Chapter 40: Promotion from Bloodbath

Chapter 40 can be found in Fantasy Books before VesperLxD.

The entrance of the valley of wolf.


Qin Tian clenched his fists. His body was covered with wolf’s blood, and gaze exuded out deep killing intent, making the last wolf in front of him retreat slowly. In the darkness, the green coloured eyes were filled with panic.


Seeing Qin Tian move closer to it, it suddenly turned and ran into the valley.


But how could Qin Tian let it off?


Instantly, Qin Tian caught up with the green tooth wolf that was running away. He bashed it heavily at it’s back and the bones broke, it’s eyes turned over. Dead.


“Congratulations, you’ve received 158 experience, 40 Qigong value, 1 survival point…”


By now, behind Qin Tian lay a pile of green tooth wolf corpse. One blow was all it took to kill the last of the green tooth wolf within the pack. With his whole body stained with blood, he sat heavily on the ground and took a deep breath. Looking at the pile of dead corpses, Qin Tian exposed a grin on his face.


What Hei Yan said was indeed true. There was only one type of monster in the valley- green tooth wolf.


All of them appeared in groups. Even when he was near the entrance of the valley, there were only few cases of spotting a wolf alone.


On the way to the valley, Qin Tian had killed three groups of wolves. His shirt were torn till it was beyond recognition like a beggar. However, he was extremely satisfied. The experience they give were not bad, and killing one would give him quite an amount of Qigong.


For all cultivators in Tianyuan continent, every breakthrough will improve their strength, speed and qigong. Because of his broken Dantian, other than his Qigong value not improving as he progresses, all other values will increase as per normal.


After months of cultivation, his bones had become as hard as steel. Under the moonlight, he gave out a dark luster, like he had went through countless times of refining, forming a perfect physique.


Qin Tian took a break for a moment. Wiping the blood stains off his face, he took out a Husheng Dan and swallowed it. The wounds on his body slowly started to heal. With a sigh, he thought to himself, “No matter the cost, I’ll definitely have to raise my alchemy level.”




After resting, Qin Tian breathed out, and began his journey into the valley.


Since the entrance had a dense amount of wolves, the number of wolves in the valley would be even denser. This was completely a Holy Land to level up. Seeing his experience bar filling up crazily, no matter how bitter or tiring it was, he was still elated.


Each increase in rank brought him a great amount of advantage. If he were to be able to breakthrough to spirit formation realm, holding out against Xiao Rufeng’s aura should not be a problem.


Spirit Formation realm is a threshold, and also an important hurdle for cultivators.


After stepping into it, the power he feel would be totally different, and his Qigong will experience a  great change. Qin Tian could feel it from Xiao Rufeng’s aura. It was something Qin Tian would be able to resist as long as he broke through, and would even be able to use the Heavenly Dragon Form Scripture’s first layer to deal with Xiao Rufeng’s aura.  


A must to breakthrough!


Every time he thought of the aura Xiao Rufeng was able to release, the flame in his heart reignited.


Clenching his fist tightly, he stride deeper into the Valley of Wolves.




On a cliff stood a huge green tooth wolf gazing up at the bright moon hanging in the night sky as it howled.


Under the night sky, the whole valley was in a turmoil. The large number of green eyes were like nether flames flashing in the dark and the bloodthirst emitted out from these wolves could be felt from miles away.


Qin Tian had just walked a few steps. He halted, and exposed a cold smile.


At that moment with his as the center, around him appeared not less than fifty pairs of green eyes, letting out growls. Saliva was dripping out of their mouths; they stared at Qin Tian as if looking at a feast.


All of a sudden, one of the wolves from within the pack howled several times with each howl gaining in volume. Immediately after the howl, a dozen wolves took the lead and pounced straight at Qin Tian.


A dozen rank three monsters went in for the kill.


Compared to other monsters, green tooth wolves have relatively higher intelligence. They sealed every of Qin Tian’s escape route, and pounced at him from all directions.


Qin Tian remained composed in front of the danger, and circulated his Qigong. The atmosphere around him changed. Both eyes opened, and he shot out with great speed.


A monster dealt with after a punch. Every time he punched out, a monster would fall, and it was aimed at their vitals.


The autumn gale sweeps away the fallen leaves, more than fifty green tooth wolves were finished after the amount of time it takes to brew tea. On Qin Tian’s body were many scratches……

{TLN: autumn gale sweeps away the fallen leaves: easily dealing with something]


Qin Tian did not slow down, and ran deeper into the valley……


At that time, the valley was full of unrest.


Qin Tian killed till his eyes turned blood-shot. He went around unhindered, and both his fist were smeared with black blood.


After the night, Qin Tian was not sure how many monsters he killed, only that his experience bar was a quarter filled.


Even with this progress, he was still not satisfied.


Qin Tian had seemingly forgotten about everything else, he had only one thought, KILL!




Against a huge group of wolves, Qin Tian suddenly cried out, and the divine ability berserk was activated.

His body experienced a great change. With more than a thousand wolves, Qin Tian could not not use ‘berserk’. Though berserk would consume 5000 Qigong, and killing all the wolves would cost much Qigong too, but with the great amount of experience in front of him, it wasn’t a loss, but a profit.


Moreover, Qin Tian’s aim was to breakthrough, and needed more experience.


Shortly after, Qin Tian was like a hungry wolf, and the big group of wolves became like weak and feeble little sheeps.


It was a one sided massacre.


After using ‘berserk’, Qin Tian killed continuously, and the system kept prompting him “ Congratulations for earning 158 experience, 40 Qigong, 1 survival value……”


His experience bar kept changing, and his survival value increased rapidly.


Madness, everything was madness.


In the first day, the number of wolves killed could be piled into a mountain. Qin Tian’s blood boiled.




Fifth day, the flesh of all the wolves killed became piles of white bones, the dead wolves were eaten by the alive. Qin Tian once again started his massacre……




Tenth day, Qin Tian went deeper into the valley, and more than ten thousand wolves surrounded him. That day, the sky above him seemed to have turned red from his killings, and the whole valley was full of the stench of blood.




Twelfth day, the three kings of the valley of wolves, all ranked four monsters, were killed. Qin Tian received some serious injuries, and consumed ten Hushen Dans and recovered slowly……




Fourteenth day, the valley of wolves no longer have any more green tooth wolves. There were piles of dead bodies of wolves crawling with maggots, emitting out stench.


Since then, the valley of wolves became the dead wolves valley.


Night fall, and it was pitch black.


Qin Tian walked out of the valley of wolves. His body was nothing like a human’s, the blood on him turned black and hardened. Terrifying, fearsome, he would make people tremble in fear.


Two eyes emitted out killing intent.


The gathering?


Xiao Rufeng?


“Your old man’s here.”

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