Chapter 23: Drove out

Chapter 23 can be found in Fantasy Books before VesperLxD.

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On the spacious bed, there seemed to lay two naked people in a weird position. Though Xiaodi could be considered as a married woman and had also already watched tv programs that were inadvisable for minors, she still could never imagine this kind of scene that was right in front of her eyes.

Due to curiosity, she put in efforts to keep her already big eyes wide open. She also used the back of her hands to rub her eyes. She stretched her head forward, wanting to know the situation.

On the bed, the two people felt that the atmosphere seemed weird. The addition of another person’s breathing caused them to feel that their original two people’s world was intruded by a third person. The person on top moved.

This time, Xiaodi was able to clearly see that person. He was actually her old man that was lying prone on the other person’s **** body. His whole head was buried within that person’s two thighs. He raised his head and rest his lower jaw on that person’s ****, ‘nibbling’ it——

On seeing the stunned Xiaodi, Peng Jiafu blanked out for a moment, but due to his dissatisfaction towards her, he gave her a fierce glare. There was not a single bit of fear or panic. He angrily said, “Didn’t I let you leave to go as far as possible? You still got the face to come back?”

Xiaodi felt her heart was in pain as if it was cut by a knife. However, she still held back her tears and looked at the other person that was on the bed.

Twisting her body to look, she casually let out her remark, “Disappointing!” This time, Xiaodi could clearly see everything and she now understood. Her man’s lower part, which he claimed to be able to fit all was pulled out from that person’s mouth.

“Ah——!” Xiaodi felt panicky and at the same time nausea, but mostly was due to her being shy which caused her to give out a scream. Her two hands were firmly covering her face. The only thing she could think of was in the animal kingdom, those animals would constantly lick the other’s thing during mating. The two’s actions were simply no different from animals.

Just when Xiaodi was in the midst of feeling bashful and somewhat disturbed, a sweet and melodious, yet cold and immodest voice caused her to once again not able to believe her ears, “Acting as a pure and innocent young maiden? Pooh!”

On listening to her words, Xiaodi was once again frightened and she obediently put down her hands. Her two eyes bewilderedly looked at the person that had just spoken.

“What? You even forgot about me? I really suspect that in your eyes there is only my brother. You have already slept with him and yet his little sister you could not remember?” The person that was speaking should be the naked woman that was below Peng Jiafu. She is Xiang Yushu, Xiaodi’s neighbor and childhood friend which they had played together since young —— Xiang Yonggang’s one and only biological little sister.

Xiaodi was shocked that she started to stutter as she could not believe, “You, you, you……”

Yushu became impatient from Xiaodi’s awkward words, “You, you, you, you what? Let me tell you, brother Peng personally told me, rather than keeping you, a chicken that cannot even lay an egg, why not keep a few. Who knows maybe one of them might be able to lay one!”

Yushu looked at Peng Jiafu but he did not show any signs of stopping her. She became even bolder and unbridled, she claimed, “Since we grew up together, today I will truthfully tell you a fact. I’m preparing to be Peng family’s Mistress and by the way, you and brother Peng did not register so it is under illegal cohabitation. If you don’t mind, you can continue staying here and I too will not mind since housework like doing laundries, cooking, cleaning the house and others all required somebody to do. Also, you are an expert in that field. Ha——”

Xiaodi really could not believe those words that came out of Yushu——her best friend’s mouth. Xiaodi eyes widened and asked with a tone filled with uncertainty, “Sister Yushu, why are you doing this to me? I have always regarded you as my own elder sister.”

Yushu sat upright. In front of Xiaodi, she did not feel embarrassed as the two people were extremely familiar with each other and they may even have a better understanding of the others than their own self. Also, in Yushu’s heart, she had never see Xiaodi as her friend or buddy. She even looked down on Xiaodi. However, due to her giving her brother some face as she feared of hurting his feelings, she reluctantly showed Xiaodi a false good impression.

Yushu raised her head high with pride as pairing her and Xiaodi together would only make her look tall and graceful. Goose egg shaped little head, curvy eyebrows, a pair of glistening cat-like eyes, a cute little nose and dark skin color. Though her facial features weren’t that great or beautiful, she still looked charming.

At this moment, there was only a mocking smile on her face. “Why? What why? There’s no why! Let me tell you, I hate you! Since young, the person I most hated and disgusted with is you! You really know how to act pitiful, act innocent and also act as a good person. My brother had been deceived by you! Do you know how much I was wronged because of you? Do you know how much things you had snatched away which were actually meant for me? My brother’s love and protection; my parents love and pamper; and you a hypocrite, acting as a good person and wanting to get close to me? Do you have to? In the past, I can take my brother into account and not argue with you. However, now that you betrayed him and hurt him so deeply; and yet can still live a life filled with luxury; while my brother has to suffer alone. How can there be such a thing in the world? All the love and affections when to you? Today I will let you have a taste of losing something that was originally belonged to you!”

Xiaodi was stunned. Yonggang indeed treated her way better than towards his sister but she had never gone against her; there was never a dispute between them ah! In front of Yushu, she was the one that was always being ordered around and she had to be cautious of Yushu’s mood. She was the one that was always being manipulated by her ah!

Unless it was because Yonggang treated her well which caused Yushu to harbor hatred towards her? Though she and Yonggang had ended their relationship, in her heart, she still thought of Yushu as the best and the closest person she knew and nobody could replace her ah!

Xiaodi was no long able to hold back her tears as she was currently experiencing an indescribable pain in her heart. Xiaodi asked with a trembling voice as she sought an explanation, “I had never argued with you and when we are together, I always listen to you and do as you say. The thoughts of arguing with you had never crossed my mind!”

Yushu’s coldly smiled and proudly said, “This time you just have to experience the feeling of having your possessions being taken from you! How is it? Does it feel good? Let me tell you! Ji Xiaodi, next time, don’t think that I will give you face! Whatever that is yours, I will happily take them! I will make you forever live beneath my feet. If you have the guts, come and snatch back what’s yours!”

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2 thoughts on “Chapter 23: Drove out

  1. In a way I’m not surprised about her old bag husband to behaved so despicably towards her as she did give herself away to someone before they got married, which has sealed her fate with her marital life with him as he’s only human and not a saint. But her so called bff, being that way towards her…. She’s better off to start afresh somewhere and hopefully this rime round she’ll have her happily ever after. Thank you for the updates.


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