Chapter 10: Cooking (1)

Chapter 10(1) can be found in Fantasy Books before VesperLxD.

I’ll be posting a full chapter today!
1) Mainly because next week, I have a lot of courses to attend and might not have enough time to translate ROAAW.

2) This chapter was so interesting that I couldn’t bring myself to stop

Shi Lian had only come because of her stepmother’s instructions. But because of her quiet nature and Sang Wan’s unfamiliarity towards her, Sang Wan was left in an uncomfortable situation. Similarly, for a girl who puts her own safety first, there was nothing she could say to her sister-in-law. But luckily, with the chirpy little girl, the awkwardness between the two were not that bad; they were at least able to have a few conversations with each other.

Other than for Shi Rui, the visit was torturous for both Sang Wan and Shi Lian; it was an act where the both had to play.

But not long after, Gu Fangzi came in with a broad grin on her face. Seeing the three in the chamber, she clapped and laughed, “Wow, cousin-in-law, it’s so lively here! My cousin-in-law sure is easy to get along with; to become so familiar with the two other cousins, who are rarely together, soon after getting married into the family!”

Gu Fangzi’s voice was both delicate and clear; sweet like the chirps of an oriole. Once the three heard Gu Fangzi’s voice, the atmosphere within the chamber brightened.

Sang Wan greeted with a “cousin-in-law” before inviting Gu Fangzi to take a seat; the two other cousins went on to greet Gu Fangzi. With that, the chamber became more lively and comfortable.

“That isn’t the case! Cousin, I’ve always wanted to play with you! But unfortunately, cousin is always either busy handling the business with Cousin Fengju or accompanying Aunt Wang Shi! By the time cousin returns, the sky will already be dark; Shi Rui want to go but can’t go! Shi Rui had long heard that cousin has a pet oriole; Shi Rui really wants to see it!” Shi Rui blinked her large sparkling grape-like eyes and smiled, oblivious that her words brought about embarrassment to a certain person.

Gu Fangzi’s face suddenly flushed and her expression turned sluggish. Although there is not a person in the Shi Family who does not know about her relationship with Shi Fengju, which Wang Shi also tolerated; for a little girl to talk about her and Shi Fengju in front of Sang Wan, she couldn’t help but feel diffident.

While Shi Rui’s mouth was moving, Shi Lian held the teacup tightly as she admired the blue and white flowery designs. Her gaze was so focused on the teacup that she was reveled; in a world of her own.

Shi Lian may be able to act foolish, but Sang Wan on the other hand was not as fortunate. Acting as if interested, Sang Wan smiled at Shi Rui, “I’d love to go and see the flowers. Though I’m not sure which flowers will bloom at this season, why don’t we go and take a look when the weather is great?”

Shi Lian raised her head slightly and took a glimpse at Sang Wan before drooping her head down to carry on with her admiration of the teacup.

Relieved, Gu Fangzi added on, “Yes! Just like what cousin-in-law Sang Wan said, when the weather is great, let us all go to the flower garden! The flower garden in the Shi family has lots of different reputable flowers that blooms beautifully every year!”

The little Shi Rui loves a lively atmosphere; hearing so, Shi Rui laughed and applauded. After a few moments in deep thoughts, she suggested, “Yesterday, Shi Rui walked past the garden and saw the cape jasmine bloom beautifully in the fragrant garden! A whole lot of them; big and as white as snow! Also, the fragrance could be smelled from afar! Big sister Sang Wan and cousin Fangzi, why don’t we go there and play tomorrow?”

Tomorrow? Tomorrow is a Sang Wan’s homecoming!

The thought of Shi Fengju accompanying Sang Wan to the Sang family early in the morning made Gu Fangzi’s heart feel somewhat sour. But immediately, she got over it. Lifting her slender white fingers, she knocked softly onto Shi Rui’s forehead and laughed softly, “You ah, only know how to play and care not for anything else! However, tomorrow will not be possible. Your big sister has to go for her homecoming tomorrow!”

“Homecoming? What is homecoming?” Shi Rui was startled and asked cluelessly.

The maidservants in a corner giggled among themselves. Sang Wan and Gu Fangzi couldn’t help but laughed. As for for Shi Lian, she finally had enough with the teacup and rested it on the table before laughing with the rest of them. Seeing that everyone, except her, was mysteriously laughing; she glanced to her right, then to her left before asking with a perplexed look on her face. “Did I… did I say something wrong?”

“What does a kid know?” Gu Fangzi glanced at Sang Wan intimately before smiling, “homecoming means to return to the parental home. Tomorrow, your big sister has to return to her parental home! Why don’t we wait a few days when the weather becomes a little warmer and pick a sunny afternoon to enjoy ourselves in the garden? We might as well fly kite too! What do you say?”

Gu Fangzi took the initiative to help herself out of predicament; Sang Wan naturally thought the least she should do was show some sign of gratitude. With that, she nodded her head slightly.

Shi Rui gave an “ó” to show she understood; but once she heard that she could also get to do kite flying, she was overwhelmed with excitement that she couldn’t stop grinning and clapping, and started talking about the big swallow kite in her chamber.

“We’ve sat for quite a while already; let’s not trouble big sister Sang Wan any further and head back now.” Shi Lian showed a tired smile as she spoke.

“That is so!” Gu Fangzi hurriedly smiled and nodded. Turning to Sang Wan, she continued, “Cousin-in-law Sang Wan still has to prepare dinner later on so we should take our leave soon! Before that, let me give you a huge hint; Aunt Wang Shi loves to eat winter melon soup. Xī xī, if cousin-in-law were to prepare it, I’m sure Aunt Wang Shi will be pleased!”

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