Minister Family’s Black Belly Woman 1

I am a newbie in translating novel, so I will apologize in advance if there are any mistakes in my translation. This novel is quite hard to translate for me so I hope you understand my difficulty in updating the chapters fast.

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Chapter One

The heavy downpour of rain made the whole Long capital city covered by a layer of gauze. Chen Ninghua knelt on the ground, lifting her head to look at the woman who sat on the throne of the Feng Yi Palace, her eyes filled with piercing ice-cold radiance. “Chen Linghan, I really did not think that you are this impatient. I just gave the power in my hands to Baili Jinze and he let you come to deal with me.”

There had been people early in the beginning that advised that the emperor was heartless, do not trust Baili Jinze too much, the last card in your hand must be maintained, but it was a pity that she thought to use her earnest heart to earn a portion of sincerity, never did she thought that she sent her heart to be stomped on.
The woman curved her eyebrows and lightly smiled, the magnificent cinnabar hairpin on her head shook. “Deal with you? Big sister is joking. Everything is what you deserve for your sin, how is there any talk about dealing with you. The emperor had commanded that your crime is enough to let you be cut a thousand times, but since you and I are sister and looking at the many respectful prayers I gave you these many years, I pleaded the emperor to spare you life.”
The rain poured down from the top of the pitch-black hair that was scattered to the ground. Chen Ninghua felt the biting burst of cold. “My seat as the empress is obtained through the hard work for Da An! For the emperor, I went through many life and death, accompanying him through the whole road. Him giving me the seat of empress is as it should be. All these years, when had I wronged Baili Jinze? When had I wronged the dynasty of Da An? Where…had I sinned?”

“Your sin…everyone of the whole dynasty of Da An know that you poisoned the brothers of the emperor to death, murder the emperor’s sons, framed the concubines in the harem, and your vain crafty attempts at controlling the court. Hehe, you said where had you sinned?” Chen Linghan smiled with proper elegance, looking down at Chen Ning hua from high above, her eyes were filled with delight.
Chen Ninghua bit down her lip, “That time if it were not me helping Baili Jinze get rid of his brothers, would this emperor seat landed on him to take? Those officials send their own daughters to enter the harem, if I did not get rid of them, how would there be peace in the harem?”

He blatantly pushed everything onto her head….That time, he swore to be her support, to care and accompany her this whole lifetime. It was for that oath that she did not hesitate to stain her hand with blood only to realize his dream. The oath was still ringing in her ear, but the person did not acknowledge it. These basins of dirty water were splashed down, enough to make her go beyond redemption. If she really did want to encroach the politics of the court, why would she willingly give all her power to Baili Jinze?
“The emperor is a man with great talent and wisdom, him being able to get the seat of the emperor is what the people desires and what the crowd welcome, what relation is there with you, a woman with a poisonous heart? Big sister, you really attached yourself with too much importance. But speaking of that, you really got yourself an idiot, always doing his best to argue for you, even searching for evidences to clear your name, but a pity…. Zeze….” Chen Linghan curved her eyes, beautiful red lips filled with exuberant smile.
“Yun Chuan…..What did you do to Yun Chuan?” Chen Ninghua abruptly lifted her head. Yun Chuan was someone she saved from a disaster one time. Only because she gave him a full meal, he became dead-set on following her in the road back to the capital city and later on risked his own life numerous times to protect her.
“It’s not much of what it’s like. Originally wants to gives him a quick death, but a pity that he doesn’t listen. He said something about not having hands but still has feet, no longer has feet there is still teeth, as long as there is still a breath left, he will definitely helps his big sister seek justice. These words when heard really did move the heart very much, that is why I granted his wish; cutting off his hands and feet, eyes, ears, nose, tongue, teeth plucked painfully, leaving him with only a breath left. See if he still able to help you vent your frustration.”
Chen Ninghua’s whole body trembled, her gaze indicated that she hated not being able to dismember that woman, her voice mournful as she said, “Yun Chuan had had a pure heart from the very beginning and he’s only a sixteen year old youth. He had not only saved my life in the midst of war, he also saved Baili Jinze’s life. When encountering assassination in the state of Shang, his body was slashed with thirteen knives yet he still carried Baili Jinze to escape out of there. If it were not for him, Baili Jinze would not have any life to live, how can you dare to torture him so?”
“My good big sister, being able to die for protecting the emperor naturally is that stupid brat’s honor. He should have died happily instead, why won’t I dare to torture him? I am the most benevolent person and was afraid that he would be lonely in death, so I let you good servant Si Qin and Si Qi to go accompany him. They were all people who had accompanied you through life and death, how can I bear to let them down. They were both so stubborn, even using various methods to the utmost still won’t let them say any bad thing about you.”
Chen Ninghua abruptly stood up, not caring in the slightest as she pounced towards Chen Linghan, yet she was crammed at the pit of the stomach by an imperial guard with a foot and spat out a mouthful of blood on the spot, growling:
“Chen Linghan, Si Qin was married and her stomach carried a child. In two more months, she would give birth. You would go as far as landing a hand on her, poisonous woman, are you not afraid of the heaven’s retribution?”
“Retribution? What a laugh! Don’t even say there is, even if there is, big sister, you won’t be able to see it. I tell you, Si Qin that girl witnessed her baby flowing down from her stomach with wide eyes, but still not willing to pledge a confession against you, and that is why, after getting rid of her child, I let people cut her hand off and directly pressed it on the confession.”
Chen Ninghua’s whole face became pasty white and as she bit her lip with strength, her heart was long a plain of blurry blood and flesh. She looked up and looked deeply at Chen Linghan. She wanted to engrave that woman in her heart. Even if she turned into a ghost, she would still demand that woman’s life!
Chen Linghan was angered by her gaze and stood up abruptly. Not caring about the rain water, she walked to Chen Ninghua’s front and gave her face a slap; her heart was turbulent with hate. “Slut, on what basis are you allowed to look at me like that? I tell you, from today on, ben gong is the mistress of the Feng Yi Palace, Da An dynasty’s empress. You will never win against me!”
What she hated the most about Chen Ninghua’s gaze was that no matter what, it would always seem calm and indifferent. Even if like this, she was stomped upon and sent to the prison, it would not change a bit.

