Chapter 16: Married as Someone Else’s Wife

Chapter 16 can be found in Fantasy Books before VesperLxD.

Xiaodi had given her first time to Yonggang for caring and protecting her since young. Not only was she grateful to him, she also loved him. However, as she could not marry him, she felt that she had let Yonggang down. At this point, Xiaodi didn’t know what kind of relationship they now have.

Facing this enraged young man, Xiaodi currently didn’t know what she should do. She lifted her head and sadly looked at him, “Brother Yonggang, I cannot abandon my parents and brother. I could only let you down! I hope that in the next life I can marry you!”

“Don’t spout too far! I don’t believe in such thing as next life! I only believe in the present. The only thing I want is to be together with you! In this lifetime, I only want you to be my wife! Xiaodi, let’s only worry about the problem when it arises. I believe everything will be fine and your parents and brother will still live a good life! But if you don’t leave with me, my life will be over! If you are to marry that indecent old man, you will surely not have a good ending! Don’t be silly and quickly leave with me, okay?” Yonggang’s tone slowly changed from anger to pleading.

Xiaodi was currently trying to hold back her tears but her heart was still in pain. Holding onto Xiaodi’s shoulders, Yonggang said, “Don’t be silly! You are always looking out for them but they ignored your happiness and forced you to marry that old man. Are they really thinking about your happiness? Listen to me, let’s together leave this village and all the problems behind!”

“I can’t do it! My father, mother and brother have been treating me very well. In the past, I had told my brother that when I grew up, I would help him in courting his future wife. How can I leave them? How can I not care about them? If I follow what you said, no matter how much better I live my life, my heart will never be at ease!” Xiaodi said this as she cried.

“You don’t want to let them down but towards me, you can do so? Why are you so heartless to me? How can you ignore and not care about me? Do you even have any conscience? Why are you doing this to me? Have your heart been fed to dogs?” Yonggang was currently in a conniption. Both his eyes had turned red and as he was shaking Xiaodi with all his strength, he was roaring with rage.

At this time, Yushu knocked outside the house as after Xiaodi entered the house, she locked the door. The two in the house was shocked into a daze. Xiaodi’s face instantly reddened as she didn’t know whether Yuzhu knew of her presence.

Xiaodi once again looked at the man in front of her before quickly turning to open the door. She stood at one side to avoid Yushu who was entering the house. When the danger passed, she hurriedly left Xiang residence.

The following days were calm and quite. Xiaodi and her whole family moved to Boss Peng’s house and their previous thatch cottages were no longer there. In its place, a new house was taking shape every passing day. One day, Boss Peng brought along his daughter and Ji brother and sister and drove a car to the city to buy wedding necessities, wedding dresses, and jewelry.

Looking at the delicate girl, Peng Jiafu’s heart strongly desired for her. However, he did not want to be rash since there were only a few more days to the wedding. He just had to patiently wait for a few more days and while that put on an upright gentleman image! Anyway, they would have a long day ahead after the marriage and at that time this beautiful little fairy would be his! On thinking up to here, he felt like he was on top of the world!

For the past few days, Boss Peng’s mood was particularly good! Though he did not force Xiaodi to sleep with him during the time Xiaodi and her family were living with him, he at least could see her anytime he wanted. That exquisite and beautiful body, that pure and quiet attitude and that tranquil and placid expression. She was always very quiet and composed. Other than silently doing housework, she was like a kitten, gentle and pleasing to the eyes.

The guilt and self-blame Xiaodi had towards Yonggang were beginning to slowly change into her acceptance of the reality as she could only helplessly accept her fate in silence. Since nothing was going to change and as she was powerless, she might as well go along with the fate’s arrangement!

She assumed everything that was happening to her was her fate. There wasn’t anything bad as at least her parents and brother were able to get what they wanted. Regarding herself, it didn’t matter which guy she lived her life with.

Now, there wasn’t a single trace of unwillingness on her face and in her heart. She even thought that such arrangement wasn’t exactly bad already. After living at Peng family’s residence, compared to her previous home was brighter and spacious. It was also much more comfortable so she had been thinking: her decision to marry Boss Peng shouldn’t be wrong, right?

Who knew what Boss Peng was planning, but the reason might probably be related to his fear that Xiaodi might regret her decision. Before the new house was constructed finish, he insisted that the two marriages should be held on the same day and time and it must be done grandiosely. He wanted to let everyone knows that he was generous and open in holding this wedding ceremony. This was also to remove any hot topics about them from those gossipers.

Of course, the two brides were not of legal age for marriage, so though their marriage was a fact, they were not protected by the law.

For addressing wise, only Fengying would call Peng Jiafu father while Xiaodi would call Xiaomei brother. Other than that, there was no need to differentiate seniority and so on. They don’t follow how normal people address each other. With te passing of time, the feeling of awkwardness in the two families was slowly gotten used.

Hence, this astonishing wedding, under the surprised looks of the crowd had successfully come to a conclusion.

When night had enveloped the village and all the invited guest had dispersed, a wave of autumn wind brought along a refreshing and cool breeze. In the distance, clouds were cheerfully dancing and the round moon that was surrounded by a number of stars was silently spying on this peaceful village.

In the quiet house, there was only the newly married couple. This was the groom’s long awaited happy moments as his wish had finally been fulfilled. He had managed to marry the person he yearned for many days and nights.

Peng Jiafu’s blood boiled and he could not resist his lust as he looked at the bride whose makeup had not been removed. Her skin was creamy white and tender, and there was a faint red blush on her cheeks. She had limpid eyes and long eyelashes, and her red lip was moist and sparkling. This scene would let many men’s imagination to run wild.

Peng Jiafu breathed heavily and he eagerly approached the girl. The girl was partially nervous and partially scared but there was a lost expression on her face. She looked down and her thick eyelashes hide her uneasiness. It was as if she was awaiting her inevitable fate.

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