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Invincible Level Up


秦天- Qin Tian [ protagonist ]



蒙雷- Meng Lei [ always trying to help Qin Tian ]

Love interests

云蔓- Yun Man [ appeared in chapter 12 ]

易千寒-Yi Qianhan  [molested by Qin Tian]

        青莲-Qinglian [Qin Tian’s aunt, disciple of Jingxin sect]


藏天机- Cang Tianji [ Currently dead ]

Qin Clan


秦战天- Qin Zhantian [ Qin Clan’s Patriarch ]秦佩 is his sister

Eight Grand Elder

秦向天-Qin Xiangtian [ Qin Kun’s father ]

秦狂- Qin Kuang [ Qin Clan’s Grand Elders ]


秦逍- Qin Xiao [Keeper of the books, also a bully]


秦坤- Qin Kun [ Qin Xiangtian’s son ]

秦阳- Qin Yang [ Qin Kuang’s son ]

秦霜- Qin Shuang [ Qin Tian’s paternal aunt ]

秦向南-Qin Xiangnan [ powerless honorary elder ]

秦山,秦牛,秦虎 – Qin Shan, Qin Niu, Qin Hu [ written here for some reasons, all dead ]

秦锋- Qin Feng [ Qin Family’s strongest among the younger generations]

秦成- Qin Cheng [someone [participating in the gathering too]

Qinghe City

City Lord

赵南图- Zhao Nantu


张大福- Zhang Dafu [someone who kept bullying Qin Tian during the first few chapters]

萧如风-Xiao Rufeng [no.1 genius] (DEAD)

萧如倩-Xiao Ruqian [Qin Kun’s fiancée in chapter 7]

萧烈- Xiao Lie [Xiao Ruqian’s father?]

天涯城- Sky Border city [ One of Dali Dynasty’s great city.]

杨洪-Yang Hong [Yang Han’s father, city lord]

杨林- Yang Lin [ 南天仙宗(Nantian immortal sect)’s disciple] Abilities-气运秘术:secret aura arts

Tianji Sect

(‘not sure where they belong to’ group)

方魁-Fang Kui   薛丁山- Xue Dingshan    长风-Changfeng

林焱-Lin Yan (some guy who got setted up and lost his qualifications to become an inner disciple)

南宫研- Nanguan Yan (Some woman who does not have common sense, extremely stupid) 

天阳宫- Sun Pillar

南宫研- Nanguan Yan (Some woman who does not have common sense, extremely stupid)  [Sun pillar’s maiden]


擎天派- Violent Sky Faction

杨悍-Yang Han

龙啸天- Long Xiaotian [traitor of Tianji Sect]

Dali Dynasty

李弓- Li Gong (emperor)

陆东海Lu Donghai and 赵长青Zhao Changqing (ascension realm, protectors of Dali dynasty)

People of Unknown Origin

黑岩- Hei Yan



昆仑山- Kunlun Mountain [a paradise for Qin Tian]

清河城- Qinghe City[an important city in the northwest, belonging to a dynasty]

芙蓉酒楼-Furong Restaurant

秦家练武场-Qin Clan’s martial arts field

Cultivation Realms/Proficiency

[Tianyuan continent]

武者 ( wǔ zhě ) Warrior
灵动 ( líng dòng ) Spirit Formation
聚灵 ( jù líng ) Spirit Gathering
炼罡 ( liàn gāng ) Spirit Refining
入虚 ( rù xū ) Ascension
轮回 ( lún huí ) Worldly
破空 ( pò kōng ) Void Piercing
乾坤 ( qián kūn ) Universe
圆满 ( yuán mǎn ) Absolute








龙象大虚经-Heavenly Dragon Form Scripture

*Virtuous Draconic Force

*龙象炼狱- Emperor’s purgatory

Spirit Dans

烈阳丹- Burning Sun Dan [ Grade unidentified ]

First Grade:

Second Grade:

护神丹- Husheng Dan

Third Grade:

养神丹-Yang Sheng Dan

Fourth Grade:

Fifth Grade:

Sixth Grade:

伏虎丹- Volt Tiger Dan

Seventh Grade:

龙虎丹-Dragon Tiger Dan

Eighth Grade:

Ninth Grade:



天机宗-Tianji Sect[the sect Qin Tian needed to revitalize]

万魔宗- Thousand Demons Sect [the sect which Long Tianji collaborated with, and is also the sect Qin Tian needs to destroy]

静心斋- Jingxin Sect[The sect Qin Shuang belongs to]

流云宗- Flowing Clouds Sect [The sect Hei Yan wanted to join]

阴山仙门- Yinshan sect

绝杀宗门- Slaughter Extreme sect


[do note that the ranks of the monsters might not actually be like what we had written. E.g. Ferocious Tiger King, it might not be rank two in the future, but rank three.]

青牙狼- Green Tooth Wolf

天花蜘蛛- Smallpox Spider

Rank 0:

火烈鸡- Turkey

Rank 1:

Rank 2:

烈王虎- Ferocious Tiger King

金丝银蟒- Golden Spit Sliver Python

Rank 3:

长臂金刚- Long Arm Gorilla

Rank 4:

Rank 5:

暴力金刚猿- Violent Gorilla

Types of Values

生命值- Life [Recovery Points]

气功值- Qigong [Accumulated Energy Points (Qin Tian’s POV)]

生存值- Survival [-Undetermined]

经验- Experience [Experience Points to Level Up]

血值- Health Points (HP) [Health]

罪恶值- Sin


蛮牛劲- Reckless Bull Vigor

纵云劲- Vertical Cloud Spirit

High Rank

蛮荒八刀- Eight Savage Swords

蛮荒神拳- Godly Savage Fist

罗汉王拳- King Luohan’s Fist

凤舞九天- Phoenix Upheaval the Nine Heavens

幻神掌-Phantom Palm

Jade rank

轰天雷诀: Sky Piercing Lightning arts

Immortal rank

巨人绝杀经: Giant extreme slaughter

Divine Abilities

Low rank- Berserk


Spirit Grass

银莲草- Silver Lotus

蓝焰花- Blueflamed Flower

火凤草- Huofeng Grass


遁空符咒- space escape talisman