“Chen Linghan, even if the heaven does not punish you, I will also want to let you know the taste of retribution by my own hands.”
Chen Linghan threw the bright yellow imperial edict with a slam at Chen Ninghua’s face and said with a cold and severe tone, “That will have to wait whether you live or not. The emperor had let out an edict, cheap servant Chen Ninghua murdered the imperial heirs, arrogantly discuss the affairs of state, immediately abolish the seat of empress, sent to the Cold Palace. That’s right, in order to let her contemplate with whole heart and mind of her sins, just let her conscientiously lie on the bed, do not take her life.”
The pouring heavy rain penetrated the palace; Chen Ninghua listened to the movement out of the window, her empty eyes flashed over with a ray of light. She had lived in the Cold Palace for soon to be ten years. Because of Chen Linghan’s one sentence, the bones in her body seemed as if they were all cracked, her whole body was limp like mud being thrown on the bed. Every day she was fed like a domestic animal, putting some plugged out rancid things into her mouth.

Even like this, she still wanted to live on, looking whether the heaven had eyes or not, letting Chen Linghan and Baili Jinze meet with retribution! But a pity, the heaven did not have eyes.
The sound of the rain stopped, she heard footsteps lightly coming over.
“Madam Shen, today is the day the new emperor ascends the throne, the empress dowager is benevolent, bestowing some high quality good things. If it weren’t for the empress dowager not wanting to see blood on such a joyous occasion, your cheap life cannot be worth these medicines’s worth of money. When you arrive in the underworld, do not forget to kowtow in gratitude.”
With her tongue being cut off, she could not speak out and only stared with eyes at the fiercely smiling palace servant taking a small vial over, pouring the liquid inside onto her own body.
Pain that tore the heart and split the lungs came from the knees to the open eyes. Chen Ninghua’s whole body twitched, the blue veins in the neck were exposed.
“Hehe, this is Melting Corpse Water. The empress dowager had said that your whole corpse will be thrown into the disorder burial site will also dirty the place, also saying do not spoil the stomach of those wild animals, just go cleanly. The empress dowager also passed down an oral decree, saying your cheap life becoming the empress throws Da An misfortune and cannot enter the imperial mausoleum. You will turn into ash and be thrown into the livestock hut. Even if you reincarnate, you will not have a good fate, this is what you deserved for your sin!”
Chen Ninghua stared with wide eyes, thinking about entrance of the Feng Yi Palace, the form of Baili Jinze clad in dragon robe gently embracing Chen Linghan, her heart bleed blood:
She hated! Hated it so much! Baili Jinze, Chen Linghan, if there was a next lifetime, I, Chen Ninghua, would definitely defeat you both, ruin your names, powder your bodies, break your bones, and pay blood debt with blood!

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8 thoughts on “Minister Family’s Black Belly Woman 1

  1. Thanks for translating this!
    I think that you’ve done a great job! 😀

    Omg, reading this chapter made me soooo incensed. I hope that those villains will get their just desserts and much more when Ninghua reincarnates.
    The loyalty of Yunchuan and her two servants made me feel touched though. Can’t wait to read more and see how Ninghua goes about exacting her revenge and protecting her own people!

    Once again, thanks for picking this story up!! 🙂


  2. Did you listed your translation in Novel Updates site? If not, please do so. This is a good novel and am glad that you take the initiative to translate it. Thank you!


  3. Great job!

    This is a great start! I got the feeling that this chapter is really dark, and emotional. You translated it well enough to transmit those vibes. Thanks for the hard work. XD


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