Chapter 12: Meticulous Plan

Chapter 12 can be found in Fantasy Books before VesperLxD.

Ever since Peng Jiafu met Xiaodi, he could no longer calm his heart. In his mind, there was only the image of that delicate and attractive figure! He seemed to be bewitched as he did not have any motivation to do anything and Xiaodi was his only source of energy and happiness.

When meeting those flirtatious women, he had lost the interest. He even felt that those women were ugly and vulgar which made him very disgusted! He would often compare those women to Xiaodi but what was there to compare? One was the fairy from heaven, the other was the ghost from hell. This caused people to loathe the latter.

Peng Jiafu suspected that he had gotten lovesick. He subconsciously would want to go to Xiaodi’s home to see what she was doing. To see her beautiful little face, hear her voice and if she could give him a sweet smile, wouldn’t that be nice? However, the most important thing was: did Xiaodi had a favorable impression of him?

In the end, Peng Jiafu started to design a plan. If he was to help renovate her family’s thatch cottages and used it as a bait, would she agree to marry him? He was willing to not want anything but Xiaodi only! But, if he was to marry Xiaodi, what about his daughter?

If he and Xiaodi became an item, his daughter would definitely be vexatious to no end. On the other hand, just for the sake of renovating the thatch cottages, Xiaodi might not agree to marry him. Considering her brother’s lifetime happiness and her parents’ expectations, Xiaodi should be very obedient right?

If the two matters were to be met, the public might not support it. Peng Jiafu’s daughter was to marry Xiaodi’s older brother while Xiaodi was to marry Peng Jiafu himself. This would inevitably be the talk in public. Actually, this wouldn’t be a huge matter as the marriage of couples did not have any blood relations. Even if this matter was be talked by others, giving it time, the public would slowly accept this matter and no longer be surprised about it.

For this matter, it must start with Ji Fuxing as in this village, boys in the family had more power than girls as girls sooner or later had to be married off. To many parents, it was of priority to help their son to take in a wife. For the sake of their son’s future happiness and of continuing their lineage, those two old folks who had been through much suffering would not have any reason to not agree with him.

Ever since that day Peng Jiafu had a conversation with Xiaodi, he believed that Xiaodi is a pure beauty who is also capable and dutiful. She is also an understanding person who will repay others kindness. She should be a filial daughter.

Currently, the thing that was the most helpful to him and also the most crucial point is that he was extremely rich while Ji family was extremely poor. He just had to have the family realized that only he could help them change their fate so they should have no reason to reject his proposal.

But by doing this, his daughter would still have to suffer. Although normally, he and Fengying weren’t very close and were polar opposite, Fengying is still his daughter. Peng Jiafu did not wish to allow her to marry into such poor family, but he felt that he might not be able to stop her.

After taking a few days to finalize his plan, he decided to set his plan in motion. In order to achieve something, one had to make sacrifices. As long as Xiaodi is willing to marry him, he would allow his daughter to marry Xiaomei as this is his daughter’s choice. She was the one in the matter of life or death had to marry Xiaomei. He would just give her a generous amount of dowry as a compensation to her. Like this, he would at least not let his daughter down.

[TLN: In order to achieve something, one had to make sacrifices 舍不得孩子套不住狼: 达到某一目的必须付出相应的代价]

Anyway, Fengying’s dowry had already been prepared. Since he only had one daughter, if something was to happen to him, all his wealth and property would be left to her. Why not prepare more dowry for her so that her she could happily marry over? Like this, not only would he save face, at the same time he would receive Ji family’s gratitude. Hence Xiaodi would be even more submissive towards him, right?

Thinking till here, he called the village’s most professional matchmaker, Zousao. The color tv was used as a bait to tempt her to accept the condition which became the scene occurred in the beginning of this story.

When Zousao happily appeared in front of Peng Jiafu again, his heart was beating profusely. From her pleased looks, it was easy to guess that the task he gave her was a success!

Peng Jiafu could not wait to immediately marry Xiaodi and bring her home. He was also afraid that the longer the wait, more changes might occur. If Xiaodi was to back out, wouldn’t this count as wasted effort and all his hopes and efforts would come to nothing? However, for the long-term perspective of the situation, Peng Jiafu managed to restrain himself from being impulsive.

This was only the beginning and he had to calmly face it. The last obstacle he had to solve was his own daughter. He didn’t know whether Fengying would accept this confusing and complex relationship. After all, this was an extremely rare and unprecedented event. What’s more, this was happening between the two families.

Peng Jiafu first went to Fengying’s bedroom. Fengying was currently watching tv. Who knew whether she really did not see him or that she had not put him in her eyes? He went forward to off the tv and sat right in front of his daughter. What he wanted to say wasn’t something easy to talk about.

Peng Jiafu pondered for a little while before looking at his daughter. In fact, his heart felt weak but he acted calmly. He said, “Fengying you really want to marry Ji Xiaomei? His family is poor and you will suffer in the future. You won’t regret?”

Fengying thought that her father wanted to dissuade her again. She thought in her heart, ‘I want him to be my husband. Nothing can change my mine!’ She looked at her father with dissatisfaction and said with grievances, “I don’t care how his family is like. The one I’m marrying is him and not his family. To suffer in poverty is my choice and it is none of your business! There’s no need for you to care about it!”

If it was on normal days, Peng Jiafu would certainly be furious. It was none of my business? Was this how normal people should speak? Which parents were willing to see their child suffer? Who wouldn’t wish their child to have a happy future?

However, this very day was different. Though his heart felt somewhat uneasy, he still seriously said, “This is what you said. When you had enough, don’t come back to wail and whine to me!”

Fengying resolutely and decisively replied, “He is the one I choose. Whatever suffering I may face in the future, I will accept them!”

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