Announcement 21/04/17

Hi guys

Together with Axlibert and Nomad, we’ll be focusing more on novels that are not from Qidian; as you guys have heard about QI and blah blah blah… I’ll not talk about it here.

Axlibert will continue to edit ILU, and will be focusing entirely on Grave Robber for a month at the cost of TWWAF going on hiatus. (You can find it in FantasyBooks)

Whereas I, Damshooter, will continue to post 1 chapter part per week for ROAAW and stockpile on a new novel. Yes, you’ve heard me right, a new romance novel…

Nomad, on the other hand, will continue to translate ILU. However, for the next 2-3 weeks, only 1 chapter/week will be posted as he will be busy studying for his exams.

If you have any questions you’d like to ask, feel free to comment below and I’ll try to reply with the best of my ability.


14 thoughts on “Announcement 21/04/17

  1. Is it too much to ask for even just 2 chapters a week for ROAAW (with occasional sprees every now and then)? huhuhuhu The pain of a chapter a week! I dieded. lol I tried MTLing it but discontinued after a chapter or two. I didn’t understand the MTL. It just gave me a headache instead, more of frustration for not getting what’s happening despite really wanting to read more of it.

    I really love the story! To the point I even considered MTL (only to end in vain huhuhu). It’s cute. It’s fluff! And I love your translations too! So, please~. I am kowtowing to the translator gods. I crey. Thank you very much for all of your efforts!


    1. Really, it is too much for me to even produce 1 full chapter per week. Remember, I’m posting half a chapter every week…. Reason being, this really is a very tedious novel to translate (all the research and stuff I’ve to do for those CN characters I’ve never seen before), on top of my studies and my current part-time job to support my expenses, there’s almost no time to produce 2 chapters, or even 1 full chapter in a week. Well… unless I can get another translator to help out.

      I spend the whole of my Fri after school to translate and edit the chapter part (Which is why you might see some glaring mistakes in the published chapters as I sometimes am not able to finish on Fri and ended up pushing it to Saturday). Though I’ve recently just found an editor, she’ll be editing from the beginning of the novel.

      With that, I hope you and all the other readers will spare a thought for me as I carry this large task on these tiny shoulders of mine (literally).

      Still, I hope I’ve given an appropriate answer and I’d like to thank you for not giving up in this novel, and in me due to my slow releases. I really do wish to produce more chapters, but my hands really are tight. *It truly has been quite some time since I’ve went out with friends*


        1. It’s ok. I just wanted to say what was on my mind though it might seem a little rude. You can look forward to my long school break though, which isn’t coming up any time soon; I’ll spent more time in the two novels that I’m currently translating. Though this may not be a good news to many of the ROAAW readers, I’ll only be posting a full chapter once every 2 weeks now, but I hope you guys could support my Patreon!

          If all goes well, I might even leave my current part-time job. Well, that’s a thought~


          1. No, it is fine! As the translator, it is your right to clearly state your terms in translating this project. And as a reader, I’m only glad that at least the updates would come out consistently. It’s a good enough assurance.

            Moreover, my comments were indeed rather insensitive. I did not properly consider the things you’re going through. So your words served as a wake-up call instead. I shall reflect on it. Thanks again for all your efforts! Best wishes to you~ ヽ(▽`)ノ


    1. Hi Ice Princess, no we’re not abandoning Wei Qiqi. We’re still trying to find a new translator for it and just like you, we do hope to continue this good novel!


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