Under the sky of Yan Liang, demons and ghosts are merciless.

Slender and beautiful as jade, the sword qi, like a rainbow, is bounded between heaven and earth.

The endless sky beneath, filled with seven emotions six desires, greedy for havoc. With the coming of Buddha shall the boundless energy be bestowed.

Mortal beings, seeking to exchange the empty space within them with a sea of blood.

Ghosts cried, Gods howled, across the endless sea of blood. None dares question where the path lies.

With no path, bare the bitter red sea; the boat of bones will come, and shall soar towards the heavens!


1.Chapter 1–Bottomless Red Mountain (1)

2.Chapter 2–Bottomless Red Mountain(2)

3.Chapter 3–Bottomless Red Mountain(3)

4.Chapter 4–Bottomless Red Mountain(4)