Chapter 13: Reached Consensus

Chapter 13 can be found in Fantasy Books before VesperLxD.

On hearing that Fengying was determined to marry Ji Xiaomei, Peng Jiafu was relieved and his voice became calmer, “The truth is, I already have Zousao propose marriage at Ji family!”

Fengying was pleasantly surprised which made her hard to believe, “Really? Daddy, so you agree to allow me and Xiaomei to be together? What did Xiaomei’s family say? His family must be in joy right?”

Peng Jiafu looked at his daughter, “Can people even live in Ji family’s wretched ‘house’? After marriage, how can both of you stay there? What if the ‘house’ was to suddenly collapsed, have you thought of the consequences of your choice? I won’t want my baby daughter to have an accident after her marriage! I still need you to take care of me when I have aged and see to my funeral!”

Fengying gawked as she had never thought of such thing. She subconsciously thought: father had so much money, how could he see his only daughter suffer? Therefore, it was a matter of time for father to contribute in helping them build a house.

It was just that she had not thought that her father would so easily agree to allow her to be together with Xiaomei. She had already been mentally prepared to have a long struggle with her father. She had even planned her last card which was to have 生米做成熟饭. It was to have the marriage necessitated by an unplanned pregnancy. Nowadays, such things weren’t new but now it seemed like she would not have to use this card.

[TLN: 生米做成熟饭= To do something that would soon be too late to change]

However, she still could not believe her father’s words to be true! Was she to blame for over thinking things? Or was it that she had not fully understood her father? From the looks of things, her father seemed to really love her. In her heart, Fengying was both pleased and touched.

Looking at his intractable daughter, Peng Jiafu put on a helpless expression. He emotionally said, “Daddy only has a daughter. How can I bear to see you suffer in poverty? Daddy decided to cover for Ji family’s renovation cost! When you marry over, you will be able to live in a bright and spacious house! If it is like this, I will feel assured to allow my baby daughter to marry and live with the Ji family!”

After listening that her father was so understanding and straightforward, Fengying suddenly felt that she was unable to control how touched she was. She went to hug her father and gave him a kiss on his cheek, “Daddy, you are the best! I knew daddy loved me the most! Thank you!”

Of course, Peng Jiafu still got something to say. His voice started to sound more excited, “My dear baby girl is going to be married so you certainly will be happy. But poor daddy has to lonelily endure the loneliness. Do you really have the heart to leave daddy at home?”

“The distance isn’t that far. I still can every day come back to visit ah!” Fengying said from the bottom of her heart.

“What’s the use of your frequent visit? After your marriage, what’s missing at home will be a woman. Normally, when your mother left me for so many years, I should have long found a stepmother for you. If it wasn’t because of my worries that me remarrying might anger my daughter, that’s why all these years I had lived my life muddleheaded!”

Fengying seemed to understand where her father was pointing to. She certainly wouldn’t reject her father from remarrying. For many years, Fengying had always been hoping that her father would find a proper wife to blissfully live through their days together. She looked at her father and waited for him to continue.

Peng Jiafu signed before continuing, “There is this old saying: husband or wife when old must have a partner! No matter how filial the children are, it cannot beat having a partner! Now my daughter is about to get married, daddy wants to find you a stepmother! Will you object?” Even if facing his daughter, he still had to make use of his business tricks.

It was not that Fengying had never thought about her father bringing back a stepmother. Ever since her mother left, for a very long time, she had wished to have a mother to take care of her. Later, it became her just wishing that her father could find a steady woman to be with. Like this, he wouldn’t mess with so many women, causing the whole village to point fingers at him and her.

“If Daddy is able to find a steady wife to live the rest of your days, it will be for the best and I’m in favor of it!” Fengying sincerely said as she certainly hoped that her father could live a happy and blissful life.

“If daddy is to find a young wife, will you object?” The final step which Peng Jiafu must be very cautious of.

“I feel that age isn’t that important. As long as both of you sincerely treat each other, it will be fine to me!” The current Fengying had become muddled from her happiness. Of course, even in dreams, Fengying had never thought that the woman her father wanted to marry was her husband’s younger sister!

“So everything is then settled? Let’s hold our individual wedding together!” Peng Jiafu hastily announced. He was worried that his daughter would go against his plan if she felt something was not right.

“Dad, you already have a target? Who is that woman? Do I know her?” Fengying curiously asked as she also wanted to know who her father was marrying, especially when that woman was younger than her father.

“Of course you know. She is a relative of your future husband.” Since they were already talking to this point, Peng Jiafu still found it hard to speak about this matter. At the moment, what he wanted was to quickly deal with his daughter.

“A relative of Xiaomei? I have never heard  that he still got other relatives ah?” Fengying carefully thought about it.

“Fengying, to tell the truth, the person I want to marry is Xiaomei’s little sister, Xiaodi. Towards other women, I really do not have any intention of marrying them!” Peng Jiafu had no choice but to reveal the truth as in the end, he sooner or later had to face it. Might as well get over it as early as possible.

“What? You want to marry Xiaodi? Won’t this become messy? How will I call her? Mother or sister-in-law? Won’t people laugh? No. This is impossible! Except for her, you can marry whoever you love!” Fengying simply did not have the heart to accept this messy relationship.

“If you do not accept then you can forget about Xiaomei! Anyway, I want to marry xiaodi and their family had already agreed!” Peng Jiafu would certainly place his matter as the first priority and no one, even his biological daughter cannot intervene.

“Why is it that I and Xiaomei are over? You and Xiaodi simply do not match! Xiaomei is only younger than me by 2 years. How much is the age difference between you two?” Fengying felt that she was going crazy and she started to raise her voice.

“Ji family has already agreed to the two marriages. If you do not agree then we will just hold my and Xiaodi’s wedding. You can think about it! It will be for the best If you are not going to marry Xiaomei since I don’t approve of both of you together! The reason why I agree to allow both of you to be together is because of Xiaodi. Your acceptance of this matter is of no important!”

“How are we going to tell the public? Won’t we turned into a laughing stock?” Fengying was really reluctant to accept this arrangement.

“This is not even a shameful thing. What’s there to be afraid of? 听剌剌蛄叫就不种地了? The mouth is theirs, they can say whatever they want! We are going to live our own life! If you are afraid of what others might say then there’s no need for you to marry Xiaomei!” Peng Jiafu stated as he had long disregarded of what others saw and might say. His happiness was more important! Also, now money is power! If you got money, whatever you say is right!

[TLN: 听剌剌蛄叫就不种地了= What should be done should be done, even if it would bring harm]

On hearing her father’s words, Fengying silently thought. According to her father’s intention, it didn’t matter if she marries or not as her father would still follow his plan to marry Xiaodi. Her own lifetime happiness, how could she so easily give up?

As Xiaomei’s family had already agreed to the two marriages and her father didn’t mind what the public thought of him, so why should she also mind? Since her father had already calculated their course, she just had to follow along! At any rate, she only wanted to marry Xiaomei! As for what others might say, they were free to say whatever they want and I would just live my own life!

Hence, this matter had easily reached consensus and it was to everyone’s delight and satisfaction!

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