Chapter 21: Lifeless Heart

Chapter 21 can be found in Fantasy Books before VesperLxD.

Xiaodi was unable to make head or tail of Yonggang’s words. She raised her head and took a glimpse at him before immediately lowered her head to look at the child in her arms.

Yonggang laughed for a moment before calming down. However, he continued to wear a cold and indifference look, “Xiaodi, from the bottom of my heart, I am really thankful to you! If at that time you had really eloped with me, who knows where and what kind of hardship we would suffer? Also, I would not have my today’s success and a beautiful future ahead! The reason for my achievement was all because you had made the right choice! If it wasn’t due to your consideration of me at that time, I would not have been able to come this far. Anyway, my achievement today was because of your decision you made on that day so today I specifically came to thank you!”

Xiaodi was startled by his words but what he had said was the truth. Xiaodi forced back her tears that were accumulated at the rim of her eyes. She did not want to cry in front of him. Xiaodi lowered her head and did not speak, making it seemed that she was regretful of her choice.

However, his purpose of coming here wasn’t to say these few words. Though there was a bit of unwillingness, in the end, he still said whatever that was on his mind. His tone and his attitude clearly showed that they contained traces of disdain and relief. It was as if Xiaodi’s decision allowed him to see the light again and gave him a brand new life. Also, if the someone was to marry Xiaodi, it would be like a faulty stroke in calligraphy or painting, becoming the world most unluckiest person!

The corner of Yonggang’s lips rosed and brazenly said, “Looking at you living a blissful life in this luxurious environment, I’m really happy for you! Since we grew up together, though we can’t become lovers, I felt that our relationship is much closer compared to with the whole village! Seeing you living this well, it really make people envy! Though your husband is old, he knew how to be considerate and is also devoted to you. He is also rich and really knows how to take care of the family, this kind of person is really hard to come by! It seems like you really know how to choose people!”

In this village and also the other surrounding village, who didn’t know of Peng Jiafu’s character? She could only 打掉门牙往肚子里咽, as she, in the beginning, was in the wrong and did not live up to expectation, and also because of her family, she could only drink this bitter wine alone!

[TLN: 打掉门牙往肚子里咽- can only swallow the pain and suffering]

However, Xiaodi did not complain and only blamed herself. From Yonggang’s words, even a fool would know that he was being sarcastic. He wholeheartedly wanted to rub on Xiaodi’s wound in her heart as remedy to his hatred in his own heart.

At this moment, Xiaodi understood Yonggang’s purpose for seeing her. She continued to lower her head and did not speak a word. If this would make him happy then let him say since it didn’t matter whatever happened to her! She was like a wooden doll, towards those ridicule, there was hardly any response from her.

In fact, only Xiaodi herself understood how painful her heart was. No matter how others say to her or do to her, she was already used to it and did not put those words to heart. However, Yonggang was different. He was the person she once loved and also the person she most cared about. Those words that he said were like many steel needles pricking her heart.

On seeing Xiaodi continued to lower her head in silence, Yonggang felt that she really was unlucky though he was rejoicing in her misfortune. He leaned forward and asked with a voice that made people uncomfortable, “Xiaodi, your that old man did not ask who was the first man you did it with? He had played with so many women, it couldn’t be that whether you are that he did not know right?”

Xiaodi stubbornly held back her tears as she lifted her head to glimpse at him. She felt hurt as she could not believe that the man in front of her was the one she once knew, obedient to, considerate to and would always cherish was really Yonggang. She felt that he was like a stranger to her. His smug smile looked frightening and evil!

When he saw Xiaodi casting him a glimpse, he was stunned for a moment. This one glimpse caused his blood to freeze and his whole body to uncomfortably stiffen! Her eyes showed her pain and helplessness, causing him to feel heartbroken and pity for her. He suddenly felt that the girl right in front of him had become unfamiliar to him. There was something different about her compared to her from before.

It seemed like in her heart, thousands of pain and helplessness was hidden in it and there might even be more of her sorrow of desolation and despair that nobody knew about. This weak and fragile girl, what kind of pressure was she enduring in her heart?

Yonggang was only surprised and regretful for a moment but soon he quickly regained his composure. His face hung a sinister smile and his tone was harsh, “Xiaodi, it’s nearly two years already, have you thought of me? Do you still want to do that? That time, did I satisfy you?”

Xiaodi did not think that Yonggang was this shameless to such extent. If he came to vent his anger on her, she can tolerate, but the reason for his presence was not due to his unforgettable old affection. He just wanted to humiliate and torture her. Like this, would he feel better?

Xiaodi tightly embraced the child in her arms, while taking the chance to wipe the tears stain on the child’s clothes. She slowly said with a low voice, “If there’s nothing for you to do, you can leave!”

Yonggang once again was dazed for a moment. He laughed, “What? You don’t wish to see me? You don’t love me already? Or is it that you had never loved me from the beginning? You this quickly already want to forget about me? I thought in your heart there’s only me and would always think about me. Or else, how could you so easily give your first time to me? It seems like you are a slut and here I though our love is mutual.”

Xiaodi tried to hold back her grievance and indignant as she did not want to show her powerlessness. Would it be better if they cleanly break off their relationship? Holding back her tears, she stubbornly said, “Get out!”

“Xiaodi, there’s no need for you to make me leave, I will go now! If you miss me, you can come find me. Regarding whether I still miss you, it has nothing to do with you! Ha!” He gave out a laugh and headed to the door. After two steps, he turned and said with his voice filled with tenderness, “Since you like children, why don’t you give birth to one ah! If that old man cannot, I can help you ah! I’m willing to learn from Lei Feng to do good things, and I don’t need the fame!”

[Learn more about Lei Feng: ]

From Yonggang’s last few sentence, Xiaodi was completely convinced. No matter how much she thinks and even if beaten to death, she would not believe that Yonggang turned out to be so vile! There’s nothing much to say as it was already too late and regret was to no avail. She could only take it that she was blind and made an error in her judgment of people. She could only put it that her life sucks since everything was already irreversible.

Suddenly the house was strangely quiet. Xiaodi lifted her head and what she saw greatly shocked her. At the door stood Peng Jiafu with an ashen face. His two red eyes were staring at Yonggang and herself. The sudden appearance of Peng Jiafu shocked Yonggang till his body was trembling. He felt awkward.

Peng Jiafu had heard most of their conversation and had understood Yonggang’s intention. Yonggang wanted to humiliate Xiaodi. When he knew that the two did not have any lingering feelings, he was more or less relieved!

However, his heart was still not happy and he was restraining his anger from exploding. He stared at the two for quite a while, if it wasn’t due to his old age and if it was a hot-blooded young man, on impulse, who would know what might happen.

At this moment, his voice was a bit cold, “A university student is really different. You can already fly into the sky. Just this much achievement and you already come to my house to show off?”

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