Chapter 11: Eyes Sparkled

Chapter 11 can be found in Fantasy Books before VesperLxD.

When Peng Jiafu saw a young girl came out of the thatch cottage, his eyes sparkled. This young girl is Ji Xiaodi. The dress which she was currently wearing, was the same one that his daughter had worn once to twice before saying that she disliked it and gifted it to Xiaodi. Of course, Peng Jiafu wouldn’t remember the clothes his daughter once had.

As the young girl was facing the setting sun, the pair of beautiful limpid eyes looked as if it was overflowed with tears. This elfin like girl was looking at Peng Jiafu with friendly and pure eyes. Her sweet and oriole sounded like voice made her even more erotic and fascinating.

She asked, “Peng uncle, are you finding my parents? My father went out to work but my mother is still at home. If you got something to discuss with them, you can come in and speak.”

Peng Jiafu suddenly felt a spell of hunger and thirst which gave him a familiar feeling of his body temperature rising up. He swallowed his saliva and also felt that his throat tightened. However, his eyes still continued to look at the young girl. Peng Jiafu asked in a muffled and hoarse voice, “Are you from this family or is just paying here a visit? How come I have never seen you before?”

Xiaodi timidly smiled which gave a candid and innocent yet lovely impression that could have caused many to be infatuated with her.

“I’m this family’s daughter. My name is Xiaodi. Have you forgotten? But I know you.”

“Ah! You are Xiaodi. You have grown. I nearly could not recognize you! Girls really do change at the age of 18, the more they change, the more beautiful they become.” Peng Jiafu quickly remembered that in this family, they really had a ninth child. She was from premature birth. This was truly shocking to him as he was unable to match the beauty right in front of his eyes to the skinny and withered little girl he knew in the past.

Looking at Xiaodi, Peng Jiafu felt that she was really worth a second look. She was simply impeccable! This wretched thatch cottage could even raise such a beautiful lady. Peng Jiafu could not believe this reality. However, he could not shift his sight away from the girl. It was as if her body had magnetic properties that attracted his eyes.

As Peng Jiafu was looking at her, Xiaodi felt uncomfortable. She awkwardly smiled, “Uncle, do you want to come in and talk?”

“Ah! Ah! Go in? No need. I was just passing. There’s really nothing much!” Peng Jiafu had already thoroughly forgotten about his purpose of coming to the thatch cottages. As he replied Xiaodi, his eyes were still tightly locked on to Xiaodi’s body.

Though his mind had recovered back to normal, he still could not resist from being enchanted by Xiaodi. His voice became gentle and magnetic. He asked, “Xiaodi, how old are you? How come I have never seen you till now? Are you still studying?”

Xiaodi muttered, “I’m already 16. In the past, I have always been going to school so that’s maybe why you rarely see me. I have already graduated from junior high school last month and is preparing to find some work to help reduce my family’s burden.”

“Your family’s situation is still bad but is able to support you to study? It’s really not easy!” Peng Jiafu was surprised.

Xiaodi felt remorse towards her parents and her brother, “It was due to my stubbornness of wanting to go to school which caused my family, especially my brother, to suffer a lot. That’s why I want to find a job to help my family.”

Peng Jiafu’s eyes sparkled, he gently spoke, “Do you wish to suffer in your family’s place and allow them to live a good life?”

“My family has been treating me very well, be it food or other necessities, are mostly given to me. They had also suffered to support my studies. I certainly want to repay them!” Xiaodi sincerely said.

Peng Jiafu nodded his head and said, “It is rare to see somebody so serious about being filial. You are really a good girl!”

Xiaodi still felt ashamed of herself as her parents and brother loved her very much. She certainly had to repay them and this was a normal thing to do!

“Your family’s house must be very old! Looking at it, it seems that there is a possibility of it collapsing at any time. Why are you all still living in such a dangerous house? If something did happen, it will not be a joke!” Peng Jiafu said as he still continued to look at Xiaodi.

Xiaodi blushed with embarrassment. She certainly knew about the ‘house’ condition but was helpless to solve it! Even the barest minimum survival necessities was already a challenge, where got the extra funds to renovate the thatch cottages? On seeing the shy, blooming peach blossom like Xiaodi, Peng Jiafu’s heart gave rise to a sincere sympathy and affection.

Peng Jiafu probed, “Xiaodi, if someone is willing to help your family renovate your house, how will you thank him?”

“For no cause and reason, who will be willing to do such a thing? Impossible!” Xiaodi bemusedly shook her head.

“Have you thought of marrying to a rich guy to improve your family’s situation? Base on your parents and brother, I’m afraid that in this lifetime they would not be able to change their living condition. It looks like in this family, their only hope is you! Have you thought that you yourself can change their fate?” Peng Jiafu was looking at Xiaodi whose expression gradually changed to helplessness which could cause many to feel sorry for her.

“I won’t sell myself. I want to work hard to change my family’s living situation!” Xiaodi yearned to live a life she desired. She wanted to be independent and not rely on others, especially marrying to a rich guy which had never crossed her mind. In her heart, the only person she wants to marry to is only Xiang Yonggang.

Peng Jiafu’s heart was shrouded with dark clouds. He thought that Xiaodi, for the sake of alowing her family members to live a good life, would happily agree to marry a rich guy. It looked like the situation wasn’t that simple. He still needed more time to form his plan.

“Xiaodi, who is it? How come he is not coming into the home to sit?” Qu Xiuyan felt her way out of the thatch cottage.

Peng Jiafu quickly replied, “I was just passing by. Seeing that your house is too dangerous and since I have no business here, I will come another day.” After saying, he affectionately looked at Xiaodi. This delicate and gorgeous young girl was actually living in such ‘house’ really caused many hearts to not be able to bear it!

Thinking, he had not even entered the house and was already leaving!

Along the way, he was particularly excited. How did he not notice that his dream girl was right under his nose? Thinking of Xiaodi’s pure and beautiful form, that shy and delicate appearance was like a little bird wanting to rely on somebody. He felt like his whole body had entered into boiling water and also he felt that he had suddenly become younger by 20 years.

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