Chapter 22: Wanting an Ordinary Life is also an Unreasonable Request

Chapter 22 can be found in Fantasy Books before VesperLxD.

When Yonggang saw Peng Jiafu’s angry expression, his legs shook non-stop. He quickly spoke but in a soft voice, “Uncle Peng came back? Have you eaten? Xiaodi didn’t come today and since we have been neighbors for so many years, I came to ask why she didn’t go.”

Peng Jiafu coldly snorted, “Are you really this kind? Stop acting and quickly leave, otherwise, don’t blame me for not being polite!” His patience had already reached its limits; he didn’t know whether in the next moment he could even restrain himself and not take action to waste that bastard in front of him due to humiliation.

This first thing Xiaodi thought of after recovering from her shock was: Would Peng Jiafu explode due to anger and beat her up? What would happen to the child in her arms?

Yonggang very quickly disappeared. He must be very pleased with himself, right? Peng Jiafu still did not move. He stood at his original spot and continued to stare at Xiaodi, his eyes were filled with complication. Xiaodi’s body shuddered.

When Peng Jiafu saw traces of Xiaodi crying, he suddenly became furious, “What? Did you cry due to meeting your old lover? Is it that you are reluctant to leave him ah? Or is it that he has become a phoenix and had looked down on you?”

Peng Jiafu’s eyes continued to stare at Xiaodi without blinking as he slowly walked to the sofa and laid on his back.

He slightly turned his head and spoke in a tone that would make a person uncomfortable, “If you are really that reluctant, you can chase after him ah! Seeing the two of you being so lovey-dovey, I really feel sympathy and envy ah! You do not have to worry about me, I am a generous person. I will certainly support you two love birds’ bitter romance. You can relax and openly pursue your own happiness! I’m not that cruel to the point of not caring about your happiness and be an obstacle to you!”

Xiaodi, who still could not make out what his meaning was, didn’t know what to do. Luckily at this moment, the child that was in her embrace cried. He was probably hungry. As Xiaodi coaxed the child, her heart felt grateful to the child’s great timing. She hurriedly looked at the man and softly said, “I’m going to bring Anan to find his mother.”

Not waiting for Peng Jiafu to answer, Xiaodi had already quickly walked to the exit. Actually, Xiaodi did not need to be afraid as the child that was in her embrace was that person’s biological grandson. Why would he frighten the child?

Not to mention, he had already heard Yonggang’s words since from the beginning to the end, everything was mostly said by him. From his understanding of Xiaodi, it was easy to see from her two years of performance when he is living with her. Xiaodi is not the type of girl to fawn over a guy. She simply would not take the initiative to come in contact with an opposite sex.

Xiaodi is this type of pure and simple girl, with no vanity or fabricated lies. She is just too attentive to her family and their relationship! There’s nothing bad about this. Thinking back when Xiaodi just reached 16, she was still too innocent so it must be that crafty Yonggang who coaxed her into losing her chastity. He had never thought that it was Xiaodi who took the initiative to dedicate her body to him.

Peng Jiafu had long been clear of what kind of person Xiaodi is. However, he just could not control himself. When meeting those flirtish women, he was unable to control his lower half.

In fact, his coldness to Xiaodi maybe due to this or he mistakenly thought there is another man in her heart, otherwise, it may even be that she could not bear a child. But the most important point is that he wanted to find an excuse so that he can do whatever he wants outside!

Peng Jiafu had never beaten a girl, especially this young and beautiful Xiaodi as he dared not do it. However, when he saw her expression of being accepting of suffering, he would be so angered that he wanted to give a good beating. Hence, when he saw her act as a god of hiding and was evading him, he could not help but be even angrier.

“Unlucky girl! The further you go, the better! Don’t ever come back! Who’s willing to see you here?!” Though his heart did not feel this way, his anger went to his head caused him to spit out those words.

To Xiaodi, this type of person who is easily satisfied, fate is really stingy to her. What she needed most; the quietness and peacefulness that she always wanted; the ordinary life she wanted, they were all not satisfied.

Every day, most of her time was spent on taking care of her nephew and her family. She did not want any unreasonable wish to happen in her life. She only wants her family to be happy and healthy. For them to be able to live in a simple and ordinary life, she would already be incomparably satisfied.

Though the love her husband had given to her had become lesser, occasionally when his love does shine, it still needs time to fill the dark gloomy chamber in her heart and that would be the time when she would stubbornly trap a few rays in.

Like this, Xiaodi would already be very satisfied. She knew that she was the one that had failed to live up to expectations. She not only was the one to stir her husband into anger, she also could not even give birth to one or two children. However, he still treats her rather well. Other than spitting some of his angered words, he had never taken actions with his hand. Towards this, she was already deeply grateful to him.

Xiaodi was as calm as the water in a cup like nothing had happened. She accompanied her family in their conversations, help them to clean up the house or to take care of the child. As this was what she had always been doing when she came over, nobody had thought that something had happened to her.

Sister-in-law decided to probe, “This time Yonggang really have a bright future! For him to be admitted into a university, in the future he would be a person from the city! Today he was in front of so many people and yet he did not even feel any fear. He really isn’t an ordinary person!”

For a moment, Xiaodi’s heart felt as if it was in pain but it soon quickly passed. Yonggang’s future have no relations with her! Xiaomei cast a glance at his wife but did not speak. Suddenly, Xiaodi’s parents’ thought of something and said, “Girl, have you eaten your lunch?”

Suddenly, tears flow out of Xiaodi’s eyes. She quickly turned her head and purposely looked out the window so that the tears in her eyes can flow out without anyone seeing them. She replied, “I’m not hungry. I have already eaten a few biscuits at home.” She did not know why but she suddenly felt like wanting to cry.

It was nearing to the evening and the sun was like a small furnace. The dazzling sun rays caused people to have a ratty mood. Under Xiaomei’s urge, Xiaodi could only comply and head home to prepare dinner as where Peng Jiafu was living is currently her real home. She had the duty to do housework; cook and feed the man at home.

As she headed home, Xiaodi started calculating what she should do though she felt unwillingness. She planned to change all the beddings and prepare dinner. The bedroom is big and is facing southwards. The room is located on the right, second door after going up the stairs. As she had already lived in that house for two years, even if she closed her eyes, she still could feel her way to the bedroom.

When Xiaodi just stepped onto the corridor of the second floor, she could hear the laughter of a man and a woman. Xiaodi was shocked and thought that she had gone into the wrong house or she was sleepwalking? She held her breath and carefully listened. This time the sound was more clear and it was obvious that it came from the bedroom.

Being clueless and also due to curiosity, she silently approached the bedroom door. The door was not closed so the scene in the room was clearly shown in front of her eyes. For a moment, Xiaodi did not know what to do.

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