to help with some farming. I won’t be coming back for lunch. Remember to eat the porridge while it’s still hot”

Yun Cang Hai put the paper back down and drank some porridge. When the porridge was eaten, Yun Cang Hai felt a surge of energy entering his body and immediately felt ease.

He let out a sigh of comfort and carefully examined the bowl. He realized that the porridge was actually medicine porridge.

“Jiu Sheng, It seems like our daughter had inherited your intellect in the medical field. Oh well, I’ll just let her develop in the field of medicine. Perhaps, she’ll completely abandon the thought of becoming a magician after this. To her, this is happiness.” Yun Cang Hai strode towards the door entrance and peered at the sky. He suddenly frowned.

In the sky, the sun was a bit murky and a strange hinge of red had appeared next to the sun.

“That is…” Yun Cang Hai’s face turned to a shade of hazy color. However, he laughed bitterly: “Yun Cang Hai, you can’t even protect yourself anymore so why bother with other people’s business”.

He lowered his gaze and headed towards the wine shop.

While on a thousand meters mountain top, Yun Sheng carried a basket heading towards the halfway mark of the mountain.

The thousand beast grave mountain was this mountain’s name. It wasn’t because of how many beasts there were on this mountain. There were only the weakest demonic and wild beasts on this mountain. The reason behind the name of the mountain was because it was said that there were a large amount of beast graves in this mountain.

No one knew the reason behind the beast graves’ appearance.

The villagers that had gone into this mountain had never found the graves of the beasts. It was just that it had been many eons ago and the villagers were already use to calling this mountain the Thousand Beast Grave Mountain.

Yun Sheng’s reason for entering this mountain was :

  1. To find body strengthening herbs. The best was to find the moonlight grass that the village leader had spoken of before, which allows one to gain magic affinity.
  2. To test her anesthetic that she had made yesterday.

The Thousand Beast Grave Mountain had a lush and green forest. There was also an abundance of grass and trees here. The scenery was filled with greenness. In this area, there were a few low level demonic beasts. Compared to the Jiao Ye Village, this place had a much greater amount of herbs.

Yun Sheng looked around her and noticed some regular herbs. She wasn’t able to find the moonlight grass that the village grandfather had said at all.

After Yun Sheng had picked some herbs, she suddenly heard a sound of movements in the grass behind her and felt a sense of danger.

Within the bushes of grass, a long, thick, demonic snake beast was slithering towards Yun Sheng.

When the demonic snake beast had discovered Yun Sheng, it lifted its head and spitted out a green colored blade.

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