Chapter 9: Irrelevant Nonsense (1)

Apparently, Li Mama has already handled the situation. Seeing so, Sang Wan was secretly relieved. As she observed Li Mama’s body language, she noticed that Li Mama was being a little uneasy but for the sake of this situation, she did not ask her directly; instead, she smiled at Li Mama and gave her thanks, “thank you for the courtesy!” With that, she took a glimpse at Liu Ya and continued, “That girl is prone to running into troubles when doing her tasks. Seeing that she had left for quite some time and had not returned, I decided to take a look to see if she had run into any troubles. And you, Mama——”

After finishing, Sang Wan looked at Li Mama with uncertainty.

“Uh, this old maidservant was just passing by when she saw the few arguing over a small matter and stepped up to tell them off. Everything is alright now! This old maidservant needs to return to serve her mistress, so do return to your chamber.” Li Mama hurriedly replied.

“I see, since the matter is small, let us all disperse and return to our tasks, shall we?” Sang Wan nodded gently before sighing at Liu Ya, “You really are a girl who doesn’t simply let things off. However, this is a family with different regulations where such matters are handled by the servant management group! Just look at you, because of this small matter, you had Li Mama here at the scene you’ve created. Fortunately, Mama is a warm-hearted and friendly person who doesn’t argue over small things.”

Whatever happened here, since Li Mama deemed it as a ‘small matter’; it shall remain as a small matter and not something else! Though Sang Wan is still doubtful of the fact that Li Mama was just passing by as she is a busy person who serves her mother-in-law, the old maidservant has Mother-in-law Wang Shi supporting behind her; Li Mama’s judgements are her mother-in-law’s judgements.

Since this was just a small matter, Sang Wan has no need to pursue it any further. Otherwise, it’ll just be deemed as being against her mother-in-law openly.

Liu Ya understood Sang Wan’s purpose and did not attempt to worsen the situation. Lowering her head, she admitted, “it is all Nubi’s fault, and troubling Li Mama to handle this matter. Nubi hope that Mama would not put this incident to heart!”

“Āi, of course I won’t! Such praise doesn’t befit me!” Li Mama immediately smiled, and was finally at ease. Seeing so, Sang Wan smiled, “Since everything is alright now, let us not delay Mama any longer. Mama, please!”

“Ma’am do retire too.” Li Mama bowed.

Sang Wan did not stay to chat any longer. Instead, she nodded a few times and instructed Liu Ya to carry on with her task before leaving together with Zhide and the group of maidservants whom she brought along. Upon seeing Sang Wan leave, Li Mama turned and left.

Once the dowry arrived at the small garden, they were all kept inside a small storehouse that is a stone’s throw away from the garden. Once the matter regarding the dowry was settled, Sang Wan had Liu Ya explain the ins and outs of whatever happened just then.

Turns out, while the group were carrying the dowry down a flight of stairs, due to the carelessness of the two manservants, a few of the boxes carried by the two met the ground. The fine cotton fabric, cambric paper, and white silk came rolling out of one of the boxes. Seeing the mess, Liu Ya instinctively gave them a scolding and instructed them to recover the dropped goods. After being told off, the two manservants showed a face of unwillingness but did as instructed. However, while they were recovering the goods, they purposely scrape the fabric goods on the floor and even ‘accidentally’ left footprints on them. Once again, Liu Ya became furious and scolded them to be more careful with the goods.

Upon hearing so, the two manservant flipped and coldly murmured behind her back; saying how the fabrics were more suitable for the horsekeeper, and as rags for wiping. Why so serious when such fabrics will just be left in the corner to collect dust? The two manservants even mocked in front of Liu Ya, “Well, unless Ma’am wears clothes made from such fabric!”

Liu Ya was at her limit. With the other servants mocking and adding even more nasty words to her, Liu Ya’s anger exploded and she shot back at them; those hurtful words made Liu Ya so angry that she almost cried.

Sang Wan slightly trembled as she listened to Liu Ya with her fists clenched tightly. The handkerchief in her palm was crumpled badly. The people in Shi family sure are snobby; even the servants dared to mock her only personal maidservant. Who knows, they might one day even mock their Ma’am!

“Ma’am, Nubi really wishes to go back to our Sang family!” Liu Ya said with teary eyes. Taking a glance at the exquisites within the room, she continued, “No matter how great this place is, it is not our home!”

Sang Wan felt troubled and depressed. However, they’ve already entered into the Shi Family; so without a choice, they would have to continue to live on in this house.

Either to follow the path of her past life and take one step at a time into desolation before dying coldly in a corner; or to create a new path for herself through hard work with the new life given to her, by becoming a butterfly, and break free from the cocoon that once shackled her.

“Enough! The matter will just become some irrelevant nonsense within the family. I do not take it to heart, so why do you feel wronged?” Though deep down Sang Wan was feeling low and bitter, she kept her spirit up and forced a smile on her face to persuade Liu Ya. Though she said it for Liu Ya, those words were also to
provide confidence for herself.

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11 thoughts on “Chapter 9: Irrelevant Nonsense (1)

  1. Poor Sang Wan >.< I just hope she gets out of that family ugh…..but yeah we all know the male lead is her husband. But he's stupidly in love with her cousin, sigh. At least I hope for more development between them but idk when that will happen….. Thank you for the chapter! ^.^

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  2. Wow love this story I was looking for a new novel and decided to read this one because it sounded interesting! ❤❤❤ I was right this is different and I hope the female lead got what she should her last life is so sad 😖😖😖

    Thanks for the translation cannot wait for next chapter❤❤❤


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