Chapter 20: The Man She Dared not See

Chapter 20 can be found in Fantasy Books before VesperLxD.

Yonggang was admitted to his dream university. Xiaodi was sincerely happy for him and was also glad that she did not hold him back: luckily at that time she did not elope with him or else how could he have the opportunity to enter a university! Now, he would definitely have an even brighter and beautiful future.

Yonggang was slightly pleased. He also felt that his previous thought of eloping was too hasty and immature! Now, his thoughts were different. Compared to after seeing the city where there are many cultured and educated girls, Ji Xiaodi really was an unremarkable pheasant. There was nothing worthy of his affection.

At Xiang family’s banquet, Xiaodi did not make an appearance and this was within Yonggang’s expectation. He felt that Xiaodi did not have the face to face him as she had regretted her past decision to not elope with him. Of course, he was crystal clear about the situation surrounding Xiaodi and it could be said that he knew more than Xiaodi.

For example, regarding that infamous lecher —— Peng Jiafu, Yonggang knew which woman Peng Jiafu had a dubious relationship with. What Xiaodi knew was far lesser than him. He also knew of Xiaodi’s sadness. She who could not have a child, her days ahead would not be good. Yonggang felt fortunate that at that time he did not elope with Xiaodi or he would be one who would not have a child! He did not know how many times he had secretly laughed.

He really was lucky to not marry that family’s Xiaodi or he would not be able to stay in this village and had to live a life filled with misery and in the end, he wouldn’t even be able to get a child. For what would he tirelessly work for? For this, he really wanted to express his thanks for her!

It was mid-autumn, in the cloudless azure sky hung a burning sun that was releasing an inexhaustible heat. The leaves of the trees were a mix of green and yellow. The vegetation losses their vitality as their green was overcome by yellow and they endlessly swayed with the autumn wind. Everywhere had become desolated.

On this morning, after Yonggang had said his thanks in front of the whole village, without anyone noticing, he stealthily slipped into Peng Jiafu’s house. For the sake of not making an appearance for this occasion, Xiaodi went to take care of her nephew. However, this was not done at her parents’ home as their house and Xiang house was only separated by a wall, making it impossible to avoid Yonggang.

As lunch time had not arrived, Xiaodi brought her nephew who just reached a year old to the living room’s sofa. They were fiddling with the transformers toy. Her nephew was only curious and did not know how to fiddle with it. His two chubby hands foolishly waved in the air.

Outside the house, the scorching heat caused people to be unable to tolerate this weather and had to stay in the cool house. Xiaodi was next to the sofa, lovingly watching the child. At this time, the door opened and when Xiaodi was still clueless of the situation, Yonggang had already stood right in front of her. She was stupefied and her mouth was agape. She could not control her reaction and her mind blanked out for a long time.

It was almost a year since they last met. Xiaodi in the past had thought of him but when she thought of how good he treated her and when she left him, seeing his pained and angry looks or that might be resentment. This caused Xiaodi to feel guilty of her actions. This may be the reason to her patience and numbness to life.

Xiaodi thought that she would become Yonggang’s eternal pain so she felt the most guilt towards him. She thought that in this lifetime, she would never think for herself and that Yonggang would never want to see her again. However, at this moment, maybe it was due to his pride of his current success, he unexpectedly stood before her eyes.

She could not believe her eyes. Soon she recovered and she began to think of his reason for seeing her. She thought that he would say something like: He still like her, he still loves her. Xiaodi was afraid that he would say those words as she did not have the courage to face it.

Before she could think of a second possible scenario, the person that came wore a complacent smile and spoke. His voice was deeper than before, words were clear but still fast. He said, “Xiaodi, the reason for me to come here is to thank you face to face!”

He smiled so naturally, so bright, there was even pride in it. Where were the sadness and pain? Probably because he was admitted into his idea university so his happiness must have outweighed his pain from losing his sweetheart, right? Or he had long walked out of the shadows from their breakup?

Xiaodi’s stunned expression had never changed. Her mouth was agape as her puzzlement due to nervousness caused her beautiful eyes to look weak and helpless. She could only blankly stare at the man whom she previously gave her mind and body to.

Yonggang did not even think of getting a response from her. He casually sized up the room and muttered to himself, “Your house’s furnishings are indeed stylish. Marrying to a rich man is really different. You have a life of luxury and is always well-off ah!”

From Yonggang’s ridicule and sarcasm, Xiaodi immediately thought that the reason why he came to see her was most likely for revenge and also to humiliate her. If this was the case for him to feel better, she wouldn’t blame him as the reason why he was doing so might be because he still loved her right? Though she dared not see him, she still hoped that he would be able to live a better life than her.

In the beginning, she hoped that Yonggang would forgive her and not hate her. She even hoped that he would live a normal life and forget about her. If he really was going to forget about her, though she would feel deeply hurt, it was still her own fault and had nothing to do with him!

Looking at Xiaodi’s slightly pale but still beautiful face, he suddenly could not bear to be too ruthless to her as they were ex-lovers. However, he certainly would not admit to this. Thinking about his bright future, how could he still be obsessed with an ignorant and an uneducated village girl? He should not be the least bit reluctant to leave her as anyway, she had nothing worthy enough to miss.

He kept telling himself that he is from a high position so he unrestrainedly sat on the sofa. His eyes were staring at Xiaodi’s well-developed twin peaks. Suddenly, he felt hot and his heart was beating wildly. He recalled the scene that happened on that day at his house, after all, that was his first and till now, the only time.

He had also secretly gone to see those kinds of films. Xiaodi’s body is really perfect and impeccable. He even though——the moment when Xiaodi lowered her head and carried the child that was on the sofa, his mind went blank. What was happening to him? Towards this type of woman, why was he having ideas of her?

He suddenly felt irritated and his voice inexplicably contained anger, “It looks like you are living a pretty comfortable life ah?”

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