We’re looking for:
>Translators (If any)
Already translating a novel and is interested in joining us.
New translators who are interested in translating a new novel of their choice.

What we can currently offer would be:

–> Increased exposure of your work
–> Own Time Own Target (1 chp/month min)
–> 100% of your donations (if any)
–> Ad revenue
*No MTL. You can use machine to aid you as you translate.*
>Translation Checkers (0)
Before you apply, do understand that we hold the right to ask you to leave. A notification with the valid reason(s) will be sent to you through email if we happen to do so.

Interested? Fill in the contact form below!

Do include your these details in the comment textbox:

  • Age
  • The role you’re applying for
  • Experienced/Inexperience in the role you’re applying for
  • Period of Availability
  • Expected Pay (If applicable)
  • Discord ID/Skype
We’ll still review those who’ve sent us their application before this page was updated.