Minister Family’s Black Belly Woman


Translator: Roseswithguns
Adventure, Drama, Historical, Josei, Romance, Shoujo

When she rebirth, she finally understand; men can never be relied on. That being the case, she can only rely on herself to win that splendid brilliance this lifetime.
Stepmother schemes, sister is sinister and ruthless, then I will destroy your backing, pull out your wings, see how you can be arrogant! Grandmother speaks kindly but with snake-like heart, father is hypocritical and exploits advantage, then I will tear off your pretense, cut off your hope, see how you can still scheme!
Witness her fight splendidly against her stepmother, punish scum men, mess the imperial court, soar the wind and rise the water!
But that man who dares to scheme her, stand there! Who allows you to scheme my heart?

Raw Title: 相門腹黑女
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4 thoughts on “Minister Family’s Black Belly Woman

  1. Please give us the raw name i cant wait any longer

    Thank you for taking your time to translate and share this novel with us!


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