Chapter 19: Old Habit

Chapter 19 can be found in Fantasy Books before VesperLxD.

Xiaodi loves children. She really hoped that she would have a cute little baby. But there wasn’t any change to her belly! In her heart, there was an unspeakable feeling of anxiousness and disappointment. If she had a child, the atmosphere in her own home wouldn’t be so dead and spiritless.

The village placed more emphasis on the boys and this tradition was deeply rooted in Peng Jiafu’s thought process. Peng Jiafu also dearly hoped to have a child. He wanted a son to inherit and expand his business. However, his pretty wife was just too useless.

Sometimes he would be somewhat moody due to his dissatisfaction and his upside down duck egg shaped head could look quite scary. He coldly and disdainfully looked at Xiaodi and harshly spoke with an ear piercing voice, “Why am I so ****** unlucky! I spent my capital in exchange for this second-hand goods but it is just a hen that could not even lay eggs. So ****** unlucky!”

Xiaodi could only lower her head while trying to hold back her tears as she was reviled by Peng Jiafu. The fault in this situation was very obvious. He already had a daughter so the problem should lie with herself. Also in this village, it was deemed that the reason for no pregnancy was mostly due to women. Xiaodi and Peng Jiafu even went to the hospital to examine.

There are quite a few women who could not give birth and to her, it didn’t matter whether she was able to. However, she felt that she had let down her husband and caused her family to suffer under the village supercilious looks. Her heart was already suffering from an unbearable pain and any more remorse would make her felt that she was one of those whose fate was really bad. Hence she decided that she should be even more well behave.

Xiaomei still continued to work in his father-in-law’s factory. Sometimes when he came back home, he would see his little sister busily spending her whole day cleaning up his house. He felt that he had let his little sister down. At that time, if not for him and their parents, why would she even marry that shameless old man?

Under the pressure of his remorse, he tactfully advised his little sister, “Xiaodi, don’t spend your whole day cleaning up the house, this kind of work I and Fengying can do by ourselves. At your free time, you should spend more time to accompany Fengying’s father! Being alone will feel lonely.”

Sister-in-law also continued to urge Xiaodi, “Yes! There’s nothing to do here already, you should hurry back home. My father likes his place to be lively! Though he is old, his heart is still young. Quickly go back and spend more time with him. You should support him and not let him do things by himself!”

Xiaodi felt a prick in her heart. She certainly understood her brother words, especially when her sister-in-law had also already said it so straightforwardly: Fengying’s point was targeting at that shameless guy having an affair again! On the surface, Xiaodi acted nonchalantly as she casually said to her brother and sister-in-law with a smile, “There’s nothing at home. I like to look after Anan!”

Actually, her brother and sister-in-law didn’t need to say as she also somewhat knew about it. There were times when her husband would openly flirt with other women right in front of her. This had not been a one time matter and it could be said that his old habit had come about again!

She could only turn a blind eye as she had no other choice! Her fault was in the other party’s hand and there was not only one fault she had intentionally or unintentionally done. She felt that she was wronged but she did not have the courage to start an argument. Other than suffering in silence, she did not have any more method.

If at that time her family’s condition wasn’t so bad, they wouldn’t have to accept so much of his grace and kindness. If at that time she did not do that thing, she might have the courage to meddle into his affairs. If she was able to give birth to a boy or a girl, she might have enough confidence! However, now she could not even straighten her backbone and could only take a laissez-faire attitude.

Looking at Xiaodi who looked like she was resigning herself to adversity, Peng Jiafu flew into a rage due to shame, “Why are you acting as if you had suffered grievance? Who caused you to suffer? Is it that you are thinking of me as an adulterer so I’m not pleasing to your eyes? I’m ****** really worthless! For no reason, I went to find a wife who only had a cold expression on her face and she even caused me to wear a green hat!”

Xiaodi couldn’t refute. She could only submissively listen and let Peng Jiafu vent on her! She was originally a timid person so it was impossible for a quarrel between both sides to happen. Facing this apathetic person, no matter how much resentment Peng Jiafu had, he was unable to express it out! He would rather want Xiaodi to quarrel with him so that at least is heart would feel much better.

Like this, the days which could be considered to be calm passed by.

Xiaodi was already used to Peng Jiafu’s cold and sarcastic words or his silent indifference. She was like a slave without any freedom or worse still, a deaf and mute person. Like this, due to her carrying the guilt in her heart as she listened to what Peng Jiafu said, she did not have the reason to be angry and more so explain herself. All days she only knew how to silently do her duties at home and at night she had to take note of her husband’s mood.

If Peng Jiafu was happy, they would be affectionate together, but if Peng Jiafu was unhappy, he would be cold and sarcastic and might use brute force to show who superiority! Sometimes Peng Jiafu would disappear for a few days and this was because he had picked up some women of easy virtue and was spending his time with her until he was all spent. At night even if Xiaodi went home, she would only lonelily sleep in the empty room. Xiaodi would act as if she did not know as she understood that if she asked, she would only invite trouble for herself.

Hence like this, they lived in harmony and Xiaodi was used to this monotonous life. She thought that this kind of life for her was already very good and was very satisfied. She had never thought of living an even better life which people would yearn for.

Not being able to have her own flesh and blood child, it was as if this was destined by fate. Other than hating herself, she had completely accepted her fate. She regarded her nephew as her own biological child and spent most of her time with him. She had given all her love to him and it could be said that her love was greater than the love his mother gave him.

Concerning Xiang Yonggang, he flunked his first-year university entrance examination. After another year of studying, he finally managed to admit into one of the universities in the city. It could be said that the university he was admitted to was the school he admired. His parents held a banquet to celebrate this happy occasion and all the villagers came to congratulate him. Xiaodi used the excuse of taking care of her nephew and didn’t show up.

She did not want to meet Yonggang, especially under the eyes of the large crowd that would be present there. She knew that she could not mask her emotion when meeting him. She was worried that she and Yonggang would feel awkward when meeting each other. She was also worried that Peng Jiafu might suspect something and cause unnecessary trouble.

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