Chapter 17: Beyond Expectation

Chapter 17 can be found in Fantasy Books before VesperLxD.

Peng Jiafu is experienced in a romantic relationship, though most of his interaction with women were just to seek pleasure. But he is someone who is tender to the fairer sex. He knows how to tease a woman, especially someone whose age could be deemed as his daughter but had become his wife and this extraordinarily flawless beauty was the person he had long yearned for.

Her current weak and uneasy expression made her looked like an abandoned puppy which would not be able to survive on its own and was now waiting for fate’s plan.

He swallowed his saliva. As a person whose age is over 40, he still got self-control. He affectionately looked at Xiaodi and asked, “Tired? I will help you wash your body so you can freshen up.”

Peng Jiafu had used his utmost patience and gentleness as he personally helped Xiaodi to bath and dry her body. After that, he carried the naked girl and gently laid her on the bed before he leaned on her smooth and tender body.

His **** was erected and he was at his limit but there was at least a little bit of consciousness in his mind. He put to full use his proficient technique. He started gently but the kiss slowly changed into a wild and hot kiss on that sexy red lips which he had many times craved for. That beautiful and mesmerizing little mouth really carried a sweet and addictive taste, as if he was drinking sweet syrup!

His hand was also the same, from gentle to heavy, they never stop feeling about……from the beautiful collarbone to the mountains and then to the plains. That soft and smooth belly really make people unable to stop fondling. He slowly slid his head downwards.

It might probably be that the girl was nervous as her lower part of her body was stiff, or she was just unfamiliar with such thing so she did not know what to do. She closed her eyes and remained silent when Peng Jiafu fondle and sucked all over her body.

Facing this unresponsive girl, Peng Jiafu who had already played with countless women felt a new kind of stimulus and this drove him to put his initial thought of treasuring the fairer sex at the back of his mind. From then onwards, in his eyes and mind, there was only one thing—

With utmost passion and courage, he directly penetrated through the seemingly insensate and stiff girl. The girl released a slight sound and this was enough to trigger his excitement. What his body had was an endless amount of energy. He was like a warrior on the battlefield fighting as if his life depends on it. Except for sparing no effort to win against his opponent, there were no other options.

After the waves of violent attack, he leaned against her body and his body slightly shuddered a few times. He had never experienced this kind of feeling where his mind was being set adrift! This gave him a feeling of satisfaction and happiness!

The joy and satisfaction gradually faded and he reluctantly separated from her body. While that, he tore a piece of toilet paper and passed it to her. He inadvertently glanced at the bed sheet—

It would be fine if he didn’t see, but this one glance caused him to be stunned. There was nothing on the bedsheet! His already satisfied face in an instant had a layer of thick and dark clouds. His heart was covered in a haze of doubts and suspicions.

He had never thought that the pure fairy-like simple girl in his heart which he had put all his effort to marry was not what he had assumed her to be. What she gave him was not her most valuable first time! It was obvious that she was not pure like what her outward appearance showed.

Peng Jiafu felt that he had spent a high price to buy a merchandise, only to find out at home that the merchandise was a fake! He got the feeling of being cheated, like a fool who easily believed in the words of a liar. He felt angered for being played! He also felt that he was being ridiculed and he was resigned!

Though he stifled his heart’s anger and acted as a mute after eating a bitter pill, he still had to swallow his feeling of unwillingness. This was because he knew that he was older than her by 20 years and she, a young beauty, was being used in the transaction.

His eyes were now filled with doubts and disappointment but his heart was unable to dispel his anger and irritation. As he coldly stared at the pure and beautiful girl, an unspeakable hatred was born. In the beginning, he was not a reasonable and generous man.

Peng Jiafu did not say anything. Maybe he was spent from doing those strenuous activities or he was exhausted from planning out his scheme? At this moment, he did not have the energy to speak. He was angry due to the fact that he was unable to return the good!

He silently turned his back to Xiaodi. Xiaodi seemed to feel something amiss. Was what she feared before had already happened? She didn’t know what to do and whether her future days would be affected or not. Even though she felt disturbed and worried, she seemed to not felt any regret!

Peng Jiafu seemed to be in a bad mood. It was rare to see him smile and most of the time, he usually had a taut face. As he coldly looked at Xiaodi, his eyes seemed to contain a sharp sword that wanted to continuously pierce through her whole body until she was in huge pain. Unless it was to give her work, or else he was too lazy to even speak to her. It was as if Xiaodi was his house housekeeper or a tool for him to give vent to.

Although he was angry with Xiaodi’s unfaithfulness, he knew that Xiaodi wasn’t a fickle woman. He just felt that he was cheated. In fact, he did not really care whether it was her first time. If he was to marry a divorced woman, he would still accept her! The difference was that, what Xiaodi’s ‘surprise’ gave him a feeling of defeat. Maybe because his expectation of her was just too high so that might be the cause for his huge disappointment?

In his mind, there was only this thought: this should not have happened. He wasn’t even clear whether in Xiaodi’s heart she was still thinking about her first man?  Sometimes, the more he thought about it, the angrier he was. If it wasn’t because he was still infatuated with her smooth and sexy body, he would have really harshly punished her and even thoroughly humiliate her before sending her back to her parents’ home.

However, her freshness had not passed so in his heart there was an unwillingness to part. Also, as he watched her frail and petite figure silently doing housework, he was somewhat reluctant to let her suffer too much grievance. Especially at night, every time he wanted to vent his anger on her body, his heart and mind would waver.

For the sake of his happiness, in the end, he still had to endure his heart’s dissatisfaction. Yet he still did not want to talk to her, even a smile was not possible from him.

Xiaodi had become accustomed to the silent relationship between them two. She was like all those normal housewives, she would properly tidy the house, and even the tiniest details were done perfectly by her. In her heart, she had never thought that husband and wife would need to communicate or to be linked together by the feeling of love.

Occasionally, Peng Jiafu also had his happy moments, and he would even gift Xiaodi beautiful clothes. At night before they sleep, there would also be moments of tenderness. Peng Jiafu would embrace her and let her sleep sweetly in his arms.

But most of the time he would see Xiaodi as his property and his accessories. For the sake of marrying her, he not only had dealt with his daughter, he still had to painstakingly plan out his scheme and also spend his capital.

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One thought on “Chapter 17: Beyond Expectation

  1. What a disgusting bastard. Thanks for translating! Even though the novel is a little hard to read right now because of what happens to the MC. 😦


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